| Smart Drugs Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that seems to be oriented in selling *smart drugs* that are used for improving mental performance. The name of the pharmacy seem to be Smart Nutrition and according to the list of products that you can find in their drugstore, there are around 15 drugs that can help people in improving their mental performance. The website is pretty well done, it is user friendly and information is well arranged so people can easily find the info they’re searching for. Smart Nutrition, as the pharmacy claims, is located in San Diego, California and has been established in 1993 and since then they are specializing in products to improve memory, mental performance, attention span as well as brain function. They claim to do research for new products in order to improve mental performance and slow brain aging and they claim to be the first company in the US selling a list of products shared on their site. They claim that their products have been mentioned in Health and Healing newsletter in Nov 2004 and favorably reviewed by Wired magazine in 2009. You can check the information about each of the products that they are selling on their website which would make it easier to understand what you’re exactly using. There are testimonials on their website, information about each drug and articles about different products, health conditions and so on and so forth. Although the pharmacy claims to operate for such a long time and being favorably reviewed, I couldn’t find a single accreditation given to their pharmacy, or at least they haven’t shared any on their site. For more information you need to go on their website and check it all depending on what you need. You also could use the contact form for finding out more information. Selection of products and prices

You can search for the needed products by using their search box function or you can also see their full list of drugs on the left side of their website. As I earlier mentioned, this pharmacy is oriented in selling mental improving drugs *smart drugs* and there are no other types of drugs found on their website. According to the list of products there are around 15 drugs such as: Piracetam, Idebenone, Monolaurin, Serrapeptase and others as well. I was searching for information about whether or not this online pharmacy requires for a valid prescription and I couldn’t find such information making me think that they do not require one. The pharmacy claims that their products are laboratory tested, pharmacies dispense some of their products and lastly, MD’s and medical clinics dispense some of their products and even some of the MD’s are using their products personally. In terms of prices I can say, for example, that Idebenone 12 150 mg 30 capsules would be 35 USD and I’m not sure if that’s a good price. What’s strange is when you’re trying to order you’re redirected to another site meaning that you cannot order here but you can order only after being redirected to other site. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the FAQ page, this online pharmacy is offering international shipping and it does seems as if the shipping is done world wide (however there’s a list of about 10 countries to which they do not ship). I could not find information suggesting that this online pharmacy is offering multiple shipping options meaning that they only have one. Shipping in USA has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 4 days after the order has been placed while orders sent outside the US are generally received within 7 to 10 days. Shipping fee depends on where exactly you order: $6 shipping to the US (free shipping on orders over $100); $15 shipping to Canada; $40 shipping to Germany and Austria; $50 shipping to Brazil (express mail); $22 shipping to the rest of the world. They accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, checks. Checks must be in US dollars. Customer Support Service

You can click on the contact page and then you’re going to see all the methods available to get in touch with this pharmacy which includes: you can either write them an email via the contact form indicating your email, you can call them and get live assist if you need or there’s the exact address to write them a mail or maybe even paying them a visit if you want to. No live chat function is available. Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes since this is a great way to save money when you’re purchasing medications, nevertheless, this online pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes. In fact, I couldn’t find anything being offered by this online pharmacy, any kind of discounts or methods to save you money. All I saw is that people ordering more than 100 USD living in US get a free shipping and that’s it. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I’m only finding customer reviews about the products that are considered to be *smart drugs*. There are a lot of different products and reviews about such products, but seemingly no reviews about the pharmacy. These kind of products does seem to be really helpful for some people, but it seems that in the end they are doing more harm than helping people around so before actually ordering and taking such drugs, I recommend everyone to talk with a doctor first. I checked its legitimacy on but they have no information about this pharmacy and then I checked for more information on where I found this site to be considered *suspicious*. It has a trust rate of 56% meaning that it might be unsafe and the owner hides its identity.


Purchasing such drugs can be dangerous and it seems that this pharmacy has illegal activity and that’s not a good sign. No customer reviews with all the information on is not a good sign at all either. All in all I will rate with 2 out of 5 stars!

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