/ Solid RX Reviews & Coupons / Solid RX Reviews & is an online pharmacy that I intend to review and as soon as I have entered this website, the site language was French and currency was in EUR which makes me think that this is a French online pharmacy, hopefully I would find this out. I changed both the currency and language to understand what this pharmacy has to offer as I don’t know French. What was strange for me is that they have a seal suggesting that this pharmacy is CPA approved but this is a Canadian seal. In order not to guess, I went on their about us page but I still couldn’t find where this online pharmacy headquarters is located and I also couldn’t find information telling me for how much time this online pharmacy has been around. I just can say about the website more which seems to be user friendly with good features (like changing language and currency which greatly helps me). This online pharmacy promises the following: safe and secure order processing, delivery guaranteed, money back guaranteed, highest quality generic drugs and also personal approach. Hopefully this is all true. I went forward checking what this online pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of drugs and prices for them

Their medications are categorized by health condition so browsing the medications can be done by clicking on the health condition of your interest or by using the search function writing the exact name of the drug that you’re searching for. Among their categories there are: muscle relaxants, birth control, migraine, neurological disorders, cancer, stop smoking and many other categories of medications which means that their selection of drugs is really wide. There are also a lot of drugs in each category of medications, like for example in erectile dysfunction category there are lots of different medications including most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both brand and generic forms. Lots of other medications are available too like Kamagra, zenegra and other forms like Viagra Super Active, Professional etc. in terms of prices I can say that generic Viagra 50 mg usual quantity of 90 pills would be 1.21 USD per pill and to be honest that’s not the best price that I have ever seen. The cheapest price for generic Viagra is 0.71 USD per pill but that’s if you buy 360 pills of 25 mg pill. Or it can be as high as 4.18 USD per pill if you buy 10 pills of 100 mg generic Viagra. There is no information about prescription requirements so I am not sure if they require a prescription or not. I tried to check the FAQ page but going there this message appeared: *Information Page Not Found!*

Shipping and payment methods

Since their FAQ page isn’t working, I couldn’t find out if this online pharmacy is offering world wide delivery but I assume yes. Checking out I found out they are offering 2 shipping options: airmail delivery which costs 15 USD, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and online tracking is available and there’s the second option available: delivery EMS which has a fee of 30 USD, delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks and online tracking is available as well. Delivery insurance is added for an extra fee. Free airmail delivery is available for orders more than 80 USD. Payment method include: credit card (VISA, Master Card and American Express) and there’s also bitcoin available too (and you can save 25% by purchasing with bitcoin).

Customer Support Department

As soon as you enter this online pharmacy’s domain address you can see they have shared a phone number which you can dial and get in touch with their customer care support department. Except for the phone number, I went on contact us page to find out there’s a contact form available for their customers. Except for phone number and contact form there’s also online live chat function, however they claimed that they are currently offline so I was only available to email them. Anyhow, it does seems that they do have this option available which is important. Coupon Codes

Earlier in my review I have already shared a few things that can make you save money. Like for example, the fact that you’re ordering more pills at once would make you save some money which means that discounts are available if ordering in bulk. Plus to that, ordering more than 80 USD would make you have a free shipping delivery, also paying with bitcoin is going to make you have a discount of 25%. In addition to that, reordering from them would make you have an extra discount of 15% as well. One last thing is that they are offering free pills either. You can get anywhere between 2 to 15 free pills depending on how much pills you order. This is all very good in my opinion. Reviews

In order to find out more about the pharmacy’s authenticity I decided to see what customers are telling about and unfortunately I couldn’t find customer reviews but only a customer review as I found a single review. The sad news is that the single customer review wasn’t happy at all about the solid rx’s services and that’s because this person tried to contact this pharmacy (after paying) and he has got no response back and as he said, it seems he lost his money. A single customer review isn’t enough so I checked what has to say and I haven’t seen anything good there either with only 34% trust rate and suggesting that this pharmacy runs from a high risk country: Russia.


Although there are a lot of special offers tempting us to purchase meds from this online pharmacy I would recommend against doing it. That’s because the single customer review suggests that this is a scam online pharmacy and suggests that there are a lot of different issues around this online pharmacy like Rogue internet pharmacy, operates from high risk country, this website has reports being untrustworthy and others. With all of this said I rate with 1 out of 5!

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