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When searching for online pharmacies, usually people want to save money while purchasing medications but there are also those people who want to purchase medications nobody knows about. For this reason there’s an online pharmacy named and as much as it seems from its domain address name ending .uk this is a United Kingdom’s online pharmacy. as soon as I have entered the website I have seen their motto of *keeping things quiet since 2005* which means that the pharmacy claims to be servings its customers since 2005 and that’s very good if true. Also, before going further on the pharmacy’s details, you need to choose the country/ language as there are around 10 languages to choose from. Obviously I have chosen English. I got redirected to the pharmacy’s main page where I have seen a very well done website, it is user friendly, and the information is well arranged. I have also noticed that the pharmacy is offering their customers to change the currency on the site either and that’s being very helpful, as much as I know, for foreign customers (as well as it is to choose the language either). Another thing to mention here is the fact that the pharmacy is offering their customers to create an account and login to their accounts here. according to the information there, ShytoBuy is a website which aims to help you with problems that can be somewhat embarrassing. Their reputation, as they claim, has been built on the quality, discreetness and convenience of their products. Their values are authenticity, respect, discretion, excellence, teamwork and dedication. Except for their claim of being around since 2005, they are also claiming to be located in Croydon, United Kingdom and seems to be registered under the company name: Comfort Click Ltd. The site is Comodo SSL certified as well as it is Protected by CopyScape. Selection of medications and prices

As soon as I have entered the website I have noticed that people are able to use the search box function on the site to search for the needed products or they can also check through categories which are: skin care, body care, hair care, personal care and brands. Each category is having a few sub categories as well. like for example in personal care: male, female, unisex. In male’s category there are: ejaculation, erection problems, male enhancement and others. In the end, this pharmacy seems to have lots of drugs that treat embarrassing problems, as they promised. It is more important to check what kind of prices they are offering to my opinion so I checked ED drugs. In erection problems there are no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, there are just products such as: viper pro capsules, herbal v blue patches, 4play for men capsules and others. None of these things here seem to be prescription drugs and generally, to be honest, I am not sure if they are having any prescription drugs. If they do not have any it means they do not require a prescription, obviously, but if they do have prescription drugs I’m not sure if they ask for a prescription. In terms of price I give an example: viper pro capsules 10 capsules costs 30 GBP. Honestly, that’s a very big price compared to other ED drugs and prices found on other pharmacies. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, people can order outside of the UK and they can choose from the following methods UPS delivery (3 to 5 working days for delivery) or royal mail international which is taking 5 to 15 working days for delivery. Either they ship worldwide I am not sure. domestically, you have 3 shipping options with deliveries as fast as 48 hours to 15 working days. Shipping fees are calculated individually. In terms of payment methods this online pharmacy accepts: credit/ debit cards, bank transfers, paypoint (pay by cash) and check/ postal order either. Customer Support Service

For those people who want to get in touch with this online pharmacy they are able to use the phone number listed on the website, they are able to use the live chat function available on the website using the contact form or email address (which are the same) and lastly: via mail address as well. or you could go directly to their store as well. there seem to be enough methods to talk with them if you need to. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I have failed to find any coupon codes being offered by this pharmacy and generally, I failed to find anything else being offered by this pharmacy that can make their customer save some money except for just one thing: those people living in UK and ordering more than 50 GBP are going to get free shipping. Other than this free shipping deal, there is no other special offer. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews in order to determine if this online pharmacy is worth using or not as with the help of them you can easily determine this. According to it has nearly 600 reviews and all of them are positive. To be honest I am not sure if that’s even possible as it has 600 positive reviews but there are no positive absolutely anywhere else online. That’s quite strange to my opinion. I have searched for the information on where I found that it has good reviews (I assume those on trustpilot as I couldn’t find any anywhere else) so it has a high trust rate. The only negative thing is that the site may be related to a number of high risk sites.


The website seem to be loved by the people who used it and that’s very important. What I did not liked is the fact that their ED products are priced higher than the well known ED medications and that’s a big problem. Only because of this I rate the pharmacy with 4 out of 5 as everything else seems to be fine.

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