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Reliable online pharmacies where you can safely purchase medications seem to be harder and harder to find and for this reason I start thinking that my reviews about pharmacies are getting more and more important as I am trying my best to determine whether a pharmacy is trustworthy or not. While searching for online pharmacies I’m finding lots of different pharmacies which are selling lots of different products. Like for example, the pharmacy I am going to review today is named Smart Powders with the domain address, an online pharmacy which is selling powders, supplements, nootropics and such types of products. With this being said, I doubt that this online pharmacy is selling prescription products that are intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease and that’s why I recommend those people who search for such drugs to continue on doing their research for other pharmacies. I have accessed and the pharmacy suggests that you can *Upgrade your brain* by using the products you can find on their website. I have seen they are offering a user friendly interface where everything seems to be pretty easily accessible and all the information seem to be well arranged in page. On their page there’s information that they are located in Graham, NC and on copyright there’s *2016* however I’m not sure if this means the pharmacy has been started to operate for the last 2 years. This pharmacy claims that customers are having a number of reasons to use smart powders’ services and they include: the highest product quality; 9 USD domestic shipping; safe and secure payments; exclusive VIP discounts; best prices in the industry and the last one is 24/7 customer support. So far, this all seems pretty good. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I earlier mentioned, this is not a regular online pharmacy with regular prescription or OTC medications. This online pharmacy is focused on selling other types of products and they include supplements, such as creatine; healthy fats, hydration, live health, nootropics and other types of such products. There are vitamins and minerals and there are also products for sexual health, however there is no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra as there’s only such products as: SmartPowders Horny Goat Weed etc. so, as I earlier mentioned, if you are in search for prescription products then you should go and search for another pharmacy. but for those being interested in such products I can share the prices (examples) as I am not able to comment on them since I’m not an expert. For example, Horny Goat Weed 100 g would cost you 8 USD. But Mucuna Pruriens Extract Capsules 150 mg 60 capsules would be 10 USD. I’m not sure if these are good prices or not. I just know that the pharmacy cannot ask for a prescription for selling such products so no prescription is required since they sell no prescription products. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information I have found on their website, they are offering international shipping either, however I couldn’t find information if they are shipping medications world wide or only to a limited number of countries. There’s no shipping fee mentioned for international addresses but I assume this is because it depends on where exactly you want your products to be shipped (and here includes the taxes etc.). as for domestically shipping they are offering 6 different UPS methods, and USPS Priority Mail while international shipping is done via USPS or FedEx. No delivery times are offered for international shipping options but domestically shipping options can be reached as fast as next day up to 4 working days. They claim to accept 3 different payment methods: credit card, Pay Pal and Google Checkout. Customer Support Service

As much as I could find by browsing through their website, this online pharmacy is offering 3 different methods to get in touch with the pharmacy. first off it is the fact they shared an exact address where you are able to either pay a visit if you live somewhere nearby or send a mail. But there’s also an phone number listed for those who want to call and lastly they seem to claim to have live chat but I could only leave a message as they were offline. Coupon Codes

When I was searching for what kind of methods this pharmacy is offering to customers to make them save some money, I have found out that by subscribing to their newsletter they are going to send you exclusive deals so you would find out how to save money by using them. except for this I have only noticed that upon checking out, they are asking you if you are having a coupon code (but since it is nowhere on the site I assume they send you by email when you sign up to newsletter) so they seem to have coupon codes. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews as only with the help of the review we’re able to get a clear image whether is it worth purchasing from the pharmacy or not, unless we had an personal experience with the pharmacy. I personally didn’t had an experience but according to the customer review that I found online, it seems that I won’t ever have it. that’s because it seems is quite a popular pharmacy used by a lot of people having lots of reviews but, although there does seem to be around like 5 positive customer reviews, there seem to be a lot of negative reviews. There are reviews and forum discussions about the pharmacy suggesting: *smart powders = scammers*, * Save yourself the trouble and don’t order from them*, * DONT BUY FROM SMART POWDERS* and these are all from 3 different sites.


Regardless of how good prices this online pharmacy might be having and regardless of how good VIP discounts they might have, I still won’t recommend to anyone ordering here and I will definitely take the customer reviews’ advices in doing the same and not ordering here. There does seem to be a few positive reviews saying that everything was perfect, but the negative reviews heavily outnumber the positive ones and that’s a bad sign. gets a rate of 2 out of 5 only because of the positive reviews.

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