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There’s very little information that I was able to find about Silk Road Pharmacy with the domain Silk Road Pharmacy. They haven’t posted any information about how much time they are on the market, they do not even have ‘about us’ page and generally, a lot of pages on their site simply lacks any information. Like for example there’s ‘INFO’ page which is completely empty. This pharmacy doesn’t have information by whom it is run and the only info you can see is their address which is 78 2ND MART RD NONTAUK, KHI, 65031 which I don’t know if this is a veridic information or not but to be honest I doubt. Generally, they don’t seem to be like a legal pharmacy at all. Their products don’t seem to be valid as they seem to sell their ‘own’ medications. To be honest, I’m shocked that they still run this site.

Silk Road Pharmacy selection

This pharmacy doesn’t seem to have a big variety of drugs in their drugstore, although they do seem to have like a number of approximately 50 drugs of most popular ones for the most popular conditions. Anxiety, ADD/ ADHD, pain relievers, sleeping pills etc. But what concerns me the most is that they are advertising their own Adderall, Percocet and Ecstasy, these are some very dangerous things if not taken correctly and these are pills of their OWN! So I have big doubts in the legalities of this online pharmacy. They are also having ED medications such as Viagra and Levitra (no Cialis though) but these are also medications manufactured by unknown company or by their own. Again, I have big doubts in their legality. Although there are medications you can find, they sell LSD, Ecstasy and such medications. all medications being produced by unknown manufacturers is a big risk.

Silk Road Pharmacy Drug prices

Those are some prices I haven’t seen in a long time now. they have some sky high prices for controlled substances and the prices are also really high for ED medications such as Viagra and Levitra. Besides the fact that you can’t be sure that what you get is an actual mediation that you need, you have to pay a lot for their drugs. The prices are so big that I wouldn’t even want to take a chance to get anything from them.

Prescriptions, do Silk Road Pharmacy require them?

When there are big doubts in regards to their legality, when they sell such things as LSD and ecstasy, I guess it is obvious that prescriptions is something that they don’t need. If you are willing to risk, you can purchase absolutely anything without having any prescription.

Silk Road Pharmacy Shipping

I wanted to see what are they offering in terms of shipping and so I added some things to my cart, when I proceeded to purchase in order to see what kind of shipping do they have, the site told me that my cart is empty. Besides the fact that they lack a lot of information on their site, besides the fact that I doubt in their legibility, their site is also having bugs. I couldn’t find absolutely no info on shipping.

Silk Road Pharmacy Payment methods

In case you’re going to be brave enough to take a chance of ordering from this online pharmacy called and in case the bugs would let you get to billing then you are going to see that they are accepting a lot of ways to pay (no wonders, since I assume that they are scammers). Or at least the information on bottom of their site suggests that they accept: perfect money, bitcoin, money gram, visa, master card, discover, American express as well as western union. Lots of ways to make you lose your money. but that’s in case the bugs on their site would ‘fall asleep’ and you would get to the billing.

Silk Road Pharmacy Customer support

On a site where 95% of information and everything else that I could find suggests that this is a scam site – what kind of customer support there might be? I couldn’t find a phone number, no live chat function.  The only way you can get in touch with them is to write an email to [email protected] which I hardly believe that they would ever respond back to you in case you write them anything. Or I think that they might, until you make the payment, after that I’m 95% sure you won’t hear from them. in my opinion, a serious online pharmacy won’t have only an email as a contact.

Silk Road Pharmacy Promotions, specials offers, discounts and coupons

Usually scam sites offer such things, but this one doesn’t. There are absolutely no promotions, special offers, discounts or coupons. Nothing at all. or at least there’s no information that I could find them suggesting that they have anything for their customers at all.

Is there a chance that Silk Road Pharmacy is not scam and actual legit site?

There’s always a chance that tomorrow a big meteorite is going to hit our planet so we’re all going to die. However the chances are very slim. The same here, there’s always a chance that it is actually a legit online pharmacy, however the chances, I would say, are as slim as that our planet is going to get hit tomorrow by an enormous meteorite and we’re all going to die. I’m quite sure that they are scammers. Beware!

Silk Road Pharmacy Reviews

The final thing that has actually proved me be 100% right were the reviews I found online written by other people about this online pharmacy. It seems that there were brave people who took their chances and ordered. No wonder they came back furious writing negative reviews calling them scammers, thieves etc. The sites that help people avoid scam sites such as scamadviser say that it is 0% trustworthy and that’s not a shock at all for me. as much as it wasn’t a shock at all to read lots of negative reviews about and no positive at all. in short, everything on external sites implies that this online pharmacy is a scam!

What’s the conclusion?

I guess it is obvious that this site is going to get the lowest rate which is 1 out of 5. It is by far one of the worst online pharmacies that I have ever come along and I strongly recommend everyone to stay away from buying anything from these guys!

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