/ Secure Meds 24 Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy to claim that they are providing the best prices and I really hope this is true because finding an online pharmacy that is reliable and has the best prices is my aim while this pharmacy’s main idea is to make life easier. They claim that the pharmacy can help customers save up to 90% off the cost of many well known medications. I tried to find information about where the pharmacy’s office is located and I couldn’t find anything, exactly as I couldn’t find information about when this pharmacy has started to operate. Generally there’s nearly no information about the pharmacy itself. As about the website of this pharmacy – it supports multiple languages and multiple currencies with understandable and easy to use design.

Selection of drugs and prices on

The selection seem to be pretty vast with a lot of categories of drugs such as: anti alcohol, weight loss, hair loss, antibiotics, women’s health, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure and many others. You can even find penis enlargement products and cancer products. Talking about erectile dysfunction medications there are a lot of them including generics and branded names and there are a lot of medications except for the most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. There are a lot of sildenafil citrate, tadalafil and vardenafil products, as well as products with other active ingredients. The prices for these famous medications are: 0.40 USD per pill for generic Viagra (cheapest), 0.96 USD per pill for generic Cialis (cheapest) and 1.02 USD per pill for generic Levitra (cheapest). Brands goes for: 2.01 USD, 4.08 USD, 3.52 USD respectively. Again the prices are the cheapest you can get on this website for a pill. You can get any pills without a prescription, regardless of the pills type or quantity. Customer Support

This online pharmacy is having 3 types to get in touch with them: via live chat function, by calling them by the phone numbers listed (there 2 phone numbers, one is US number and the other one is Canadian phone number) and lastly, as usual, by filling the form on contact page where they should answer to your questions via email you mention. It is hard to judge the customer support since I’ve never ordered anything from this online pharmacy and that’s why I can’t say anything about the quality of this service, but let’s just hope that it is a good service they provide. payment and shipping options available

There are 2 shipping options available: international unregistered airmail that has a maximum delivery time of 21 days, it cannot be tracked and seemingly they offer a world wide shipment (I couldn’t find information confirming this but list of countries on checkout page suggests this) and the option was offered for free, not sure if that’s because I had an subtotal of 286 USD or because they offer it for free to all. The second option is EMS, express, trackable courier service. It has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days, it costs 30 USD and does have tracking. But this option isn’t available in every country. There are 4 different payment options which is a good thing: bitcoin where you’re given a discount if you chose this payment method. Visa or master card which you don’t get a discount, bank transfer which you’re also given a discount but less than bitcoin payment option and SEPA online bank transfer which offers same discount as Bitcoin.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

As I said, they are offering free shipping, but either is that because I had more than 200 USD on checkout I am not sure. Plus to that, as I also mentioned, they seem to offer discounts depending on the payment methods with SEPA and Bitcoin offering biggest discount, bank transfer payment method a bit less discount but paying via credit card doesn’t give you any discounts! They also seem to offer discounts for larger quantities of pills ordered. Plus to that, there are also coupon codes which you can enter right on the checkout page and this way you’re getting an extra discount off the total sum. Good way to save some money. Reviews

The pharmacy suggests that they have customer testimonials and reading made me conclude that this pharmacy is perfect but since I don’t actually believe in them I wanted to check reviews on foreign website and unlike the lots of testimonials you can find on the website – there are none. No customer reviews at all. First sign that the pharmacy isn’t actually worth using. Plus to that, I checked the information that I could find on scam warning engines to find that none of them have trust in this pharmacy plus suggests the website is Ukraine based and that’s a high risk involving country. And lastly, the domain age is 271 days, less than a year.


All the reasons that I mentioned above: less than a year domain age, no customer reviews on foreign websites, not trust from scam warning websites and high risk involving country makes me want to say that this pharmacy is dangerous to use in terms that you might lose your money if you do it. I can’t say this with certitude but all the factors I mentioned point to this. That’s the reason I rate it with 1 out of 5.

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