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Another big American company that I am going to review today it is Safeway, Inc. or simply Safeway which is an American supermarket chain that has been founded back in 1915 and has its headquarters in US, California, Pleasanton and has a total number of locations of 1308. As usual, although it is a supermarket chain company, I still decided to write a review about this company due to the fact that it also has pharmacy department so I assume that we should know whether it is worth spending our hard earned money at this pharmacy or it would be a better idea to search further. This company is a subsidiary of Albertsons, it has been acquired by private equity investors that led by Cerberus Capital Management 3 years ago in January 2015. I have gone on their main page and there I found a user friendly design website which is very important. The customers of safeway are able to register on their website and to sign in to their accounts. There is pharmacy and nutrition page on their site and since this is what I am being interested in – that’s what I have checked. The featured services while you’re on the pharmacy page are: online Rx management, refill now or get vaccinated. There are also some related links such as: online prescription, affordable care act info, health conditions and others. The pharmacy recommends to try their new pharmacy app which helps you to get: easier refills, transfers and more – it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Obviously the pharmacy can be found on social media platforms too like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Overview Safeway Pharmacy

Exactly as all other big American companies which are having the pharmacy department – you cannot check the drugs availability on the website or you cannot see the prices for them. For finding out these details you need to call the local pharmacy. What I can assume is that this pharmacy has a very big selection of medications offering meds for all needs and types as in regards to the prices they should be quite the same as on any other local pharmacy store. There’s also no information about shipping and payment methods but what I know (which is obvious) is that this pharmacy doesn’t ship abroad USA and payment methods include cash by going to their stores yourself and I can assume credit/ debit cards both online or going to their stores yourself. This online pharmacy, being fully legal and legitimate, of course is asking for prescriptions for ordering prescription medications.

Getting in touch with Safeway Pharmacy

As usual – a big company can’t hide from their customers meaning that getting in touch with their customer care department should be pretty easy. There are a few different methods of doing that: you can use their online forms to talk with them, you are able to call them depending on what you need as there are few different phone numbers listed and you’re also able to contact them by mail too. Unfortunately there is no live chat function available on the website. 2 other methods to get in touch with them that are untold but are obvious: via social media platforms or by going to one of their stores yourself and talk with them. Anyhow, what’s more important is the customer care department quality where those people actually help you and aren’t too hard to reach.

Is Safeway Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Safeway Coupon Codes

As much as I could notice there are 2 things which can make you save money but both of them are only on your first order. You can get 25 USD off + free delivery if you’re ordering more than 100 USD for the first time and write the promo code: 25FREE. The second option is quite the same – on your first order, if you spend minimum 30 USD you can get free delivery with promo code: FREE. Seemingly there are no other methods or ways to get you savings, as much as it seems. Maybe calling them would reveal some others that I couldn’t find here.

Safeway Pharmacy Reviews

This part in my opinion it is the most important one and that’s because in the end, customer satisfaction is what actually matters, regardless of the pharmacy is legal or not. As usual I’ve found lots of employee reviews on the employee reviewing sites like indeed and glassdoor and I have also found reviews about the Safeway grocery stores. I was mostly interested, of course, about customer reviews in regards to the Safeway pharmacy and I did managed to find some. Safeway Pharmacy seemingly didn’t had the best reviews but it also didn’t had the worst reviews compared to other American pharmacies that I have reviewed so far. On yelp there are 48 reviews with an average rate of 2 out of 5 which means that most people were not happy with the services offered by Safeway Pharmacy. On consumeraffairs there were a total of 500 reviews but based on the reviews written in the last year (117 reviews) the average rate is 3 out of 5 meaning that the reviews were mixed. And indeed many people said that Safeway is one of the best pharmacy while others said that it is the worst each and all for different reasons.


Due to the fact that the prices are very high at this pharmacy, assumingly, compared to online pharmacies and due to the fact that this company failed to satisfy the customer needs of so many customers I think that Safeway Pharmacy deserves a rate of 3 out of 5 and I can say that local pharmacies generally aren’t worth using due to their high prices for medications.

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