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While I’m searching for reliable online pharmacies I’m also finding pharmacies that are selling products for bodybuilders and it seems that today that’s exactly the type of pharmacy I am talking about. is the name of the online store I’m talking about and by accessing their main page I have seen quite a user friendly designed site which is very good, with information that’s well arranged on their site. According to the information on their main page, they have social media pages on Facebook (and 160 likes on Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest and others. Plus they claim to have the best bodybuilding supplements for sale online and therefore they claim to shop stack labs in order to buy the best bodybuilding supplements online. By ordering from them they guarantee that you are going to get: premium quality; no side effects and quick and effective results as well. this online store also claims to have some deals as well which I will talk about later. According to the information there, they have been operating since 2006 and they have a great staff that is carefully selecting the best ingredients for your products. I’ve also been trying to get information if the store shared an exact address and seemingly they did which is located in Cheyenne, WY, USA. They claim that their ingredients are being tested by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for efficacy and their facility has been awarded a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), nevertheless, there’s information that Stack Labs’ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. In the end, they are proudly claiming to offer premium quality (clinically effective dosages), lowest prices (that you can save 33% on stacks) and also free and fast shipping as well. so far, this all looks good. Selection of products and prices

There are 2 very important things to keep in mind about this store and they are: this is a bodybuilding store so you would find products accordingly and plus to that, the products found on this online store are not FDA evaluated products. As much as I have noticed from their website, they are offering medications for 3 different things: bulking (mass and strength), cutting (lean mass) and burning (fat loss). As much as I noticed, there are 5 different products for bulking, 4 different products for cutting and a single product for burning meaning that the selection of products here is pretty limited. Since none of these 10 products have been evaluated by FDA, there’s no need to have a prescription to order them. As in terms of prices, I can only give an example and say that Winscut Lean 90 tabs (for cutting) would cost 50 USD. Either is a good price or not I am not sure as I’m not familiar with such products. The product prices are all 50 USD for, seemingly, all 90 tablets. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are shipping world wide and this includes PO Boxes, APO, FPO as well as DPO addresses all around the world. There’s no information about shipping delivery time, however they claimed that shipping within USA (including Alaska, Hawaii etc.) is for free, Canadian people would pay only 7 USD for shipping while rest of the world would pay 10 USD. Except for no information given on the shipping delivery times, there’s also no information suggesting that they are offering multiple shipping options either. There’s information on their FAQ page which states that they accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover debit and credit cards, as well as checks and money orders. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy seems to be pretty easy and that’s because I’ve checked how many methods they are offering to talk with them and there seem to be a good number. like for example, you could use their address to write a mail or maybe even to pay a visit yourself. In addition to that, you can contact them through the phone number in their working hours you can check online. Also you can talk with them via email or contact form on their site (which is basically the same). You might chat with them through their live chat function available on the site or via social media pages either. Coupon Codes

Before going on the checkout page, I have noticed they offer their customer to enter a coupon code but since I couldn’t find anywhere a coupon code mentioned I can assume that they are offered only to members who already ordered or maybe by subscribing to newsletter. They also claim that all their products used to be 60 USD but they are on a sale now. They offer 15% military discount, they offer free shipping within USA and they offer buy 2 get 1 for free. There is also the discount 33% off stacks! Reviews

By searching for customer reviews online I noticed that there’s a very limited number of these reviews and the biggest problem is that among this limited number of customer reviews, I have found mixed results – while many people said the products are good and they got what they paid for, there are others saying that the products they got from this site are nothing than sugar tablets. To my opinion, the store needs to pay attention to those people writing negative reviews as this could be a problem but generally, the store seems to be doing fairly good. I checked the information on which said that it is a high trust rated site, but the reason it is not having too much customer reviews is because the site is rarely visited.


As much as it seems, there are good customer reviews and the store offers a decent amount of deals, special offers etc. which is very good. The site and store seems safe to use, however I simply cannot ignore the negative customer reviews and for this reason, receives a rate of 4 out of 5!

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