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Online pharmacies can greatly help you save money or they can make you lose money and it all only depends whether the online pharmacy is safe to use or not. For this reason I’m writing this pharmacy review so you could know which pharmacy is safe and which is not. For example, today I have found an online pharmacy which claims to be all secure or at least that’s what it seems from the pharmacy’s name: I surely hope that they are secure to use pharmacy as this is what really matters. The pharmacy is claiming to sell safe and high quality medications as well, this is what I could see as soon as I entered their main page. The good news is the fact that they have a user friendly interfaced site but the bad news is that I have seen other pharmacies with very similar design of the site and that’s usually not a good thing. The pharmacy is offering good options for their site which is the fact that you can change the currency and the language on the site. According to the information I managed to find on site, the pharmacy is offering fast delivery, secure billing, easy payments as well as qualified support all of which sounds great. This pharmacy claims that they have been online for the last 7 years and that they are run by EuroPharm Group Inc. with its main office being located in Praha, Czech Republic. Lastly, I have noticed this online pharmacy claiming that they are shipping world wide, and what’s more important they claim to be a CPA approved pharmacy, a CIPA approved pharmacy and a member of MIPA as well. however when I checked whether is this true on I found out that this, unfortunately, was a lie. Selection medications and prices

Although I could not find an exact number being mentioned of how much drugs does this pharmacy has, I still can say that they are having a wide selection of medications and that’s because I checked their categories of medications and there seem to be a lot of them, a lot of categories including medications for: asthma, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, pain relief, depression, quit smoking, cholesterol and a lot of other medications. In short, there is a very wide selection of medications as much as it seems with a lot of drugs for different needs and health conditions. That’s very good but if there are good prices that’s even better and that’s why I checked their ED medications in order to determine the prices. I personally would say that there are fairly good prices as, for example, 90 pills of 50 mg of Viagra would cost you 1.12 USD and that’s a fairly good price, as I earlier said. The same good prices have all other drugs that’s why I can assume that the prices here are good. There is no information on the site suggesting that they are requiring a prescription for ordering medications here. Shipping and payment methods

I’ve been trying to find out more details about their shipping and payment details and that’s why I checked all the information I could on their FAQ page on their checkout page. Well, it seems that this pharmacy is accepting payments via VISA, Master Card, American Express and Bitcoin as well. But before you would pay you need to choose among 2 shipping options: airmail (which can be used for shipping all over the world) or via EMS which is only available to a limited number of countries. The airmail costs 15 USD and has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 4 weeks with no tracking available. The EMS costs twice as much: 30 USD but has a delivery timeframe of 5 to 7 business days and does has tracking. Customer Support Service

Those people who are having some questions to ask are having a few different methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: they either can call by the phone numbers on the site or to use the contact form on the contact page on their site. Except for calling you could use the mailing address as well. unfortunately they do not seem to offer live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have managed to find information on their website suggesting that they are offering free pills for every order and it seems that the more pills you order, the more ED pills you get. Plus, they are offering free airmail delivery for orders more than 200 USD and free EMS delivery for orders more than 300 USD. They also seem to offer coupon codes available on the site and lastly the pharmacy is offering discounts for medications by purchasing medications in bulk, the more you buy – the more you get. Reviews

The reviews are extremely important here because I haven’t ever tried to purchase from this pharmacy myself and without a personal experience we cannot comment on the pharmacy’s reliability. Problem is that I couldn’t find any single review about this pharmacy and that’s quite a bit of a problem when the pharmacy doesn’t have any customer reviews that might confirm the fact that this pharmacy is actually reliable. is the scam engine that can help us determine whether the pharmacy is worth or not and it seems that using this pharmacy poses a *high risk* according to there are multiple reasons why says that there’s a high risk of using this pharmacy and they include: the owner tries to hide their identity, high number of suspicious sites on the server, the site is involved in a high risk country: Russian Federation and the site has been created less than half a year ago.


I definitely am not going to recommend this online pharmacy to anyone and I definitely am not going to risk with my money here as there seem to be a high risk of losing your money by trying to do so. I would rather purchase from a pharmacy I can have trust in and that’s why, gets a rate of 2 out of 5 since it has a very high chance of being unreliable.

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