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When I was searching for online pharmacies I can find a lot of different sites and today I have found one named, an online pharmacy with user friendly interface – that’s the first thing that I noticed as that’s something very important since pharmacies with user friendly interfaces are easily reviewed and plus to that, at least to my opinion, it gives a sense of reliability, although that’s by far not always true. According to the information that I was able to read the first few minutes of analyzing the front page of this pharmacy, this is a fitness pharmacy, a pharmacy which sells fitness products such as: muscle gains products, losing fat, etc. etc. so, people are able to search for fitness medications and products that they need according to their needs. I have noticed this pharmacy is offering their customers to create an account here and to login to their accounts, this might be something mandatory to do for ordering here, would check it later. I have also found out that they are having social media pages where you can follow their activity. The pharmacy is having Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for those who want to follow it. according to the information on *about us* they claim to be athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. However on that page there is no information about where they are located and for how long they have been online. I have only found information claiming that every product that they are selling must meet their stringent standards for potency, purity as well as performance. They claim that purchasing here means purchasing from the best. Although I didn’t found where they are located (but it seems they are in USA), according to copyright information, they are in the business since 2009. Selection of medications and prices

This online pharmacy is not a regular pharmacy which is selling regular medications as most other pharmacies do. They are not selling medications intending to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose a condition. This is a pharmacy selling only fitness medications. But people can search for the needed products here by categories; fat and weight loss supplements, bulking supplements, cutting supplements prohormones etc. you can also shop by *your goal* – anti aging, fat burners, improve recovery, increase endurance, increase energy and others. With this being said, I can assume that there are a lot of fitness products but this pharmacy is not for those who are in need for prescription products. Since there are no such products, I can assume that this pharmacy is not requiring anyone to show a valid prescription for ordering here any of the medications. But simply to give example of prices, I will take a random product and share its price here, however I am not able to comment on its prices so I am not familiar with them. so, for example, an product called Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements 120 capsules costs 70 USD. Again, either is that a cheap/ expensive price, I am not very sure. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their shipping page, they are shipping world wide which means that absolutely everyone is able to order their fitness products from this pharmacy if they wish to. They seem to have 2 shipping options (first class) which has a delivery time frame of 3 to 5 days (usually) and Priority shipping option with a delivery time frame of 2 to 3 days. However I was not able to find absolutely no information about shipping costs. First class does not have tracking, only priority does. Unfortunately, I could not find information about what are the payment methods, but seemingly one of them is PayPal as you can *check out with PayPal*. Other than paypal I am not sure if they accept anything and what’s that. Customer Support Service

According to the information that I was able to find on their website, people are able to call them, people can text message them at a different phone number, customers are being offered to use the live chat function on the website or to use the email (contact form) available on the website. Make sure live chatting and calling them in their working hours, otherwise you won’t get responded. Coupon Codes

There’s a special page on their website named *coupons and discounts* and that’s amazing. The first thing they have mentioned is to subscribe to their newsletter and therefore you’re going to get supplement discounts and deals. You are able to get a 10 USD credit by doing something they ask you to do online. Third you can get a discount code for your order. These seems to be all the discounts and special offers. Seemingly, for saving up here you need to sign up to their newsletter as much as it seems. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy selling fitness supplements and it seems it has quite a bit of popularity online as there are quite some reviews on different sites such as BBB, resellerratings and problem is that those customer reviews are not positive although I did found positive reviews as well, I found many negatives. On it has a rate of 2 out of 10! People said: *scam site*, *bad customer service and anything to make a buck* etc. there are even people who said that they have paid and never received anything with no refund. Although there are positive reviews, I doubt that someone wants to play *Russian Roulette* game when ordering here where you might receive something but you might not. Or at least that what it seems according to customer reviews.


In the end I will rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 and that’s because it does seems to send medications but it doesn’t seem to send them to everyone, and since there are many negative reviews I doubt this is just a coincidence or something. Ordering here, as much as I can see, is quite risky.

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