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By doing the research for an reliable online pharmacy I have found out about Schnucks company which isn’t actually a pharmacy only, however due to the fact that it is offering a pharmacy services as well, its place belong here – to my pharmacy reviews. This company is situated in United States and according to the information on their website, you can get the medications that you need by selecting the store where you want pick up your medications. They have some pharmacies in: St. Louis, MO; Rockford, WI; Out State – Missouri; Indiana and many other places and according to the number of pharmacies I can see there – they have lots of pharmacies all over the country. But this company isn’t only a pharmacy as it is also offers: bakery, floral, market and others. for getting more information about this company you can simply write schnucks in google and you’re going to be given lots of information like: year founded (1939), number of employees (15,000) and many other things. The company also seems to have app and lots of social media pages (like Facebook, linkedin) etc. I have tried to find out more information to the pharmacy itself.

Selection of meds and prices on Schuncks Pharmacy

I assume that this is a pharmacy that is offerings all types of medications since they are brick pharmacies all over the country. But they are also offering prescription delivery. So the pharmacy should have all sorts and types of medications, however I couldn’t find out if the pharmacy also has generic medications or only brands but I can assume that they do have. In addition to that, this pharmacy has pet medications. Since this is a big company with lots of locations etc. there’s no need to mention that those medications requiring a prescription cannot be dispensed without a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods on Schnucks Pharmacy

All the information that I could find here is: FREE Home Delivery or Overnight UPS. Unfortunately I couldn’t find absolutely no other information about their delivery methods and fees etc. as well as I couldn’t find out more about their payment methods. Although the pharmacy offers delivery, it is not an ONLINE pharmacy and that’s why it is hard finding out such information. One sure thing is that you can pay via cash at their brick stores and that they are offering shipping only within USA.

Customer care Schuncks Pharmacy

Getting in touch with this company is extremely easy since you can find lots of phone numbers everywhere online. Except for calling them at phone numbers you can write them a mail if you want to at their headquarters address in St. Louis or by filling up the contact form on their contact page.

Is Schnucks a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Schnucks Pharmacy Coupon Codes

When you go on you can see that the website is having the *pharmacy* page, *programs* and *coupons* as well. Of course I checked it out to see what kind of coupons they have to offer and those seems to be mostly for market products and I am not sure if there are coupons for pharmaceutical products as well or not. However since there are truly a lot of different coupons I can assume that they do offer coupons for pharmaceutical products as well. Unfortunately I don’t see this pharmacy to offer anything else like discounts or free shipping, or something in this matter. Customer Reviews

As I said it a bit earlier, this is a pretty big company which is having a lot of locations and employees etc. and therefore it is obvious that it has a lot of customer reviews all over the internet. However I’ve been trying to search exclusively only for the customer reviews that were address to schnucks pharmacy and not to schnucks floral or market etc. however, unfortunately, the pharmacy of this company in particular doesn’t really have too many customer reviews, however there still were quite some reviews. Like for example there were people leaving reviews on, on their facebook page and as well. I’ve tried to read them carefully and to analyze them and although I found a lot of good customer reviews saying that Schnuck’s pharmacies beat the Walmart or others saying that they saved money by using this online pharmacy. however there were other people as well who said that Schuncks pharmacy is the worst, lots of people were not happy with the prices that this pharmacy offers their medications and even more people were saying that there is working rude employees or that their services generally lack in terms of quality. But on nearly all the reviews are negative with lots of people being angry at this pharmacy’s services.


I guess there is no reason to mention the fact that this pharmacy cannot be scam or anything in this matter. The pharmacy would surely sell good medications that they won’t be spamming around or something in this matter. However a pharmacy that is not going to scam you around isn’t a perfect pharmacy all of sudden. The fact that their employees are rude isn’t a good thing exactly as it is the fact that a lot of their customers complained on the prices. Plus I can feel that the prices should be high, or at least much higher than for those in online pharmacies. So mostly according to customer reviews – I am rating this online pharmacy with 3 out of 5!

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