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Another online pharmacy that I have found by doing my extensive research for reliable online pharmacies with good prices is which seems to be an online pharmacy that has an user friendly design of the website and that is featuring good options for foreign customers as they are able to choose the country from which are they and the website is going to change the currency and language according to the country, therefore facilitating their understanding. According to the information on the *about us* page this is an online pharmacy which is selling medications world wide and they are selling generic medications on the most. This pharmacy has been in this business for the last 9 years and that’s why we can assume they’ve opened their *doors* back in 2008. By discussing with their customer care department, they claim that their headquarters is located in UK, London. These are all good things so I went further finding out what the pharmacy has to offer and I started with their prices and selection of medications.

What is the selection of drugs and what are the prices for them on

You’re able to search for drugs that you need by typing the keyword (name of that drug) and searching for it, searching for it by the first letter of the drug’s name or also searching by categories of health conditions. The medications on their website are able to treat the following conditions: asthma, arthritis, migraine, mental disorders, cancer, urinary tract and many other health conditions as well. As I said, the pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling generic medications, however they are also having brands too. There’s even a special page with all the pharmaceutical brand products. As in regards to the prices I can mention the following: Viagra generic of 50 mg, x 90 pills would cost you 108 USD which means the price per pill is 1.20 USD and the pharmacy claims that your savings would be 71.60 USD. The pharmacy claims that the more pills you buy the more the savings. These are good prices in my opinion. This is an online pharmacy which states the following: there are some medications which require a prescription, therefore the pharmacy needs their customer to show a valid prescription before ordering those medications.

Customer care department on

As I have already mentioned earlier, I have contacted their customer care department to check if I am going to get any goo responses and by talking with them I found out that the pharmacy is located in London, UK. So this pharmacy does have online live chat function, but they are also having the standard method of contact form, they have listed and email and plus to that there are 3 different phone numbers which you can call them and talk with their customer care specialists in case something goes wrong or you have questions.

Shipping and payment methods on

The online pharmacy claims to provide world wide delivery with an exception of few Asian countries with no reasons why or which countries. There are 2 different shipping methods the customers can choose from: express and standard delivery options. The standard costs 10 USD, has a delivery time of 10 to 21 days and doesn’t have online tracking system while the express delivery is  going to cost 30 USD, it has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days and it does have an online tracking system. Express international mail cannot be used world wide while. There are 2 payment methods: via bitcoin and via credit cards, they are accepting any bank card you have. Coupon codes

The online pharmacy does features the coupon codes policy which you can apply and get an extra discount besides those offered by the pharmacy. discounts can be obtained by returning back to the pharmacy and ordering again. You’re getting 5 % discount on your second order and you get 7% discount on your third and further orders besides the discount you get from the coupon codes. They’re also claiming to offer various holiday and seasonal discounts as well. Except for these discounts the pharmacy is offering free pills as well. They offer only generic Viagra as gift pills and you can get either 4, 10 or 20 gift pills if you are ordering 20, 60 or 100 pills of erectile dysfunction drugs alongside with priligy, propecia but except for brand medications. One last method to save money is getting free standard airmail service which you can get only if you are going to order more than 150 USD. I honestly think that these are some really good and enough deals that can make you save a good amount of money (and these are all offered except for the more pills you buy the more the savings are). Reviews

Although this online pharmacy offers a number of customer *testimonials* those following my reviews know very well that I am not actually believe those reviews on their own website and the reason for that being the fact that they are often unreliable and shouldn’t be trusted due to the fact that they can easily be controlled and they might even be fakes, written only to make people believe there are actual customer reviews and therefore the pharmacy benefits. I personally trust independent websites’ customer reviews and I suggest everyone else to do the same. Unfortunately, on independent websites there are no customer reviews. According to domain age is less than 2 years, and it has a trust of only 30 %. The website might be from Czech Republic or at least that’s the information on Unfortunately, it is hard to have trust in an online pharmacy with no customer reviews.


I have already mentioned the fact that the prices and the deals on the website are really good and I would actually try the website’s services/ medications only because I see such good prices and deals. Nevertheless, I keep in mind that lots of new pharmacies are scams and since there are no customer reviews to prove otherwise about this pharmacy, I have to say that unfortunately, I won’t buy anything here due to too high of a risk and that’s what I recommend everyone else to do. Therefore I rate it with 2/5 and it would improve only if customer reviews on independent websites would appear.

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