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My research of medications is still continuing and while browsing the web, this time I’ve come along to which seemed to me to be a pretty popular drugstore and since it looked promising, I decided to review this online drugstore. I’ve entered the online pharmacy and the front page, again, looked promising. It seemed to have a lot of promises, a lot of offers and other different things. The website itself was, to my opinion, user friendly, easily understandable and you could change the language on the website which is very good for people who have a hard time understanding English. They also have different currencies you can choose from which is very good for customers in the country of which, USD isn’t their currency.  After a little bit of analyzing their front page I went onto their About US page and there I found their claims that the customer satisfaction is their top priority and they can do it by connecting the customers with the most trusted sources of both generic and brand medication suppliers. They claim that all the medications are of the best quality and their customers can get them at the lowest prices.

Selection of drugs on

There seem to be a lot of drugs found on this drugstore and I realized this by the big list of categories list. They have drug for birth control, anti fungal, antibacterial, weight loss, hormones, HIV, Motion Sickness, Men’s Health, Herbals and a lot of others. The selection of drugs include, from as much as I can see, drugs that can treat nearly any human known condition. This doesn’t mean that they have absolutely all drugs on this planet, however they do seem to have lots of alternatives. I immediately went on erectile dysfunction medications where I have found Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. All of them in generic and branded form. Plus there was a big number of other drugs such as Kamagra, Silagra, Vigora, Tadalia and many many other medications which claimable can help with ED. They seem to be mostly focused on selling generic medications, but they do have brands as well. Prices for drugs

Fair prices but not best prices. Cheapest price for generic Viagra on is 0.62 USD, for generic Cialis that’s 1.20 USD and for generic Levitra that 1.22 USD. The same drugs but branded version, the prices per pill comes with: Viagra (Pfizer) = 3.96 USD, Levitra (Bayer) 4.07 USD and Cialis (Lilly) 3.91 USD. I would say that the prices are pretty good, however there are online pharmacies which have better prices for these medications if my memory serves me right. But anyway, since the prices are good that’s already fine. I’ve often found online pharmacies with exaggerated prices. What are the prices for other medications than these I mentioned I could share them here in my review, however because of the fact that I don’t know what prices are for any other medications (well, except for Ibuprofen which on this online pharmacy the price is 0.24 USD per pill) I can’t comment them.

Sun Drug Store Customer Support

Customer support is what comes to your rescue when you have questions to ask or when there are problems that you cannot solve on your own. That’s why you can contact them by their toll free US number or by their UK number in case you live in Europe and that’s a better option for you. On their contact us you can also submit a form indicating your email and they claim that you’re going to get a response as soon as possible. However there is also Live Support either where you can access the customer support by talking online via chat. None of the mentioned methods to contact their customer support should take you too long before getting in touch with them because they claim to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Prescription requirements on

Lots of online pharmacies out there require their customers to send them, either by fax or by email, a valid prescription from a licensed doctor before they are going to start processing their orders. However this online drugstore isn’t among such pharmacies requiring prescription. They *strong recommend* to consult your doctor but whether you will do it or not that remains at your own discreet.

Does Sun Drug Store accept any other payment methods than credit card?

Yes they do, but they accept only Echeck besides credit card which means that other payment option is available for only USA customers. For customers that are not living in USA they can pay only via Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, American Express, Discover or JCB (all of which are credit cards).

SunDrugStore Shipping methods

This online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options: express and regular. Regular shipping service doesn’t have tracking and the delivery time should be anywhere between 14 to 21 days, however it can take up to 30 days until it is considered lost. This has a fee of 10 USD. But if you add 20 more USD and pay a total of 30 USD for EMS (express) shipping option then you’re going to get a tracking, and you’re going to get shipped your products in 4 to 8 days, but only if it reaches 14 days then it is considered lost in transit and you can dispute a refund or reship. Free regular shipping is offered by pharmacy on orders above 200 USD. They accept orders world wide.

Is SunDrugStore a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes, bonuses, special offers and discounts on

Besides the fact that you get free regular shipping on orders above 200 USD, you’re also getting free ED pills (you can choose from Viagra, Cialis or Levitra) if you purchase ED medications. They are offering discounts for people who decide to return back and purchase more from this online pharmacy. Or at least that’s the message I found: 10% discount for all next orders. Sadly I haven’t found any coupons online for this online pharmacy. From the research I’ve done online it seemed that it used to have, but I am not sure why they don’t have the coupon codes now. Free shipping, free pills and 10% discounts seem to be all the bonuses which although that’s good, I think it could be better. reviews

I was expecting to see good customer reviews, or at least most of them, and although I did have found some customer reviews that were positive, most of them were positive and that means a lot. Customer reviews is a very reliable source of information IMO because those are people who had personal experience with the pharmacy. Maybe I would be able not to judge the pharmacy by myself without needing the help of customer reviews if I had experiences myself, but since I don’t – customer reviews are the best way to find out what this pharmacy actually provides. And when I saw that majority of customer reviews where negative that was a big sign for me to stay away from it. I did have found positive reviewers saying that they have ordered some skin care products and they have worked well for them. However there were people who said that they have got scammed by because they have spent their money and in the end they haven’t received anything. Other people said that they did have received the package but the products were either expired or they were fake. According to scam analyzing websites it is also recommended to stay away from this pharmacy and I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do. ScamAdvisor suggests that this domain is aged nearly 13 years but it still has a 0 % trust in it and plus they found that it is Russian Federation based and websites based in such countries isn’t a good sign at all.


A couple of positive reviews on independent websites, moderate prices (compared to other online pharmacies) and a couple of deals that’s all the positive stuff in regards to this online pharmacy. But the number of negative things is way bigger and that’s the customer reviews number in combination with no trust from scam warning sites. This therefore makes me rate with 2 out of 5 and it is not 1 only because there still seem to be some happy people that have used this online pharmacy. Nevertheless, I still recommend to stay away from this online pharmacy.

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