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While I am searching for reliable online pharmacies I can find a lot of different pharmacies which are oriented in selling a lot of different types of products. Like for example, the pharmacy that I am going to review today is oriented in selling products and solutions designed to help those people suffering from hair loss and we can easily see this by the pharmacy’s name: Solution 4 hair loss with the address this pharmacy is claiming that they are offering effective hair loss products at huge discounts and it does not matter of the seasons, or at least that’s the first thing that I noticed when I entered their website. This pharmacy claims to be your *trusted* online store for huge discounts on effective name brand hair growth products such as minoxidil that are being clinically proven to be effective. They claim to offer low every day prices, high quality products, excellent customer service as well as extremely fast shipping. They claim to offer shipping same or next day and sending products in discreet packaging. Plus they offer International shipping as well. with all of this being said, the pharmacy claims to be the leading online retailer of hair loss products that people can easily have trust in. people can register on their website and then sign in which would make the purchasing process easier and faster. The pharmacy claims to offer high quality products only and exclusively only new and fresh hair loss products. According to the information on their website, Solutions4hairloss (or – seemingly they are both the same) are having headquarters located in Mission Viejo in CA, USA. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long they have been online. But I have noticed that the pharmacy has a Facebook page and you can follow their activity on Twitter as well. Selection of products and prices

You can search for the needed hair loss products by using their search box function available on the website and writing down the keyword. But except for finding the needed products by the search function you can also see that there are offering different categories of medications such as: Hair ReGrowth Kits, Minoxidil (and there are sub categories like: Rogaine, Kirkland Minoxidil, Minoxidil 10 and Minoxidil 15 and others), Hair loss Shampoo, female hair loss treatment, hair growth vitamins and others. You can search for the products that you need by the brands and there is a list of around 10 brands. So as much as we can see, this online pharmacy does not seem to offer any other products than those treating hair loss, however they do seem to have a lot of different things for hair loss problems. Or at least that’s what it seems as I am not an expert in these things. Simply to give example of price I can say that Mens Rogaine Topical Solution Minoxidil 5% Hair Regrowth Treatment 3 month supply would cost you 40 USD (while the pharmacy claims that it used to cost 55 USD). Either is that a good price or not, I am not very sure. I am not sure if these things require a prescription but the pharmacy seems that they do not require one. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is offering international shipping as I earlier mentioned and as much as it seems, the pharmacy does seem to offer world wide shipping to all countries around the globe. The domestic orders (within USA) are shipped through USPS Priority Mail and the delivery is 1 to 3 days (but they can’t guarantee this) with free delivery. There are other shipping options but extra charges may apply. International orders have 3 different shipping options with various delivery timeframes and shipping fees depends on a lot of things like where you live, the weight of package etc. they seem to accept: Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express as well as PayPal. Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy people are able to use their exact address in order to pay them a visit at the headquarters, or obviously, to write a mail. Except for this, there’s an email listed on their website which people can use or lastly, there is a contact form on their site. Sad news is that there are no other methods to get in touch with them meaning there is no live assist like phone numbers or live chat function. Coupon Codes

Using the coupon codes is a great way to save money when using the online pharmacies and that’s why people are usually searching for them (I personally tend to search for coupon codes). This online pharmacy claims that they do offer coupon codes which would make you save 5% off your order by liking them on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter of Google +1 them! except for this, they have free domestic shipping and they claim that some products have special prices! Reviews

I’m not very sure if this online pharmacy has been around for a long time or not, but doesn’t have any information about this pharmacy and that’s not a good thing. By checking the information on it does seem to have a high trust level of 88 % but the owner of the site tries to hide their identity and that’s not a really good thing as usually, these people want to hide their identity not for good reasons. There’s generally hard to find information about this website on scam warning engines but what’s an bigger problem is that I couldn’t find a single customer review which makes me wonder if this pharmacy has any customers at all!


It is very hard to make a conclusion about a website that seems be so hard to find information about its legitimacy and authenticity. I could not find customer reviews and that’s one extremely big problem. It does seem to offer coupon codes and special offers with high trust rate from scam adviser and these are the only things making me rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5.

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