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In the time I was doing my pharmacy research I have found a website rxtank.com which claims not to be an pharmacy but a portal of over 700 fully licensed FDA approved pharmacies that is offering wholesale prescription drugs with or without a prior prescription which they claim to save people anywhere between 20% to 80% off the suggested retail price. RxTank claim that *you could pay more but why* and I assume *when you could use their services*. They claim that they have helped their members to save over 3.2 million USD last year alone by using their service. However the site does not give a sense of reliability at all and that’s because I would say it is very cheaply made and that’s even though they are offering information that seem to be easy to access and navigate through the site. Reason why I said it is cheaply made is because it is not correctly displaying the site, where half the page is empty, and simply the site doesn’t seem to be user friendly. The pharmacy claims that they can help people obtain hard to find products and they are offering a very huge selection of medications. I was trying to check information suggesting where their headquarters is located or for how long the pharmacy has been operating, however there is no such information being displayed so RxTank seem to be kind of a *mysterious pharmacy*, something I do not really like, all along with the design of the site. They just claim to be a legal business which I hope is true but since there is so much information that is undisclosed it is hard to believe in this. later, scam warning engines would help me find out more information about this pharmacy.

RxTank.com Selection of medications and prices

Earlier stated, this online pharmacy claims to offer a huge selection of medications for a lot of health conditions. You can search for the needed products either by searching through their list of *alphabetic listing* or by name writing the keyword. I’ve taken random letters: A, C, G, I etc. etc. and indeed there seem to be a lot of drugs. The pharmacy claims that all products are FDA approved and high quality. They are offering both brand and generic products and as stated, they do seem to have a big variety of drugs. As in terms of prices, I have searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra where I found all of them and I can say that the prices seemed fairly good. For example, 100 mg of generic Viagra would cost you 112 USD for 90 pills and that’s a fairly good price although I’ve seen pharmacies with better prices but I also saw pharmacies with worse prices! They offer prescription and OTC medications and all those products requiring a valid prescription cannot be obtained without showing a valid prescription first. However, the site does not seem to be functional at the moment, or at least, regardless on which product I click on the following message is displayed: *There was no prescription drug found. Please try back again later.*

RxTank.com Shipping and payment methods

I still continued doing my review as, maybe, they would start selling drugs again so it is good to know whether it is safe purchasing drugs here or not. That’s why I need to talk about their shipping details. I cannot go on checkout page as I said earlier, due to the error, and on FAQ page there’s no information about the shipping details, unfortunately. The only thing that I have found out is that this pharmacy is offering information about payment methods: they accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Online Check. On nearly all question being answered on their FAQ page, they suggest to contact them and so:

RxTank.com Customer Support Service

When the pharmacy asks their customers to get in touch with their customer support service so much it was expected they have a good service and also enough methods to do so. Although I can’t comment either are they offering a good service I do can mention the fact that this pharmacy is only offering a single method to get in touch with them: contact form. That’s very disappointing as there is no phone number, mailing address, email, live chat or whatever other method.

Is RxTank.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is RxTank.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxTank.com Coupon Codes

As I have earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is claiming that the prices for medications on this website, claimable, can make people save anywhere between 20 % to 80% on their needed drugs. I can assume that this is the reason they do not offer coupon codes or other forms of discounts. All I noticed that they are offering is the referral sign up and they also claim to offer affiliate program. There does not seem to be anything else being offered.

RxTank.com Reviews

There is *testimonials* page on their website where you can see only 5 different reviews there. nevertheless, I still do not have trust in those testimonials written on their own website as there’s a high chance that they are fake. I have trust in the reviews I find on independent sources/ external sites but I couldn’t find a single review and that’s a big problem. With no customer reviews I decided to check its legitimacy on legitscript.com where I found out that this is a rogue internet pharmacy website. I have the checked information on scamadviser.com where I immediately realized that I’m dealing with a scam pharmacy. scamadviser.com found an extremely long list of alarming notes about this pharmacy some of them being: the site has been reported as being untrustworthy, the site has been given low reliability rating by other sites, it is having free email address and others as well.


With no customer reviews, such a cheaply made website, no information about company’s location, low reliability rating and all other notes that scamadviser.com found about this website and plus the site is not even fully technically working, I just cannot see how I could recommend this, most likely, scam pharmacy to anyone. My rate for RxTank.com is the lowest possible of 1 star!

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