| Stater Bros Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the domain address and the official website of the Stater Bros Markets, an Supermarket company which is a privately held supermarket discount chain that it is currently based in San Bernardino, California, and is having a total number of 169 stores that are located all throughout the Southern California. This American big company has been founded back in 1963 and been founded in Yucaipa, California. AS usual, the reason why a supermarket chain company got its way to my pharmacy reviews is because they are having pharmaceutical departments and it is good to know as much information about their pharmacy in order to know whether it is worth purchasing medications here or better search for alternatives. It is obvious that by entering their official website you would see a very well made site with user friendly interface, lots of features and options available and many others. People can locate the stores online if they wish to go to one in person or they could also sign up here and login to their accounts. A big company is always, of course, having official pages on social medias as well and so, people can follow this company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or anywhere else. By clicking on *out store* you will find the *pharmacy* and it is obvious that this is what I have clicked on since that’s what I am interested in. While there you can see a few of their offers on the website and they include: about us; specialty care; vaccinations; $4 generics; super rx locations; $4 pet generics and privacy policy. There are a lot of different things which you can access on the website, but since I am interested only in their pharmacy department that’s what I am searching for.

Overview of

While searching online you’re not going to be able to find any drug selection or a list of drugs or anything in this matter. As all other big supermarket American companies, this is information which you can only find out by going to their stores yourself or calling the customer support. Unfortunately, no way to search for what kind of drugs are there or how much those drugs cost. However I am only able to assume something so I can assume that this pharmacy has a lot of different drugs in their stores, drugs for every health need, but the problem is that the prices here, most likely, are very high, as in any other local pharmacy – so high that people resort to online pharmacies. Also, unfortunately, no information about shipping or payment methods are offered. So I am not able to say what kind of shipping methods are they having or what kind of payments they are accepting. But then again, I am able to assume something and it is the fact that they do not ship outside the USA and it is the fact that they are accepting cash if you go and buy meds at one of their stores directly. Also, if you fill prescriptions online I can assume that you are able to pay online with credit cards. One sure thing that I can say is the fact that this is a pharmacy that won’t sell prescription drugs without a valid prescription! That’s one sure thing. Anyway, there are a lot of things that people might want to get answers to (including me) and that’s why there is the customer support service available. There you could ask for a drug’s availability or drug’s price, shipping options and payment options as well.

Customer Support Service at Stater Bros

As I usually say, I guess it is very hard for such a big American company to hide from their customers so getting in touch with this pharmacy should be very easy. There are also lots of different ways to talk with them available, such as contact form online on their website, phone numbers, mailing address, via social media pages or even going to one of their offices/ stores yourself in person. But as I usually say – what’s really important is an helpful customer support service which does care about their customers. Coupon Codes

When you enter their website you can see that there’s a special page named weekly ad and more where you can find *coupons*. That’s what I have clicked on and I’ve been redirected to a page where they share all the products to which they have coupons available. Now the problem is that, as all other American supermarket chains which offers coupons, they are not for drugs or pharmaceutical products but only for grocery/ food products. So no coupons for drugs and there are no other offers like free shipping, free pills, discounts or anything in this matter. Not sure if they actually do not offer anything or it might be worth to talk with their customer support service first.

Stater Bros Pharmacy Reviews

As usual, by searching for customer reviews about an American supermarket chain, I have found a lot of customer reviews and a lot of employee reviews. But customer reviews are of my interest and that’s what I was paying attention to. According to multiple reviewers on different websites (including pissed consumers) the average rate is 3 out of 5 with mixed results. There are people saying that Stater Bros. is a very good company with good pharmaceutical products while there are others being saying that this is a place that it is not worth shopping at due to multiple reasons such as: bad customer service, misconduct of employees, high prices and ignorant pharmacists. With all of this being said, I think that some online pharmacies could be a better idea to shop at since there are better prices.


In the end, I am not able to recommend shopping here since it seems that there’s still a good number of negative customer reviews and plus, the prices here are much higher compared to online pharmacies. All in all I will rate Stater Bros with 3 out of 5 and I can say that there are better alternatives.

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