| Service Solution 4 U Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that I have decided to write a review about and for doing this I have accessed it and I noticed quite a good design of the website and to my opinion, a good looking website with an user friendly interface is always good. I have been trying to browse through the website when I have noticed that regardless what I was trying to access, I had to firstly register on their website and enter my account. There are pages on the website such as *contact us*, *shipping and return*, *guarantee*and others but you cannot access none unless you’re going to enter your account. After registering I have found out that claims to be operating for the last several years now and since they have started to operate, they’ve been providing the customers, claimable, with the highest quality products! The pharmacy claim that absolutely all of the products that can be found in their drugstores are all FDA approved and they are then shipped by different pharmaceutical manufacturing companies all of which are approved and are licensed to manufacture those products and to ship them internationally. This pharmacy claims to be run by a team of professionals, by health professionals and trained pharmacists, all of which are happy to offer their customers advices and information regarding their needed mediations. With all of this being said, the pharmacy seems to be pretty good, but I was not able to find information where this pharmacy has its headquarters and although that’s not a major problem, I still appreciate much more those pharmacies sharing their addresses because I get a sense of *not getting scammed*. Although this pharmacy looks good so far, there are still many other things to take in consideration before ordering from this pharmacy. selection of medications and prices for them

As I have said earlier, all the products that can be found at this online pharmacy are, claimable, FDA approved medications that are supplied by approved and licensed manufacturing companies so the pharmacy claims that there’s no need to worry about the drugs’ quality. As in terms of selection of drugs, the pharmacy claims to be providing the customers with an extremely wide selection of quality products, health products that can be used in order to cure/ treat different health conditions and medical disorders. So lots of patients suffering from various conditions, claimable, would find their needed medications here. unfortunately, I could not see a price list for medications and with this being said, I am not able to comment on the prices as I couldn’t find any. I just have big hopes that in case this pharmacy turns out to be reliable and worth using, they would make us happy with cheap prices as well. So let’s check it all further. Shipping and payment methods

Although I did have managed to find a little bit of information about shipping details, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any about payment methods and for this reason I am not able to comment on paymne methods here. As in terms of shipping details, as I said earlier, the pharmacy claims to ship internationally and either this means that they ship world wide or not I am not sure, but as much as it seems, they do ship products to quite a good number of countries. Claimable, he medications ordered here would be delivered within 21 days from the day it has been shipped while most products as much as they claim are being delivered in 7 to 15 days. The pharmacy claims that you need to sign for the package when it reaches your door. contacting methods

In order to get in touch with this pharmacy the customers are able to use the phone number which you can find on their contact page or using the contact form that is also available there. If you choose to write them instead of calling you might need to wait a while until you’re going to get a response back in your email. It is obvious that if you get answered by phone then you should get instant responses.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As much as I could find by browsing through their website, I was not able to find any coupon codes available, but as much as I could find from customer report – the pharmacy offers anywhere up to 20% discount to the products you’re ordering and also a free gift as well. One last thing I have noticed is the fact that the pharmacy is offering free shipping and this means that you wouldn’t need to pay any more than your medications. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews, I have found one review which wasn’t good at all, in terms of making me think that ordering here is worth it. that’s because the customer review I found suggested the fact that this pharmacy is basically a scam pharmacy and if he would have known what ordering here would have led him to, he wouldn’t ever spend his money. As much as I could find, this reviewer was nearly sure the pharmacy is authentic because of the reviews he found about it, nevertheless, after paying and waiting for his products to arrive for a long time, he has realized he got scammed and he wouldn’t ever see any products or refund. The review you can read yourself on the guy said that when asked for a refund, said that he should try to order more and they would include his previous order and the current one, but honestly, who would fall for this? Plus, according to, has been involved in illegal business activity – again, something that confirms the fact that it is most likely a scam site!


If taking in consideration the customer review and the information I have got from, is not worth using as you’re having high chances of getting scammed. When searching for online pharmacies I’m searching to save money while purchasing medications, not losing them. That’s why, this online pharmacy gets a score of 1 from the maximum of 5.

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