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Searching for reliable online pharmacy can be very hard and for this reason I am doing my pharmacy reviews as I am trying my best to determine every detail about the pharmacy so in the end I could say either it is a good idea to purchase from a specific pharmacy or not (either because it is not reliable or doesn’t have good prices etc. etc.). RxUSA.com is the name of the online pharmacy that I found and by analyzing its user friendly interface of the front page, I would say that this pharmacy stands good chances of being reliable so, hoping it is, I will review it today. Rx USA claims to be a New York State registered Pharmacy and I really hope this is true. They claim to offer great savings on popular meds (and there’s a list of 10 meds such as Synthroid, Crestor, Nexium and others). Also according to the information that I found on the website RX USA claims to sell only US FDA approved drugs that are being dispensed at their pharmacy. I have found out this pharmacy is having some social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook and others. On their front page there is also information suggesting that this pharmacy is verified merchant by authorize.net, it is an approved pharmacy by pharmacychecker.com and also claims to be winner in 2005 of Ernst and Young entrepreneur. The problem is that I have checked either is that true on pharmacychecker.com and they claim that RXUSA.com website is NOT an approved member of the pharmacychecker.com verification program. I definitely do not like pharmacies lying about their accreditations and generally lying about anything. I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been around, however I did found their exact address which is fairly good.

RxUSA.com Selection of medications and prices

As much as I have noticed, you can search for the needed products only via search box function available on their website and searching for products by the first letter of each drug. With this being said, there is no categories of medications which I could browse and make a conclusion either they have a wide selection of medications or not (and they have not shared what’s the exact number of drugs found here). With this being said, I cannot comment on selection of drugs, but I can assume that it is not very big, that’s since I used the search function for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I haven’t found any of them. I therefore think there is no ED medications found here. the strangest thing is that I clicked on the top medications that they claimed *great savings on popular meds* and there are no such medications in their drugstore. I clicked on a letter then and I did was given a list of drug, for example, (as a price) machinist 0.5 mg 30 ct would cost you 3,815 USD. Can’t be sure if that’s a good price or not and since there is no FAQ Page, can’t be sure if they are requiring a prescription or not.

RxUsa.com Shipping and payment methods

As much as I have found information on their shipping page, they do offer shipping to foreign customers, however I couldn’t find either they are having world wide shipping or not. All I found is that foreign orders have a minimum charge of 25 USD per order while domestically shipping greatly depends on which shipping option you choose (as there are a lot of them). shipping costs anywhere between 3 USD to 46 USD depending on what you purchase, shipping option, and where you ship. Delivery time frames as the pharmacy claims is anywhere between next day to 6 business days (even for the international shipping options). As much as I found, you can pay here either with your insurance coverage or with check.

RxUsa.com Customer Support Service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy you can do by calling them at one of their phone numbers (as they shared multiple numbers) or by writing them via the fax number as well. you could also write them via email or write them at the mailing address as well. there’s also contact form online on their website and also, I think that you could even pay them a visit if you live nearby.

Is RxUsa.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is RxUsa.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxUsa.com Coupon Codes

When I am searching for coupon codes I am, in fact, not searching for coupon codes ONLY as I search for anything that can make you save some money. this could be anything. While I was searching for these methods I did found some methods which can make you save some money by purchasing here and it includes: free domestic shipping for orders above 300 USD and only a single shipping option and also – each auto reorder is given a discount of 10%. Others than these I couldn’t find anything else.

RxUSA.com Reviews

When an online pharmacy does not have any positive customer reviews it is hard to have trust in the pharmacy because there’s nobody to confirm its authenticity and reliability and unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t have positive customer reviews because it doesn’t have customer reviews at all. To my opinion that’s a big problem but there are still reviewing websites which help determining if a pharmacy is a scam or is trustworthy. Such a website is scamadviser.com which rates this pharmacy pretty low due to some problems it found: a malware report has been detected for this website and this site has not met all the criteria required to be considered an legit internet pharmacy according to legitscript.com. To my opinion, this is all quite a problem.


I have big doubts that I am going to order medications here and I have big doubts that anyone should do it. if you’re brave enough to try it out then go ahead, but I wouldn’t risk with my money (as you might get ripped off money) and with my health (as you might be sent god knows what). Due to lack of customer reviews and information I got on scamadviser.com I rate RxUSA.com with 2 out of 5.

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