/ Sam RX Reviews & Coupons it is an online store that claims to have its business opened back in 2003. Analyzing the front page of this website you can see that the store is mostly focused on ED medications as the first thing that you can see is their offer for sildenafil citrate and the first line on their front page: Generic Viagra – Medication For Male Impotence Treatment. They claim to be one of the leading online pharmacies that are satisfying customers all over the world. claims that they are selling both brand medications as well as generic and although they focus on ED medications, they have meds of all types. Claimable, all their medications are FDA approved, they are best quality and low priced therefore ensuring that all their customers are completely satisfied. Also the front page of this website claim to have a number of bonuses which I am going to talk about below.

Drug selection of SamRX

As I mentioned, online pharmacy seem to be mostly focused on Erectile dysfunction medications, however this doesn’t mean that they don’t have other types of medications. besides men’s sexual health, they also have other categories of medications which are: women’s sexual health, quit smoking, hair loss, by health condition, weight loss and OTC medications either. Of course I wanted to see what kind of drugs do they have by health condition and there are: antibiotics, allergy, pain relief and muscle relaxant. Even though they might not have drugs for treating all known human diseases and health issues, they still seem to have enough variety of drugs. On men’s sexual health you can find: sildenafil citrate, vardenafil, tadalafil as well as drugs with dapoxetine. All their medications for ED are only generic. No brands for Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Lilly), or Levitra (Bayer).

Samrx Drug prices

As usual, I am going to review prices only for ED medications and let’s hope that the prices (be they low or high) are the same for all the medications found in their drugstore. So I’ve checked simple Generic Viagra and the lowest price I’ve seen for generic Viagra 100 mg was 0.62 USD for a new customer for 700 pills. For an old customer that’s 0.10 USD more per pill for 700 pills. The highest price is for new customer, 10 pills and is 2.5 USD per pill. Checked the price for Cialis with the lowest being 1.80 per pill and the highest 4.90 per pill depending either you are a new or old customer and also on the quantity. Although the prices aren’t the best that you can find on all online pharmacies you can find, they are not exaggerated meaning that the prices are *affordable and fair* as I would call them.

Do you need to get a prescription if you want to purchase some drugs?

The information on their website suggests that there are some medications which do require a prescription under certain circumstances. In case the customer won’t provide a valid prescription for those medications that they need to have a valid prescription within 15 days, the order is going to be cancelled. It is not clear whether the ED medications require a prescription or not.

Samrx Payment options has 2 payment methods: echeck (10% additional discount for new customers and 20% additional discount for old customers) and credit card which includes only VISA – no master card (with 10% additional discount for old customers). No other payment options such as Bitcoin which I really miss. So you can pay only via echeck and Visa but the website encourages their customers to pay via echeck by their discounts.

Samrx Shipping options

Samrx website suggests that they are offering the delivery of products to any destination worldwide and for whatever the country you may live in, you have 2 shipping options: regular shipping which is slower and requires 15 to 17 days as delivery time and charges you 18 USD for this service (usually doesn’t come with tracking) and there’s the second option EMS which is a faster option that takes 10 to 15 days for delivery time as the website claims, usually it does have a tracking system, however it is more expensive – 25 USD. But the website encourages big orders as orders that are more than 100 USD have free regular shipping and orders that are above 250 USD have free EMS shipping.

Samrx Customer service

In case you have any questions you can call them by toll free number 1-888-808-0333 or you can even request a call back from this online pharmacy. You can also contact them by email and they also have a live chat function, however you cannot initiate one. In fact, you can, however I’ve been said that there are no agents available right now to talk with me. Even if there were no agents, I still doubt that you would have too much of problems to contact them.

Is SamRX a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to SamRX is a rogue pharmacy:

Samrx Coupon codes, special offers, discounts etc. seem to have a number of special offers. As said earlier, they are offering discounts for old customer (10% for old customers for paying in Visa, 20% for old customers for paying with echeck and 10% for even new customers that want to pay with echeck). Also they have free shipping – 100 USD or more for regular and 250 USD or more for EMS shipping. Plus they have trial pack which is a good way of saving money. they promise to get you 20 sildenafil citrate pills on every order but this is an limited time offer. And lately they do have coupons codes. To me, all of this seem to be more than enough!

Samrx Reviews

The site seem to be near to perfect until I read what do other scam software sites and other people are saying about it. although there were a good number of good reviews, most reviews were negative. Other sites such as scamner suggest that this is not a site to have trust in. again, there were good reviews and sites which suggested that you can trust, however judging by the number of negative ones, I would still say that having prudence is important.


Mostly negative reviews about this site suggests that this is not a good online pharmacy. But the trust it got on scam advisor and a number of other reviewers plus the good prices and big number or special offers and discounts made me think that this site deserves a bit more than half from total stars rate and that’s going to be a 3 out of 5 which I can’t recommend anyone to order here as you might have good experience, but you can also have a pretty bad one too.

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