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Searching for a secure online pharmacy I’ve found one implying that it is a secure online pharmacy by its domain address: By accessing this online pharmacy you can see that they are claimable a Canadian Drugstore which have *best selling drugs from Canada* so it seems I’m about to review another Canadian Online Pharmacy which I really hope to be secure, as the name suggests. The website itself has the option to change the currency and the language, also their front page makes me think that this online pharmacy is mostly focused in selling erectile dysfunction medications and that’s because this is what their advertising makes me think. I wanted to find out more about the pharmacy and I checked the about us page where I found their claim to be having more than 7 years in the pharmaceutical business and also making sure that customer satisfaction and assurance is their priority number one. Even though they claim to be a Canadian Drugstore, analyzing their contact page they shared a location: Praha, Czech Republic and seemingly the pharmacy is run by EuroPharm Group Inc. It is hard for me to understand: is it a European or Canadian pharmacy? And although their location is in Europe, Czech Republic – they are accredited by Canadian organizations and associations such as: CPA approved, CIPA approved (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy) as well as MIPA approved (Manitoba International Pharmacists Association). This is strange to me but I continued with my research. customer support service

Due to the fact that I have analyzed the online pharmacy for only some minutes and I already had a question to ask the pharmacy, that’s what I wanted to do and I wanted to ask the question via online live chat, however I didn’t found this function available and that’s why I never contacted them and I am not able to say anything about their customer support service quality as much as I still haven’t got the answer to my question. However, people who still need to get some answers they are able to do so by filling the form indicating your email and getting the response in your email which they promise you that it would happen in the next 24 hours after you write them. In case you don’t like to wait for getting the answer then there is a second and last option of how you can contact them: by phone call. They have listed 2 phone numbers, one is US toll free and the other one is for European customers (UK number).

Selection of drugs on with prices for those drugs

You can find their drugs by *categories* where you can see a big list of categories where you can find the drugs that you need according to your health needs. A better used form of searching for the drugs that you need is quick search where you type the name of drug that you need or a least used form of searching for drugs is by the drug’s first letter. Anyhow, the selection of drugs seems to be a lot with drugs for arthritis, allergies, antibiotics, weight loss, hair loss and many others. I personally am searching for Erectile Dysfunction drugs and that’s why those are the drugs that I’m going to focus. So there is a big list of drugs you can find in erectile dysfunction category with Viagra, Levitra and Cialis included. You can also find their branded names too alongside that big list of generic ED treating medications. The prices are: 4.03 USD for a brand Cialis pill of 20 mg, 4.16 USD for a brand Levitra pill of 20 mg and 3.17 USD for a brand Viagra pill of 50 mg. For generics of same medications: 0.35 USD for Viagra, 0.77 USD for Cialis and 1.15 USD for Levitra. All these prices are the cheapest you can find for such medications but they can be higher if you choose a smaller amount of pills or higher dosages. I couldn’t understand if the pharmacy is requiring a prescription or not and that’s because this is the only information I could find about prescriptions: * When your order is approved, the physician will then write your prescription and our ordering system will ensure that it is sent to the pharmacy where it will be filled and shipped.*

Shipping options and payment options on

The pharmacy claims to be Canadian but it is located in Europe, nevertheless they claim that the products that they sell are manufactured and shipped from India. So that’s even stranger to me. They claim that all of the medications are Indian FDA approved. The shipping is world wide which means that you can get the delivery anywhere you live. They are offering 2 shipping methods: trackable courier service as well as international registered airmail. The EMS courier delivery has a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days while the usual delivery time for international registered airmail is 2 to 3 weeks. The international registered airmail doesn’t have a tracking while EMS does have the tracking system. The registered airmail costs 15 USD while EMS costs 25 USD, however they are both offered for free for orders with 200 USD or more and 300 USD or more (respectively). You can also get delivery insurance for 7 USD (which guarantees you reshipment if delivery failed). As for the payment options: there are 2 of them, one is credit card such as Visa, Master Card and American Express and the other one is Bitcoin which is very convenient to use, or at least it is for me. They do have return policy if you would need one.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes and Discounts

I’ve mentioned earlier that they are offering both shipping options for free, international airmail is free for orders with a sum above 200 USD while EMS shipping is free for orders with sum above 300 USD. In addition to that, they are also offering free bonus pills with every order. Like for example on my checkout I had 10 pills of Viagra 100 mg and I was offered 2 more pills of same type. Lastly they have a discount code which you need to apply upon checking out, however this code is only given to old customers which means that discounts are given only old customers. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be the coupon codes which is sad. Reviews

I was searching for information about this online pharmacy on external websites to find out what do other people think about this pharmacy, however I wasn’t able to find a single customer review. That’s really sad and that’s something that makes me rather stay away from the pharmacy. No customer reviews means that there’s nothing that can make us believe in the pharmacy authenticity and credibility and since this is a high risk business, I don’t actually want to risk with my money ordering from an online pharmacy that nobody ever ordered anything. They do have testimonials on their own website, but as I am usually saying in my pharmacy reviews, I tend not to believe testimonials and customer reviews from the website itself as those, on the most part are fake reviews meant to manipulate with people into making them believe that the pharmacy actually have customers and that their customers’ experiences are positive, which is not always true. Because I had no customer reviews I had nothing else to do than to search what does scam warning engines would tell me and I found information on suggesting that the website is aged less than a year and that its real location is hidden, but it seems to be from Russian Federation, a high risk country, that’s all not very good at all.


How I can recommend an online pharmacy that its domain age is less than a year, its real location is hidden which suggests that there are dirty things going around it but it seems that the website is from Russian Federation (and that’s although the pharmacy claims to be Canadian, it is operated from Europe and they ship from India) so that’s too much of unclear, unknown and strange things. In addition to that, absolutely no customer reviews is a big problem too. The pharmacy seems to have rather good prices and good deals but are they worth it when you stand so much chances that you aren’t going to get anything in the end?

Is legit or fake online pharmacy?

This is an online pharmacy having its name *secure* but I wouldn’t actually say that it is secure to use it, with that being said, analyzing the customer reviews which are none and analyzing all the information I could get form scam warning websites, I would rather say that this online pharmacy is fake. Of course I can’t say this with certitude, but if I would have to bet, I would bet it is fake!


Recommending this online pharmacy would make me feel guilty for pushing people to use an online pharmacy that has high chances to scam you. Since I don’t want to feel guilty I won’t recommend this online pharmacy to anyone and generally I would recommend against it for all the reasons that I have given earlier in my review and since this is a pharmacy with so big risks of using it I rate it with 1 out of 5 and recommend people to keep on searching for another reliable pharmacy.

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