/ Select Meds Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to offer medications at affordable prices. As soon as I entered this domain address I’ve seen them claiming to have medicines and natural products as well and a number of reasons why they claim that this online pharmacy is worth using and they goes as: free shipping; online tracking; bonus pills which are 100% quality and also lowest prices for 5 stars products! I tried to find out where this pharmacy is located and I found the information on the contact page, there I’ve seen the information: company name: SelectMeds and Company Address: exact address which is in Tallinn, Estonia. So we’re dealing with a European online pharmacy. Sadly I failed to find out for how long they are on the market. selection of drugs and prices

This online pharmacy is offering a big number of medications. You can find the drugs that you need by using the search box or by clicking on *view all categories* and there you’re redirected to a page full of health condition categories and with drugs for those health conditions below them. I would say that their selection of drugs is indeed very big with some categories being: weight loss, stop smoking, allergy, antibiotics, cancer, cholesterol, arthritis and many others as well. The erectile dysfunction medications are all in the men’s health category as there are many other things except for ED treating medications like Finpecia and some others that do no treat ED. As for those treating specifically ED, the most famous medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are shown by their active ingredient: sildenafil citrate, tadalafil and vardenafil. The pharmacy seems to sell only generics, or at least only generics for ED medications. Just to give an example of price, sildenafil citrate, normal dosage of 50 mg is priced 96.30 USD for 90 pills and that’s 1.07 USD per pill. But the price can get lower if you purchase bigger quantity and it can get higher if you get less of quantity of pills or if you need a higher dosage. Seemingly, this online pharmacy doesn’t require prescriptions to order any medications.

Getting in touch with

They are offering their customers to use the contact form and they claim to respond back within a business day. If you don’t like the wait then you’re also able to call them by phone number, direct line. However make sure that they are having working hours so you should call only in those hours. You can also write them email which is basically the same as using the contact form. There are 2 emails: customer and care team email and business development section. But what I like the most is that there is a third option to get in touch with the: live chat function.

Payment methods and shipping options on

This online pharmacy is offering a single payment method which is via VISA card. They accept VISA debit, credit and Electron, but nothing else than VISA. That’s what I saw on their FAQ page, however on checkout page there is also Bitcoin which makes you save 10% if you decide to pay with Bitcoin. As for the delivery, they are shipping to mot countries world wide with exception of some countries in Asia, with exception of Africa and Canada. Rest of the world is able to purchase their medications. They are offering 2 shipping options: airmail delivery with 10 to 15 business days delivery that costs 12 USD and there’s express delivery with 5 to 10 days delivery and costs 23 USD. The prices can depend on the type of delivery, number of pills ordered and country delivered.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

They are offering free bonus pills if you buy more pills and the more pills you get, the more the bonus gets. Plus to that, you can get 10% discount code after your first order which you can use for your further orders and get 10% discount. Free shipping is also available for bigger orders, depending on the sum you can get EMS or standard shipping for free. There also seem to be coupon codes, however I am not very sure if those are coupon codes or that’s for the code that people receive after first order. reviews

This online pharmacy is one of few online pharmacies that do not have testimonials on their website and to be honest I have mixed feelings about this. Usually testimonials are fake so this makes me think: they do not have testimonials because they don’t have customers or because they don’t want to be liars? I surely hope it’s the second option. I have searched for customer reviews on foreign websites and I found 2 of them on a website, one of which said that the delivery was speedy and solid. But the other customer said: *terrific delivery, very good.* so I am not sure if that’ good or not. Continued with my research and I found a forum where people were talking about and I found there many people saying that they have got their medications with the first orders from that online pharmacy back in 2015 (and they said that order went smoothly) and the latest a few months ago in 2017 with again, good experience. Surprisingly, those people were actually ordering erectile dysfunction medications and they also commented on the fact that the quality was good for those meds. The problem was that none of scam warning websites had trust in it. had 54% saying to use caution and plus said that the owner has used a service to hide their identity and that’s not good at all.


The fact that none of the scam warning websites have trust in this online pharmacy isn’t a good thing exactly as it is the fact that the owner identity is hidden. Plus to that, the website location might be from Russia and that’s a high risk country. However the good things are the prices on this website, the deals and offers and also the words of people who have had experience with this pharmacy. With all of this being said I rate it with 3 out of 5 and I say that you might have good experience, but you risk, so I am not actually sure that this is worth it.

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