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I have been asked to review this following online pharmacy but when I wanted to access their site I’ve been said the following message: This Account has been suspended. That’s why it seems that there is no anymore. Either they are ever going to re-appear on the market with the same domain address or not I am not sure but let’s hope not, and let me explain why. Even though their site is down (I doubt that it is down for maintenance since the message says that it has been suspected, I guess because of it being a scammy site) I was able to find information about this site on other links and I still decided to write this in case the site is ever going to get re opened.

SilkRoadMeds Overview

Usually in my reviews I write about drug selection, drugs prices, prescription requirements, shipping details, payment options, special offers and discounts, reviews, either is it a scam or not and lately a conclusion. Today I can only talk about either is it a scam or not, reviews and conclusion.

SilkRoadMeds Scam or not?

Although the site is down, while it used to work it seemed that it was a scam site not planning to help other people but planning to steal their money. in case the site is ever going to get re opened, I suggest to be aware of this and not to order anything. is known to scam people and that’s why I get further to people reviews.

SilkRoadMeds Reviews

Firstly I checked scamadviser and scamner, both of them suggesting that this site has trustworthy 0%. Scamadviser, in fact, had 10% and that’s super stranger, but even so, 10% is still very low to believe that it is a good online pharmacy. On I found 2 people writing 2 complains of people who said that they lost money on this site. One has lost 500 dollars and the other person 200 dollars. Both of them can’t return back their money since they paid via western union and the other one iTune cards. Most of the reviews on most other sites were negative as well, many calling them fakes, scammers, thieves, poor service and so on and so forth. but there was a comment which has shocked me completely: the person said that he/ she is impressed about, by their product quality and support. Saying that he/ she has got the medications in time and everything went smoothly. In fact, I would quote a part of his review: *quote* i love, Thank soo much..*quote*. Either this was a paid reviewer by the site or, maybe, once upon a time, the online pharmacy actually was a legit online pharmacy. But since it has completely lost people’s trust, stay away from it even if it somehow gets re opened.


Usually I am having a rate for each pharmacy I review, but since this one is down I guess my rate is worthless. But if it would have been still open then 1 out of 5 is exactly the rate that it would have deserved.

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