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Getting the relief from your health condition after taking a pill is one of the greatest feelings but getting this relief after you’ve spent only a little bit for getting that pill is an even better feeling as you both feel good and save money, for this reason I have started to search for online pharmacies – generally they have much better prices for medications than prices for same medications in local drugstores. But there’s a risk of getting scammed by using online pharmacies since there’s quite a high number of scam pharmacies out there and that is why I am writing pharmacies reviews where people can easily find out if a certain pharmacy is risk free ordering from. The pharmacy that I will review now is rxstore-365.com an online drugstore which seems to be oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications. The website supports different currency and languages and what’s more important is the claim of the pharmacy to have the highest quality generic drugs and very low prices for them, something that I’m searching for, as I said earlier, when I search for online pharmacies. This online pharmacy claims to be owned by EuroPharm Group Inc. which is headquartered in Czech Republic and this pharmacy claims to be around for the last 7 years and therefore offering the best services.

Selection of medications and prices at rxstore-365.com

Customers can search for drugs at this online pharmacy by using the search box function but they also are able to look up for categories of drugs as they are categorized by health condition so you just click on the health condition you need and then you’re going to be given the list of medications treating it and what are their prices. Although I cannot say what it is the exact number of drugs found here, I can say that you can find medications treating: asthma, depression, anxiety, cholesterol, heart problems and many others types of drugs are also found here. This is why I can conclude, even without a full number of drugs found here, that selection of drugs is pretty wide here. But what is even important than selection of drugs, as I mentioned earlier in the beginning of my post is the prices for these medications and for determining whether do they have good prices or not I checked their erectile dysfunction drugs where I did have found lots of medications here either. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most famous meds in this type of drugs and they are here as well. The prices go as: Viagra 0.35 USD per pill, Cialis 0.77 USD per pill and Levitra 1.15 USD per pill. These are the cheapest prices you can find here per pill in case you order high quantities of pills. This online pharmacy does not require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting prescription medications.

Shipping methods and payment methods at rxstore-365.com

According to the information that I could find on this pharmacy’s website, they are offering world wide shipping to everyone however this is done only via regular/ registered airmail shipping as this is the first shipping option but there’s also the second shipping option: EMS (express) which cannot be used to ship products world wide. The registered airmail has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and does not have online tracking with a shipping fee of 15 USD. The EMS does have online tracking and has a delivery time of maximum 2 weeks, however this shipping option costs more – 25 USD. The delivery insurance has an extra fee as well. In terms of payment methods I can say that this online pharmacy is accepting credit cards such as visa and master card as well as American express but besides credit cards they are accepting bitcoin either.

Customer Support Department rxstore-365.com

There are only 2 methods available for the customers of this online drugstore to talk with the customer support department. It can be done by going on the contact us page on their site and there you can write your enquiry indicating your email – where they would respond back. Besides the contact form you’re also able to call them at the 2 phone numbers listed on the website, however no other methods of talking with them are available such as live chat function.

Is RxStore-365.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is RxStore-365.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxStore-365.com Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy claims that the more pills you’re going to order the more the savings and therefore, ordering in bulk pills would make you save money. Except for this, the online pharmacy claims to offer free shipping if your order is 200 USD or more and also they are offering free pills with every order. Plus to these offers, they are offering discount for returning customers as well and that’s pretty good.

RxStore-365.com Reviews

What’s very important is the customer reviews and I am talking about customer reviews on third party websites and that’s because there are testimonials on their website, however there’s just a too high probability for those review to be fake. So I searched for customer reviews on third party sites however there’s a big problem – there are no customer reviews anywhere online. It seems that no customers have ever written at least a single review about this online pharmacy and this greatly makes me doubt that this online pharmacy has ever had some customers at all. Lack of customer reviews is already a big problem, but I still tried to find more information on scamadvier.com to have a final verdict. There I did have found some useful information: the website has been created less than a year ago, the website is from Russia, a high risk country and the owner of the site is using a service to hide their identity. These are very useful information for making a conclusion.


I don’t see anything which would prove the fact that this is a legit/ trustworthy pharmacy, however I can see different things like the ones I mentioned earlier which can make me think that they are scam online pharmacy. I don’t recommend anyone to use this online pharmacy as you’re most likely going to get scammed here. I am rating rxstore-365.com with 1 out of 5.

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