| Sechopo Reviews & Coupons | Sechopo Reviews & is the official website of the Shopko which is a chain of retail store company stores that is currently having its headquarters located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, USA. It has been founded back in 1962 and had its first store opened back in Green Bay, or at least that’s the information according to Wikipedia page. According to the same source, the total number of locations as of July 2015 is 357. As usual, although this is not a pharmacy company, I still write a review about it since it has pharmacy department so finding out whether it is worth purchasing medications here or not is a good idea. Checked the main page of and the first thing that you can see which they made it sure that everyone sees it) free shipping over $ 99 if you would use the code SHIP99 (meaning that they do have coupon codes) and also sign up for their email for getting $ 10 off $ 30. You’re able to create an account and to sign in to it on their website and they have a cart on the website meaning that online shopping is available too. There you can also find the stores, weekly flyer, optical and pharmacy and since I’m mostly interested in pharmacy, that’s what I have clicked on. There are a lot of things you can do on the pharmacy page such as: manage prescriptions, refill a prescription, transfer a prescription, new customers, mobile pharmacy app and locate a pharmacy. There are also pharmacy savings: pharmacy rewards. And lately there are pharmacy services such: medication disposal, alignmymeds and others. The company as mentioned earlier does have a mobile pharmacy application which allows you to do a lot of things through your phone and they also can be found by social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Selection of medications, prices for them, shipping options and payment methods at Shopko Pharmacy

Sad news is that there is very little I can talk about each of these points mentioned above since there is very little mentions about them on the Shopko’s website. There is no mention about selection of drugs and prices for them at all on the website and that’s I guess, because the company, as any other US retail company, has nearly all medications that are approved by FDA so you just need to fill up your script and they would send/ sell you the medications accordingly. Problem is that the prices should be pretty much the same as anywhere else in US local pharmacies – high. There is no information about payment methods either but I can assume that going to their store allows you to pay with cash and both purchasing online and by going to store allows you to pay with credit/ debit card. But if there are any other payment methods I am not sure. In regards to the shipping there is information. They claim not to ship internationally and they do not ship to all US territory like: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island and some others. They have standard and express (second day express) shipping options. The fees depend on your order sum. Standard service has a delivery time of 5 to 10 business days.

Customer Care Department at Shopko

This is an US company with many stores across the country so I don’t see a problem to get in touch with their customer support and even if that’s one them getting to one of their stores in person and asking questions is something 100% work-able. But of course there are also other methods such as via email or via phone number. In addition to that I can assume that you might get in touch with them via the social media pages as well which can be used as a live chat function (which is not available on their own website). Again, I assume that getting in touch with this company’s customer care department should be easy, however I assume that a bigger importance has the customer care department’s quality when those people actually help you out with your needs.

Shopko Pharmacy Coupon Codes

As I have said in the beginning of my review, it is clear that this company does offer coupon codes and as we can see, using that coupon codes makes our shipping free of charge. In addition to that, I also mentioned that by singing up for email we’re getting $ 10 off $ 30 so even if you don’t like getting newsletters in your email, it still sounds to be like a good idea since it saves you money. They claim that via email you’re going to get coupons, promotions, special offers etc. In addition to that they are offering savings: purchase 10 prescriptions, get $ 10 off. At very least here at some ways making you save some money.

Shopko Pharmacy Reviews

It was quite a surprise for me to see that by writing Shopko pharmacy reviews in google I will be given so little customer reviews. Most of the reviews were employee reviews but I was searching for customer reviews. On yelp there’s a single customer review (specifically about a store) and it’s negative complaining that they do not have the medication that she needs for the second week. the situation got worst when I checked the website where I saw 15 customer reviews and only one of them is positive while are the rest are negative. People complained on horrible customer service, big delays, prices, and others. Too many people, in my opinion, were complaining about too many problems and when there are 16 reviewers and only one is happy – that’s a bad thing for the company’s reputation.


I personally wouldn’t buy here even if Shopko is a 100% legal company which surely won’t scam you around, and I would recommend my readers to do the same since there are better options to find the favorite/ perfect vendor. We can’t call Shopko a perfect vendor since most reviews are negative and since prices compared to online pharmacies here should be very high. There are 2 big problems and that’s why minus 2 stars out 5 and that means that I rate it with 3/5.

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