/ Safe For Mens Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which is focused on selling pharmaceutical products that are going to help everything with the men’s health. This is a pharmacy which claims to sell the best pharmaceutical products at a very high quality and at cost effective prices. They claim to have a vast experience in the healthcare industry and medication distribution calling themselves to have a professional service since a long time. I’ve tried to find on their site where are they located and for how much time are they in the business but I couldn’t find out. Therefore I started to search for such information online and according to website they are located in California, San Francisco and the website has been founded in 2007. Either is that true or not I am not sure. The website seems to be easy to use and understand so I went further.

Safe For Men’s Customer Support Service

I had some questions for these guys but I saw that they didn’t have an online live chat function and that’s really sad because that’s my favorite way of talking with them. Anyway, I was still curious to find out whether are there any other ways to get in touch with them and besides submitting a form I haven’t seen any. There are no phone numbers listed and nothing at all. Going on their contact us page you won’t be given even an email, all that you have is to submit a form and to wait for a response in your email. To be honest that’s not good at all.

Safe For Men’s Drug Selection

As the name implies, they are mostly having only medications for men and the medications are being categorized: men’s health, trial ED packs, women’s health and weight loss. Still most medications are found in Men’s Health. Drug variety doesn’t seem to be a lot as you can find only medications that are in these categories and nothing more, however they do seem to have a good variety of drugs for men’s health (erectile dysfunction). What’s interesting is that they are only having generic form for each of these medications, there is no brand Viagra, or brand Cialis or brand Levitra.

Safe For Men’s Drug Prices compared to other pharmacies

I can’t comment here absolutely anything. The reason is that absolutely all their products do not display what’s the price per pill but they are all showing Out of Stock! The only single product that you can see a price for is Tadalis which is prices for 1.94 USD per pill. I am not actually very sure why all of their products do not display a price and they say that all of their products except Tadalis is Out of Stock. They either had an incredible flux of clients which implied their drugstores or they are about to close up so they don’t restock or I am not sure.

Safe For Men’s Shipping Options

There is nearly no information displayed about shipping policy. All that I could find out is that this pharmacy is providing free airmail shipping service. Either this applies to all orders regardless of the sum I am not sure. Either do they have any other shipping options (like EMS) again, I am not sure as there is no info that I could find, pretty much the same as the fees as I wasn’t able to find out anything about the shipping fees either. All I could find is that they do have a refund policy.

Safe for Men’s Payment Options

As the Shipping Options I was able to find very little information about the payment options (that’s because their FAQ page seemed useless with very little questions answered). All that I could find is that on their bottom pages there is VISA, Master Card and echeck shown which means that these are the payment options they are accepting (if they would ever re stock again). VISA and Master Card are the only options available for customers outside USA.

Do require a prescription?

I am not very sure because as usual, there is nearly no information on their website, however due to the fact that they have the OTC category of meds then this means, I guess, that all the rest products that you could find on the website (again, if they would ever re stock) do require a prescription.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

What is the coupon codes policy or discounts?

Even though they do not have anything in their stores they still seem to have a number of special offers and discounts. I guess those are for what they used to have or what they will have in the future. So they have ED packs which help their customers to save a bit of money. In addition to that they claim to have free shipping to all orders. Plus, they also have 10% discount for orders with certain pills purchased. One last thing they have which is my favorite way of saving money is coupon codes. With the code SFMSSAVE10 claimable you’re able to get an extra 10% discount on your order. That’s super strange to see an online pharmacy which doesn’t have anything in their store but they do have coupon codes and discount. Reviews

According to there are 8 people who wrote reviews about this website and each one of them rated this pharmacy on a scale to 1 to 5 which in the sum got the rate of 2 which is Poor (75% voted bad while only 25% rated excellent). A person named Tyrone said that they are a scam pharmacy. He said that they are using your credit card information for their personal gain and he’s now happy that his bank has caught that quickly. He recommends everyone to stay away from them. Another person named Jason complained on their product naming their Viagra *Junk*. Another person with nickname Mep1280 said that he (or she) tested the meds he (or she) has gotten from this website and said that those are chemicals used in rat poison. 2 other people said that they have got ripped off money. 2 other people wrote positive reviews. One of them was written in 2017 but it seems to me that it is a scam review which doesn’t have anything to do with the pharmacy itself while the other one seemed to be addressed to the pharmacy and he said that this pharmacy has an excellent service, but the review was written back in 2014. To be honest, there are already way too much people who said that they are either getting ripped off money or got medications that are either worth nothing or even poison.

What’s the conclusion?

This website has no information about customer support, no phone number, they have every single product except one being out of stock, they have nearly no information about nearly anything displayed on their website. Besides the fact that they seem to be super mysterious nearly everyone who wrote a review about the pharmacy called them scammers. There’s just one single customer review that is positive about the pharmacy but that one has been wrote back in 2014. With all of this being said, it is extremely hard to have trust in such a pharmacy but when people tell that they have got medications that are poison rather than medications then that’s a pharmacy that I strongly recommend everyone to stay as far away from this pharmacy, unless you don’t care about your health and money. I guess there’s no need to say anything more why I rate with 1 out of 5.

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