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ShopRite is an American retail company with its full name: ShopRite Supermarkets which is located in the northeastern United States, with stores in different states such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania but it has its headquarters located in Keasbey, NJ. This supermarkets company has a lot of locations with its total number of 337 and this company has been founded in 1946. All of this is information that I could find on wikipedia page and the domain address of this supermarket company is, the site which I have accessed trying to find more information about this company. For those wondering why would I write a pharmacy review when I’m talking about a supermarket company is because ShopRite has pharmacy department and since they are offering pharmaceutical services writing a review here might be very good as this way we could find information about whether is it worth ordering here or not. As it was expected, the websites is really well made with good options and good features and obviously with a user friendly interface, something which was expected since this is the website of a big company. The customers of this company are offered to create an account and sign in to it. With the help of their website you’re also able to locate their store or to search for whatever you need. Also, while on their website you can see the following: weekly promotions, well everyday, deli, cakes & catering, and lastly pharmacy. Since I am obviously interested in pharmacy services that’s what I have clicked on. While been on the pharmacy’s page I have noticed there are a few options which you can choose from their pharmaceutical services: pharmacy locater (where you can find a location near you!), refill and manage rx (from the convenience of home) and lastly: ShopRite Rx App (they are offering customers to download their application). In addition to all of this, it is obvious that the company is having social media platform where you can follow them, they are having such platforms on: Facebook, Twitter, youtube and others as well. There are also other services either such as: diabetes management, immunization, specialty services and lastly: auto refill program.

Selection of medications, prices, shipping options and payment methods at ShopRite Company

The fact that all these points are under a single paragraph is that there’s very little I can say about each of them. As usually, supermarket companies do not offer a list of medications with a price list for them and for this reason I can’t say anything just my assumption that both selection of medications and their prices should be high! Usually, local pharmacies have all the medications needed (if approved by FDA), however we all know that prices are quite high either. There is no information about shipping options either but I assume they only ship within USA (and not sure if in all states) and also no info about payment methods but I can assume that they should accept credit card and cash if going to their store in person  while online I can assume they only accept credit cards.

Customer Support Department

Those customers who are having questions and need some assistance from this company they are able to call them and get the answers they need (make sure you do this in their operating hours), you are also able to write them an email or even an mail at their PO Box address. There’s no live chat function, unfortunately, but I can assume that getting in touch with them can be easy since this is a big company. I can also assume that those people having questions might get answers via their social media pages (as live chat) or by going to one of their stores. You can use the customer support for finding out more information about drugs’ availability and pricing as well as about shipping and payment options – something that isn’t mentioned on the website.

Is ShopRite Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is ShopRite Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

ShopRite Pharmacy Coupon codes

I think that it might be a good idea to use the customer support department in order to find out if they are having any pharmacy offers or anything at all and that’s because regardless of how much I searched on their website, I simply wasn’t able to find information about any coupon codes and there’s also no free pills, no free shipping or any kind of discounts.

Shop Rite Pharmacy Reviews

Usually, when I am searching for customer reviews about an retail supermarket company I am also finding employee reviews about people who work or used to work for this company describing what it is like to work there, this time it wasn’t an exception as I found employee reviews but unless you plan working for Shop Rite company, I guess there’s no reason in reading and mentioning them. However, what’s more of my interest is the customer reviews as they can greatly help us have a clear image of what it is like to purchase your medications at Shop Rite Pharmacy. As usually, I found reviews on consumer affairs website and I also found reviews on yelp. Problem is that on yelp lots of them were categorized by each drugstore in particular while I am mostly focused in reading reviews about ShopRite as of general. According to 49 rating that were submitted in the last year on consumeraffairs, the average rate is 3.5 out of 5 and the exact same rate been the average of 88 reviews on yelp. Reading through the reviews I found mixed reviews with many people saying that it is a very good pharmacy store while others were complaining on different things.


This pharmacy, obviously, is all legal and I doubt that you can find any illegal activity in regards to Shop Rite pharmacy and that’s very good. The good customer reviews are also very good either. However the prices at such pharmacies are really high and plus to that there are still unhappy customers who complained on a number of different things. For these reasons I am going to rate Shop Rite with 3 out of 5.

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