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A simple online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing today is and it is obvious I called it *simple* because of its name. This pharmacy seems to be having the following services: NHS prescriptions, online doctor and online pharmacy. As soon as I have accessed the main page of this user friendly designed website, I have seen the following reasons why this pharmacy claims to be worth using: express delivery, genuine UK medicines, lowest price guarantee, UK registered pharmacy and lastly: confidential and discreet. Customers of this simple online pharmacy are able to register here and to sign in to their account. What important is that this online pharmacy is also offering online doctor where you can get a prescription online by an online consultation with their doctor. What you need to do is to select your treatment, then you’re going to have the consultation and you get the prescription so you are being sent the drugs all along with the prescription. This online pharmacy claims to be a registered UK Online Pharmacy and they have been online since 2012 and that’s pretty good. According to the information on about us page the pharmacy has shared the pharmacy GPhC registration number. There’s also their exact address which is located in Glasgow. They claim to do the best they can in order to give each patient a great online experience. Hopefully that’s true.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

In order to determine what is the selection of drugs here at this online pharmacy I have clicked on *shop* and there appear a very wide list of medications for different needs categorized in health conditions such as: allergy and hayfever, first aid, digestions, skin care, weight loss, sleeping aids and many many other drugs. But except for finding the drugs that you need by searching through the categories of medications, you’re also able to search for them by using the search function and that’s what I have used in order to search for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. It was a big shock for me to see that there are no such products. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to have any form of any of those erectile dysfunction drugs. Then I realized that their search function is not working properly and if searching for a product without clicking *enter* then you would be shown the product. Now, while searching for Viagra I have found out its brand and its generic form. 64 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 95 GBP (all prices are only in GBP as this is an UK pharmacy) and to be honest, compared to other online pharmacies that I’ve seen so far, that’s an unbelievable high price. The same goes for Levitra and Cialis including their brands either. This online pharmacy, obviously, won’t be sending drugs without having an online consultation and getting a prescription or if you already have a prescription.

Shipping and payment methods at

This online pharmacy doesn’t offer world wide shipping, in fact, it only offers shipping to some European countries and NOT to all countries but only to some of them. There is around a total of 10 European countries to which they are offering shipping, except for those countries, nobody is able to order here. There are 3 shipping options available; royal standard 2-5 day delivery with a price of 3.20 GBP. Royal mail guaranteed next day is going to cost you 6.50 GBP and is guaranteed only if placed before 3 PM and not on weekend. And lastly there’s Dx Secure which costs 5 GBP with a delivery of maximum up to 2 business days. I am not very sure but as much as it seems, the only payment method is via credit card, but they have not shared which one and generally no information about payment methods.

Customer Support Department

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done (as most other online pharmacies) via the contact form which is available on their contact page. There you indicate your email where you would get a response back. However if you don’t want an email conversation then you can use their telephone to have a phone conversation for getting real time responses. Except for these 2 methods you can also write a mail at their exact address or even going to their exact address yourself in case you have enough time on your hands. Coupon Codes

From the information that I was able to find here, there is no coupon codes, but there are voucher codes. I am not very sure where to get these voucher codes but it seems that if you would get it – you can get some discounts. In addition to this, the pharmacy claims that orders above 35 GBP will apply to free royal mail standard 2-5 day delivery. The problem is that besides these, I couldn’t find anything else.

Reviews about

While searching for customer reviews about I did have found them on third party websites, or in fact, on third party website as I could only find review only on there are no more reviews anywhere online about this online pharmacy but this is still fine as on there are 750+ reviews. An even better thing is the fact that 90% of all the reviews rated it with 5 out of 5 stars, most people said that it is worth using it. Only 1% rated it with 1 out of 5 and 7% rated it great (4 out of 5). With this being said it seems that most people are happy and that’s a very big plus for the pharmacy. But searching for information I found a very big minus: the online pharmacy’s owner uses a service to hide their identity and I don’t have trust in such online pharmacies.


In the end, the online pharmacy has a lot of visitors with a lot of very good customer reviews and there is only 1% with bad customer reviews. This is a very good indicator. What’s not a good indicator is the fact that owner hides identity, but it still seems that the pharmacy is safe to use. Nevertheless, I still rate it with 4 out of 5 and that’s due to the fact that the prices here for medications, compared to other online pharmacies, are extremely high! So I suggest ordering here only in case you don’t really care about saving money, otherwise search for other pharmacies.

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