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I am searching for online pharmacies and reviewing them as many of the pharmacies are scamming pharmacies that only scam people around by taking their money and not sending anything. I am trying to make a list of reliable online pharmacies because in this way I know that I’m safe when purchasing medications. But the reason why I’m searching for online pharmacies instead of going to my local pharmacies is because this way I can save a lot of money. I’m mostly interested in ED and sex pills and doing my research for such pharmacies/ medications I have come along the pharmacy named Sex Pills which can be found at the domain address, an online pharmacy which claims to sell sex pills for both men and for women. As soon as I have accessed the main page of this pharmacy I have seen quite a user friendly interface of the website which is fairly good with an website/ interface that is unlike any other pharmacy I have reviewed. As soon as I have accessed the site I read this: *You have finally come to the best place to buy sex pills* so the pharmacy claims to be the best place for purchasing such medications. I have tried to find out more information about the pharmacy and yet I failed to do so as I couldn’t find information about where this pharmacy is being located or for how long it has been online, maybe only except for their FAQ page where they shared *2016* so not sure if this means they have 2 years in the business. The pharmacy’s site claims to be DMCA Protected. Selection of medications and prices

When you enter the website you can see *sex pills for men* and *sex pills for women* each of these are having their categories: in pills for men there are: male enhancement devices, premature ejaculation pills, ED pills, penis enlargement pills and some others. In pills for women there are breast enhancement pills, female libido enhancer, fertility enhancement and butt enhancement pills. With this being said, there are no other medications of other types than sex pills, but there seems to be a variety of sex pills. What’s super strange is that on this website there are some kind of pills that I haven’t ever heard of, such pills as: Niagra, Morgasm, Conceive for him, Horny Goat Weed and other types of Sex pills but there is no Cialis, Levitra or Viagra. Simply to give example of prices I would say that Niagra one bottle (60 pills) would cost you 70 USD. Either this is a good price or not I am not sure because as I said, I am not familiar with these medications. They claim that all these medications found in their drugstores are not containing prescription chemicals – therefore, no prescription is required to purchase any medications here. Shipping and payment methods

Due to the fact that this pharmacy is selling medications that does not have prescription chemicals in them, the pharmacy is able to sell medications world wide or at least that’s what they are claiming. They claim that they are sending medications via Express Airmail which usually is taking anywhere between 5 to 12 days to arrive depending on where you ordered and as much as I could see, there are no other shipping options available. As much as I could find, shipping in USA is 7 USD, but I can assume that in other locations it would be different. Not sure if they are providing online tracking as they haven’t shared such information. This online pharmacy is only accepting credit cards such as VISA and Master Card and also Bitcoin. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy might be something very important for some people as before ordering, generally, people are having questions to ask. I have searched for ways to get in touch with them and I found 3 different methods. One of them include live chat function which is amazing as you can get real time responses. Another method is to call them via phone number as there are 3 different phone numbers. Except for these 2, one last method to talk with them is via contact form on their website which they claim they would respond back to your email within 12 hours. Coupon Codes

One interesting thing that I have noticed while searching for coupon codes is the fact that this pharmacy claims to give people discounts of = 10% if you order more 100 USD, 20% discount if you order more than 200 USD and 30 % discount by ordering more than 300 USD. In addition to this, the pharmacy claims to offer coupon code which would give you discount by entering coupon code SEX. Not sure if there are any other methods to save money available here. Reviews

I was trying to search for customer reviews because it is an amazing way to determine whether the pharmacy is worth spending your money or not, because usually, this means that you would lose money by getting scammed. However, I was not able to find any customer reviews anywhere online. There are testimonials on their own website but I do not recommend to have trust in them as there’s a high chance that those reviews are fake. With lack of customer reviews on independent websites I checked its reliability on and there I have found some useful information: the website is from India, domain age is 4 years and it has free registered email which is not a very good thing for a pharmacy. in the end, has not found very alarming things.


I won’t recommend this online pharmacy since it is not fully trusted by and it does not have any customer reviews which makes me wonder if they have ever had any customers at all. Due to their lack of customer reviews online and strange selection of drugs (no real ED medications) I will rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5.

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