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Simple Online Doctor is the name of the online pharmacy that I have found and I am going to review it today. The domain address name is and as much as we can see, this is an Australian online pharmacy and this has been confirmed by the information that I found on their website suggesting: Simple Online Doctor is owned by Simple Online Healthcare Pty Ltd, registered Australian Company and the phone number of the company. according to the information there, the headquarters of the pharmacy is located in Brisbane – a large city in Australia. According to the information that I could find, this is an Australian Registered Pharmacy and they are AHPRA accredited pharmacy as well. Except for selling medications, this pharmacy claims to offer online consultations as well claiming that if you want to get prescription medications you just need to following 3 easy steps: first select the treatment, second complete consultation and lastly you get express delivery. Therefore this pharmacy is an online doctor and online pharmacy as well. people can register an account on their website, a user friendly interfaced site with well arranged information which makes it easy to navigate through the site. They promise the following: Australian Registered Pharmacy; Genuine Australian Sourced Medicines; Australian Registered Doctors; Lowest Price Guarantee and lastly: Express Delivery With Australia post. They claim that their site is SSL secured and the pharmacy has social media pages on Facebook and Twitter where you can follow their activity. While checking information *about us* on their website, you can check *what we do*, you can see *their aims* and lastly their *values* as well. Hopefully, all the information that I could find there (everyone can easily find that information on their site) is true as I often found lying online pharmacies. Selection of medications and prices

To find the medications that you need you would need to check their categories of medications (men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, travel health and general health) all of which are having their own sub categories. You are able to get the medications by searching for a treatment by using they search box or you can check those sub categories. They also have *popular needs* such as: stop smoking, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, period delay, acne, diabetes, contraceptive pills and others. With all of this being said, even if I couldn’t find what’s the exact number of products found in their drugstores, I still think that the selection of medications is very wide. It is obvious that you’re not able to get prescription medications without a valid prescription so if you don’t have one you might go through their online consultation form. As in terms of prices I checked the ED meds prices where I found out that for getting generic sildenafil, maximum quantity of 16 tablets 50 mg would cost you $ 68 (which I assume that’s 68 AUD and that’s around 52 USD for 16 tablets and that’s a really high price compared to other online pharmacies to be honest. Shipping and Payment Methods

According to the information on the website (where I found a delivery webpage), they are having 2 options for getting your medications. First one is collect from Racecource Road Pharmacy, Brisbane and that’s going to be free of charge (you get an email when your order is ready for collection). As much as it seems, they are not offering shipping outside the Australia as there’s the second option: Australia Post Express Delivery that has a fee of $ 10 (I assume AUD). Delivery timeframe is 1 to 2 business days for major urban areas and up to 5 working days for rural areas. Not sure if they are offering tracking. Obviously you can pay cash if you go collect your medications, however not sure what payment methods they accept if you order online via shipping. Customer Support Service

There are several methods to get in touch with the pharmacy and that would be amazing if the pharmacy would actually have a good customer support service being ready to answer all questions customers might have. To get in touch with this pharmacy people can use: the email function or contact form on their website (which are pretty much the same) or to use their exact address for mailing or paying them a visit to ask questions. These seem to be all the methods available to get in touch with them, but they claim that soon there’s going to be a phone number available. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy. in fact, I couldn’t find anything which would make people save money while using their services. They do not seem to offer any kind of discounts, free shipping or free pills. Unfortunately, at this time, you would need to pay the exact sum that you see without discounts. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews (since they are essential for judging an online pharmacy) I could only find customer reviews on (and the pharmacy recommends people to check the reviews they’ve got on What is strange to me is that there are 800 + reviews on and there does not seem to be any single review anywhere else. anyway, the good news is that nearly all those reviews are positive with only 1% rating it with 1 out of 5 stars. All other scam warning websites suggests this pharmacy is indeed reliable and plus to that, people can collect their medications at their place which is why I can assume that the pharmacy indeed should be reliable. Having such customer reviews and being all reliable that’s a very big plus for the pharmacy.


This online pharmacy is all reliable according to all sources and it has good customer reviews (most of them) and that’s all very good. Nevertheless, exactly as important is when the online pharmacy offers good prices for medications and coupon codes, something that this pharmacy seem to lack. Plus to this, only people in Australia can order drugs here. Due to these reasons gets a rate of 4 stars!

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