/ Shaws Reviews & Coupons seems to be a company that is also having pharmacy department and for this reason, this is a company that has got my interest and is going to get through my pharmacy review which I hope it would help other people, including me, to find out if it’s worth to buy here the medications that you need or it would be a better idea to go buying somewhere else. This pharmacy doesn’t seem to be *online pharmacy* only as it seems that it has brick stores as well and they are named: Shaw’s Osco Pharmacy. This company, according to google is actually a supermarket company where people can buy their daily needs. Also analyzing the Shaws website for a little bit I’ve seen that you can also order cakes as well as deli trays too alongside with recipes and other things too. According to the information I could find on Wikipedia, Shaw’s and Star Market are 2 American grocery store chains that are being based in West Bridgewater and Massachusetts and they have 154 stores with 30,000 employees. It has been founded back in 1860 and seemingly, the owner of this company wanted to make a pharmacy department as well. According to the information I could find on the website, this pharmacy does offer online delivery however it is still a brick pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices for them on Shaws Pharmacy

Since this is not actually an online pharmacy, there is no list of medications that you can find on this pharmacy and that’s because, as much as I can guess, they are having all medications since people can go directly to their stores and get whatever medication they need as an ordinary pharmacy store. The problem is that since there are no medications listed, there are also no prices listed as well and that’s why I can’t be sure either the prices are competitive to the prices that you can see for medications on online pharmacies or to prices for medications on other brick stores like Walmart or others. These are all only my guesses but here’s what I THINK: the pharmacy should have any medication that you need but the prices aren’t really low. Due to the fact that this is a supermarket and a well known company, their pharmacy can’t avoid FDA/ DEA regulations and with that being said, I am more than sure that this pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering.

Shipping and payment options on pharmacy

As I have already mentioned, this is not actually an online pharmacy and for this reason there is no information about the payments and shipping options. However I am quite sure that the pharmacy is only shipping within the US territory (and I’m not sure if they ship in the entire US territory) but I am not able to talk about shipping fees, delivery times etc. in regards to the payments, it is obvious that you can pay with cash if you go to one of their stores, but I am also quite sure that they should accept credit / debit cards. Either are there any other payment methods I am not sure.

Customer care department on

Due to the fact that this is a big company with many stores etc. then getting in touch with some of their *managers* shouldn’t be hard at all. Or at least that’s what it seems. Even though the pharmacy doesn’t have live chat support right on their website, you’re still able to contact them via their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page. Except for social media, of course, this company also has different other ways of getting in touch like: via mail, email or by calling.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

By analyzing their website for a little bit you can find there is such information as: save only with coupons. Therefore I can assume that this company is offering coupons to their customers with the help of which they are able to get discounts and save some money by using the coupons and purchasing from them. The problem is the fact that by clicking on those coupons to check what do they have to offer it seems that something goes wrong as I can’t access the page. Now the biggest problem is the fact that except for those coupons which I cannot even access, they do not seem to offer anything else. O at least on their website I barely could find anything worth mentioning here, maybe only except for the fact that they seem to have *gas rewards* however I am not very sure what you need to do in order to get those rewards.

Shaws pharmacy reviews

I have tried to check online what people say about their services and about their pharmacy as of general because although there are no chances this is an scam online pharmacy it still doesn’t mean that the pharmacy is perfect all round and should be used right away. Nevertheless, according to this is an unverified internet so far, and plus to it doesn’t have 100% trust (80% only) and plus to that said that a malware report has been detected for this website. anyhow, I tried to check for the actual customer reviews for this pharmacy and although I found a lot of reviews about this company and about their supermarket, I couldn’t find customer reviews specifically about their pharmacy. At the end of it, I can guess that their pharmacy should be pretty much as anything else due to the fact that this is the same company. And according to, their facebook page reviews and according to the company is – so so with an average rate of 3 out of 5.


I’m not able to talk about the prices, selection of drugs, shipping details and payment options, however I just believe what other people said and making an average rate of this company based on facebook rate (2.5), (2.5) and (3.6) an average rate would be less than 3 out of 5. That’s why I fully trust those customer reviews and I rate it the same!

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