| Store Sea Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my usual research for online pharmacies and it is the one that I will review right now and this way I would try to find out whether is this a store that’s worth using or better stay away from it. From its logo I have noticed the pharmacy claims to offer generic pills, but either they are also having brands I’m going to find out later. Also, as soon as I have entered this website I have noticed the pharmacy is having some special offers and discounts which I am going to pay more attention later and talk about them in details. As for now I can say that this seems to be quite a user friendly interface of the website which is pretty important since you can easily navigate through the website. I also found there that you can change the language and currency and while there are few different currencies available, the language change option is strange as you can change either English or English USA and no other languages are available, but what’s the difference between these two? I think the admins need to pay more attention to such details. People can register on the website and login. You can quick search for the products that you need or pretty easily access nearly any page on the website that you might need. This online pharmacy claims to be based in Mubai, India, Storesea and it has been established in 2009 as an online pharmacy. They claim to offer the highest quality of medications, high quality brand and generic drugs. So it seems the pharmacy has both generic and brand medications either. selection of medications and prices for them

As I just have mentioned a bit earlier, this online pharmacy is claiming to be mostly focused in selling generic medications, nevertheless, they still seem to be offering brand medications as well so if you are a person who does not have trust in generics (or simply they don’t work for you for whatever the reason) then you can opt for brands. As in terms of selection of medications it seems to be pretty wide. The medications have categories and there seems to be quite a wide selection of medications such as: cancer, diabetes, antidepressants, modafinil, weight loss and many others medications as well. So the selection of medications seems to be wide. I checked ED medications for checking their prices. I would say that the prices are fairly good. that’s because they have Viagra generic 100 mg and 90 tablets would be 117 USD and this is going to be 1.30 USD per pill. That’s a fairly good price. I was not able to find a single mention about prescription requirement so that’s why I can assume that this pharmacy doesn’t require one to order meds here. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I could see from the list of countries you can choose where to get your medications delivered, the pharmacy is not offering world wide shipping as you can ship medications here only to the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and United States. Other than these countries, you cannot choose any other and that’s why I can assume shipping cannot be done anywhere else. Their FAQ page is also somewhat strange as it doesn’t answer nearly any questions. All the information I could find there is: shipping will take around 24 – 48 hours from the date your credit card get charged and you will be sent an email within 72 hours after your card gets charged with a tracking number. Order will be delivered in 10 to 15 days. This is all quite strange and it seems they have only a single shipping option available. They are accepting credit cards : visa and master card only and bitcoin. ways to get in touch

I got a bit disappointed checking the customer support/ contact us page on their website when I was searching for ways to get in touch with this pharmacy. that’s because the only method, as much as I could see, is contact form on their website. There was a *chat window* available on the site, but they said that nobody’s available. No phone number or exact address mentioned.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

As soon as I have entered the website, as I mentioned earlier, there are a few offers given to people and they include: all orders that are over $250 USD are getting a free shipping. Plus to this offer, the pharmacy claims that people who are paying with Bitcoin will get 15% extra pills which is nice. One last thing I can mention is that upon checking out the pharmacy asks you if you have a coupon code which you can apply. However I couldn’t find where to get a coupon code anywhere. Reviews

To be honest, checking the website of this pharmacy and I was already not have big hopes that this pharmacy would be reliable due to some reasons I mentioned earlier. And it seems I was right and that’s after I checked its reviews where I couldn’t find any and the information on scam warning websites. There is a single mention about this pharmacy on an independent website where a forum member asked for reviews and yet – nobody could help. found out a lot of problems going around this pharmacy and therefore suggesting it is not reliable. Plus suggests this is not a legitimate online pharmacy and that’s why it is better to stay away from it.


So as much as we can see, this pharmacy has strange site (non fully working pages), it has no customer reviews anywhere online, it is not considered legit by and suggests it is a scam online pharmacy due to lots of problems that it has mentioned on the website. I have no reason to have trust in this pharmacy but I’m full of reasons thinking this is a scam pharmacy therefore it gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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