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Smith’s Food & Drug Centers, Inc. is the full name of the supermarket company which I am going to be reviewing today. is the official domain address of this company and as usual, the reason why I am going to be reviewing today is because they have the pharmacy department. The parent organization of this company is Kroger, a bigger and better known company in US. This company has been founded in 1911 in Brigham City, Utah, United States and it currently has its headquarters located there. As of 2013, it had 132 locations across the US territory.  I went on their official website and I saw a well made website, as it was expected which offered their customers to create an account and sign in to them. On the website they have different departments but I obviously went on pharmacy page. I saw that this company is also having social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. In addition to that they are offering the customers to download their mobile applications which can help you manage your needs via your phone. While on pharmacy page you’re able to do different things such as transferring your prescription, refilling it, searching for articles and information, check pharmacy services and others.

Selection of medications, prices for medications, shipping and payment methods at Smith’s Food and Drug

Exactly as with all other big US supermarket companies, there is very little that I can say about these things mentioned above by checking their website. You can find more information about each by contacting their customer care department which I am going to talk about a bit later. Selection of medications should be very big meaning that all medications approved by FDA should be found at their pharmacy. There should be drugs for all needs in both OTC and prescription forms while the prescription medications can be obtained exclusively only if you have a valid prescription. Usually such pharmacies have pet medications as well. Prices should be pretty much the same as at the parent organization: Kroger but unfortunately they are pretty high. Sure thing is that shipping isn’t available outside the US territory and I’m not very sure if they ship to all US states exactly as I am not sure about shipping options, shipping fees or delivery times. As usual I am able to assume that payment can be done in cash by going to their stores in person or you could also pay via credit or debit card both online or by going to one of their stores yourself. But these are mostly my assumptions. Whether are there other payment methods I am unaware.

Customer Support Department Smith’s Food and Drug

A big company with a big number of locations (more than 100) usually is very easy to reach since there are a lot of methods: phone numbers, emails, mailing address and although there is no live chat function available on their own website, the social media pages can be use, I guess, as a live chat. I personally never contacted them myself so I am not sure how good of a quality the customer care department is, but that’s the most important thing in my opinion since there’s no point in getting in touch with them as long as they are not helpful.

Is Smith’s Food and Drug Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Smith’s Food and Drug Coupon Codes

This company does offer coupon codes for their customers but they are all only for food meaning that you can purchase food stuff with the help of coupons giving you a discount. There are no coupon codes in regards to the pharmaceutical products, unfortunately and generally there doesn’t seem to be anything – no free shipping, discounts even if purchasing in bulk or anything. I can assume that even if they do have something (which I cannot find) then you need to, again, contact customer support and ask if there are any facilities making you save money.

Smith’s Food and Drug Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about this company to find out whether this company is worth using and spending your money here. By searching for reviews about this company I found employees reviews written by people who either worked or are still working for this company describing what are the cons and pros working for this company. The problem is that I do not actually care about the employee reviews since I am mostly interested what this company has to offer to their customers and by researching this I found out customer reviews on yelp but the problem is that each store has been rated in particular and there is not a general reviewing page about the company as a whole. To be honest I got a bit shocked seeing that such a big company has so little customer reviews online. I had nothing else to do than to check each of their stores in particular. According to the information I could find, each store had anywhere between 10 to 100 reviews and the rates where anywhere between 1.8 and 4.1. I checked through them and I found mixed reviews as there were many people saying that this company is awesome, people saying that they love everything about it – prices, offers, selections etc. etc. with others saying that they also love that it is a few minutes away from their stores. However a lot of people were still complaining, they described rude staff, high prices, delays and not really fresh products. Unfortunately most of the reviews were addressed to the grocery stores, but I can assume that the quality of services/ products/ price should be quite the same for pharmacies either.


Although this is a 100% legal and authentic company in USA with many stores across the country’s territory I am not fascinated by its services and that’s by checking the customer reviews and by knowing that the prices are much higher compared to online pharmacies. In the end, I think that the average customer reviews’ rate is about 3 out of 5 so I doubt that I have any rights to change it!

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