/ Self Serve RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to provide their customers only with good brand medications. The list of drugs in their catalogue is restricted as they are having only 7 medications in their store but the pharmacy is promising to provide them the best medications and in a hassle free manner. The customers are also promised that they can make their orders online without restrictions or additional problems. They claim that the year that this pharmacy has been founded is 2003 which is why they say that they are high reliable and long established site. This site is a part of network of websites that are all run by the same parent company. The site promises transactions to be safe and all customers personal data to be totally confidential. The site, generally, isn’t very well known on the internet so assumingly they are not having a vast variety of customers. They are also not having too much followers in the social media either. selection

It was mentioned that their drug selection is very limited. They are only selling 7 medications: brand Viagra, Stendra, Levitra, Cialis as well as Staxyn. Also they have Propecia for male hair loss and Chantix for stopping smoking. Those are all the medications that you are able to buy from this site but it is promised that they are all brands and no generics: Bayer, Pfizer etc. Prices

Since they do not have generics and sell only brands, the prices are, of course, higher for those pills than the prices you would see on an online pharmacy that sells same drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc. but generics. That’s why prices for one ED pill on this site can be as high as 100 USD per pill and as low as 60-65 USD per pill. These are pretty much high prices for such pills which means that you are able to find same drugs for lower prices. But in the same time I’ve seen online pharmacies which charge you more than this. Prescription requirement

On their site you can see such information; *These states require a video consultation Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia* which means that those states does require a prescription, however the site claims that they can legally online consult you and write a valid prescription. This means that the site does require a prescription but they are able to write it for you, at least as much as they are claiming it. but they can also decline your prescription based on the information I found on their site: * A U.S. licensed physician will review your online consultation and either approve or decline your prescription.* but they still claim that they do not need a prior prescription. Shipping details

After you place your order, a Self Server RX physician must review your order and approve it. only if it’s going to be approved then after that your credit card, as said, is going to be charged (after payment confirmed) and they claim that your product is going to be shipped the next business day, via FedEx or USPS. 3 shipping options: Fed Ex Next Day – 30 dollars, Fed Ex Express saver – 25 dollars and USPS Express mail – 28 dollars. They claim you would have your pills in within 3 business day or as fast as next day with Fed Ex Next day. They are only shipping within USA and from as much as I can see on their shipping details: in Japan and Australia, but I’m not sure. Payment methods:

You are allowed to pay only with Visa Card and Master Card. No other payment options are available. Customer Support:

Customer service is available only in some specific hours daily. You can also contact them by email, there are 2 emails listed, one for customer support and the other for complaint dept. Just one single phone number is listed Toll Free Customer Support: (866) 460 – 1925.

Is it scam or is it legit?

I can risk in saying that it is legit and not a scam as most people seem to say that they have got their packages but even if this is a legit online pharmacy I would still recommend to stay away from it. The reason is that there are multiple problems described by multiple people online which didn’t seem to want to pay any attention as soon as they got money. this is not an online pharmacy that you would want to have business with and that’s even though they are not scammers. Plus the prices they have are ‘scammy’.

What other people think about it: reviews

As I said earlier, the prices they have are ‘scammy’. Many other people reviews that I have found on external sites are implying the same. Most of the reviewers are outlining that they are having terribly overpriced products and that’s even though they are brand medications, but that’s compared to other choices that we have on the internet. Here’s an quote from a reviewer I found: * Outrageous prices, even for branded products*. But there are bigger problems. There’s a reviewer from Australia who said that he has got charged TWICE from his debit Visa. He placed an order of 450 dollars and got ripped off 900 dollars. Now the guy says that he has raised a dispute via Visa. But that’s not the only problem: their customer support, as much as this reviewer said – is not answering his questions and the worst out of it all – he didn’t even received his medications. generally, in average, the reviews I found about this online pharmacy aren’t good at all.

So what’s the conclusion, would it be a good idea to order from here?

With lack of information on their site, with their extremely big prices, with the fact that their customer support/ service doesn’t respond to REAL problems, with the fact that they don’t have payment options, with the fact that they ship only within US borders and with big problems in Australia and with all the users feedback you can find online: no, this is a site that I would recommend to avoid. Even if you do get your medications and even if they are actual genuine medications – you still got scammed because you overpaid for them! That’s why, I don’t see anything good about this online pharmacy so – 1 out of 5 rate!

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