/ Secure Generic Meds Reviews & Coupons is *one of the best drug stores* or that’s the first thing that I have read since this is what their logo suggests. Hopefully they are indeed one of the best drug stores out there as I have been searching for a reliable online pharmacy for a good while now. The website seems to be really familiar to me and I mean its design and website itself, nevertheless – I never visited this domain address, that’s why reviewing it is important. So the pharmacy claims to have extremely low prices that are up to 70% less than in your local pharmacy and that’s really good because searching for online pharmacies usually means searching for saving money while purchasing same medications that you can purchase in your local pharmacy. So hopefully that’s true. The website’s design is user friendly and everything is understandable. They are mostly focused in selling erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis. According to the information I could find on this online pharmacy, this drugstore is CPA approved, CIPA approved, top rated and MIPA approved. These are accreditations given to Canadian pharmacies that’s why I assume the pharmacy should be from Canada. But I wanted to check if these are true or not so I went on and yet, does not appear in the CIPA Member database. Another lying online pharmacy, usually we know where this is going.

Selection of drugs and prices on

I’ve mentioned earlier that the pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling ED medications like Viagra and Cialis and that’s true, however they have a lot of drugs in their drugstore. There are such medications like: anxiety, asthma, allergies, weight loss, sleep aid, blood pressure and a lot of other medications treating a lot of other health conditions. The ones I’ve mentioned are only a few out of all those meds you can find here so the selection of drugs is wide. As in regards for the prices, I will just talk about the prices for ED medications and therefore we could assume that prices for all the rest of medications are somewhere in that range. I checked for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra generics and the prices are: 0.36 USD, 0.76 USD and 1.2 USD for pill accordingly. These are the lowest prices for a pill for each medication if you purchase the highest quantity of pills and lowest dosage. For higher doses or fewer quantity – price per pill gets up. The pharmacy also has other types of erectile dysfunction medications including the brands so this online pharmacy mostly seems to be oriented in selling generic medications, but they also have brands as well.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy should be easy by their 2 phone numbers that you can find as soon as you enter the website. But I am not sure since I’ve never called them myself and never discussed with them. But if you’re not a talkative person like me then there’s a second and last option that you can get in touch with this online pharmacy customer care specialists: filling up the form on their contact us page. There you indicate your email and wait for the response back in your email. They only speak English and they claim that each of their customers is a VIP.

Shipping and Payment Information on

In regards to the payment information there’s not very much what I can say and that’s because they are accepting only a single payment method: credit card. And they do not accept any given credit cards but only American Express, VISA and Master Card. except for these 3 credit cards, there is no other payment methods. As in regards to the shipping there’s also nothing new: 2 shipping methods. Standard has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks, doesn’t has tracking, costs 10 USD and can be used to deliver the products world wide. It is offered for free for orders that exceed 200 USD. The second option is EMS (express) that has a delivery time up to 8 days and it has a tracking, however it costs 20 USD and it cannot be used in all countries so not all customers around the globe have this option available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, the only pharmacy doesn’t actually have the coupon codes themselves. There are no coupon code that you a validate or there are no coupon codes nowhere online. Instead the online pharmacy is offering: free bonus ED pills. You can choose between free Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills (generics of course). Except for free pills they are offering discounts for returning customers. So if you decide to come back to them they claim that your orders will be discounted. Another discount of 10% is offered to everyone who orders over 200 USD. And lastly, as I have mentioned earlier, the standard shipping fee of 10 USD is covered by the pharmacy if you order over 200 USD. Reviews

Regardless of how much I tried to search for customer reviews about this online pharmacy on foreign websites – I didn’t found anything. In fact, this online pharmacy hardly can be found anywhere on google by actually writing its name online. No customer reviews is already a bad sign exactly as it is the lie about their accreditations. But the ultimate bad sign is: suggests that domain age of this website is less than 2 months! It has absolutely no trust and owner is using a service to hide their identity. Well… that’s all no good.


The fact that the pharmacy is less than 2 months already is a sign of being concerned because most of new online pharmacies getting opened usually tend to be scams/ fake. It doesn’t mean that this applies to automatically, however I still think that it applies to it because it lied about their accreditations and because they hide their identity. The fact that it has no customer reviews and no trust from scam warning websites could be because the pharmacy is new, but the fact that they lied and hide their identity makes me think they are scammers so I rate the pharmacy with 1 out of 5.

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