/ Safe Meds 4 All Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which really seemed to be pretty promising to me, or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve made by entering this domain address and by analyzing the website for a short while. Their logo suggests that this online pharmacy is *completely safe and high quality medicines at affordable prices.* and I really hope that this is true as this is what we’re looking for right now: a safe online pharmacy that offers high quality drugs and to save some money by cheap medications prices. The website is having very good features like selecting languages, signing up and logging in, searching for drugs and many others. In short, I would say that everything is very understandable, easy to use and so on and so forth. Went on their about us page to find more about the pharmacy itself and there I found a lot of information like for example that they are focusing on Men’s Health and ED medications as well as many others. I also found there their claim to offer the best medications at the best prices and so on and so forth. Then later, on their Copyright information I found: *Copyright ©2008-2017 All Rights Reserved* and I can assume that the pharmacy has been opened back in 2008. Also on the bottom of their website I have found out their exact office address which seems to me in Hounslow, UK and seemingly the pharmacy is run by Aceso Universal Ltd. They also seem to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account with the website being verified and secured by

Selection of drugs with prices you can find on

This is an online pharmacy that has a lot of different drugs treating a lot of different conditions. You can find the medications by searching the search box by name or by drugs categories as they have medications starting from Anti Cancer Drugs, Asthma, Cholesterol to Parkinson’s and Weight Loss. To be honest, I must mention that drugs categories doesn’t seem to be so much as you can find on other online pharmacies where you can find medications for nearly any known human condition. Here are about 15 drugs categories (according to health condition), but other online pharmacies have around 40 or so drugs categories. Anyhow, they still seem to have enough. As usual I went on their Erectile Dysfunction drug category (ED) and I found there quite a big list of drugs including: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. However I didn’t found their branded names. I am not sure if no drugs in any other drugs categories have branded names type of medications but their ED drugs have only generics. The prices can greatly depend upon the quantity of pills you get. Like for example: Viagra 50 mg price per pill from 1.36 USD (128 pills) to 3.50 USD (8 pills), Cialis 20 mg price per pill from 1.10 USD (500 pills) to 4.50 USD (8 pills), and Levitra 20 mg price per pill from 1.55 USD (200 pills), to 7.30 USD (10 pills). To be honest, the prices are pretty high, or at least a bit higher compared to other online pharmacies for same medications. Make sure you have a valid prescription if you want to get medications that require one, because is an online pharmacy that requires everyone to show a valid prescription before ordering prescription meds. If you don’t have prescription the website has a page *over the counter* so all medications available there don’t require a prescription. Payment and Shipping Methods

According to the information that I was able to find on their website, they are only accepting credit card as a payment option, however they do not accept any credit cards (like American Express, Diners Club or any other), thy just accept VISA and Master Card alone. Except these 2 there is no other credit card they accept and generally there’s no other payment method they accept at all only except for echeck which is available only for US Customers. As in regards to shipping they offer a world wide shipping to all countries with an exception of a few which they have mentioned on the website: * We do NOT ship to the following places, Barbados, Cuba, Syria, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Mauritius and Lebanon.* They are offering a single shipping method and unlike other online pharmacies with single shipping method being Regular Airmail, the single shipping method on is Express mail shipping (EMS) which is trackable (where is available), with a delivery time, generally 7 to 15 business days, requires a signature and it comes free of charge meaning that regardless of how small your order is, you aren’t going to pay extra for shipping. Plus to that, they offer free insurance to all packages.

Customer Support Team on

Besides the address that I have seen on the bottom of their website, there are also 2 other addresses, one of which is in Canada and the other one is in Mauritius. Besides mailing them, you can also write them an email at the email listed on the website or by filling up a form and then you should wait for a response back in your email. Besides all of this they are also having an US Phone and Fax number where you can call and get answers to your questions and inquiries. They are not working 24/7 and that’s why people who want to talk with this pharmacy needs to make sure they are going to call in their operating hours. Sadly but there is not online live chat function you could use but at least you have other methods to talk with them.

Special offers, discounts, bonuses and coupons on

As I have already mentioned this, they are offering free EMS shipping to everyone, regardless of how small the order amount $$$ is. In addition to that, they are offering a 10% discount for those who are going to re order meaning that old customers are getting rewarded. And as I said, they are offering discounts per pill for bigger amounts of pills ordered meaning that they encourage people to get more pills at once for getting lower prices. In addition to all of that they have a special offer of a coupon code #874543 and you’re going to get a 5% discount on all orders. I’ve seen online pharmacies offering more discounts, bonuses, coupons and special offers, however it would be a big mistake if I would say that these offered aren’t enough and aren’t good as people can greatly benefit by saving some money. There are online pharmacies offering nothing at all! Customer Reviews

To be honest, this seems to be a very popular online pharmacy. And I had this conclusion by analyzing the number of customer reviews and the number of independent/ external websites where this online pharmacy has been mentioned. But my theory has been confirmed by and both of which had a pretty low trust in but both of them suggested that the pharmacy is popular. had 23% only of trust and said Popularity: Website has a decent popularity, while scamadviser had a trust of 63% and popularity: lots of visitors. The fact that it is very popular is very good but the fact that it has a pretty low trust isn’t so good. But what’s good again is that the website didn’t hide its location and probable website origin is from United States and that’s very good (not a high risk involving country) and plus to that, the domain age is 6 years and 200+ days and that’s very good again. But I was mostly interested in finding customer reviews. As I said, the pharmacy seemed to have a lot of customer reviews on independent websites and that’s very good. What’s most important is that it is easily noticeable that most customer reviews are positive and that’s very good. Nevertheless, there are people who wrote negative customer reviews either which although they were much less, I just can’t overlook it. Both scam warning websites and customer reviews have good sides and bad sides, but what’s most important is that it seems that both have more of a positive side.

Is fake or legit online pharmacy?

People should know that online pharmacy business is considered to be a high risk business meaning that something can go wrong nearly any minute with any online pharmacy. So I can’t say anything with certitude in regards to ANY online pharmacy out there (at the best with an accuracy of 99%), but according to the popularity of this online pharmacy and the number of customer reviews, most likely, it is safe to use, but it does seem to have other problems.

Conclusion really does seem to be like a legit online pharmacy that will most likely send your medications. However this doesn’t mean that it is a perfect online pharmacy. There are unhappy customers who said that they ordered and never got the parcels and never got the money back. Scam warning websites do not have trust either. Some people complained on customer support team and quality of medications. All of this simply can’t be overlooked and that’s why I rate it 4/5 saying that ordering here might be safe, however you still can go through some risks that something would go wrong and the customers are usually the ones to suffer.

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