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Rxshop.md is another online pharmacy which claims to help their customers to *buy online generic drugs from Reputable Pharmacy, no prescription and free doctor consultation* or at least that’s what the information on their front page suggests. Generally, analyzing the front page of this online pharmacy makes me conclude that the online pharmacy’s site is having a user friendly design and that’s very good since it makes it all more understandable and easy to navigate through it. The website is offering their customers to create an account and sign in to them on the website. tried to find more information about the pharmacy and I found that the pharmacy is located in EU, CY, Paphos, however I couldn’t find more information about when this pharmacy started to operate. On the website you can also find different articles and health news. With all of this being said, I went further searching for what this online pharmacy has to offer and what are their services, prices etc.

Selection of medications and prices at RxShop.md

According to the information that you can find on the vendor’s website, you can see that their medications are categorized by health condition and they have drugs such as: allergy, asthma, arthritis, cancer, skin care, migraines, diabetes and many others. When trying to search for medications via search box function you can see this message: all medications in one place, choose yours among 100K of generic drugs, therefore I can assume that their customers have a wide variety of medications which they can choose from by using this online pharmacy. I’ve searched medications for men’s health and I’ve found a lot of medications there. Levitra, Viagra and Cialis were all there with only Viagra not being in brand form. Cialis 20 mg 60 pills costs 124.90 USD while Levitra 30 pills costs 94.90 USD. These are fairly good prices but they are not the best that I’ve ever seen. You can buy any medication that you need here without showing a valid prescription for them.

Shipping and Payment options on RxShop.md

There are 2 shipping options. The pharmacy accepts orders world wide to all countries. Standard shipping being one of the options has 14 to 25 days delivery time and it costs 25 USD. Usually this options doesn’t have tracking. The express shipping is 7 to 12 days being the second option and it does have a tracking online but the fee is 36 USD for this option. In regards to the payment methods the information on their website suggests that they are only accepting E checks for US customers and Wire Transfer for non US customers. No other payment methods available.

Customer Care Department on RxShop.md

There are a couple of methods you can talk with their customer support team which is via mail by their address, via phone call as there are 2 phone numbers and also via contact form which you need to fill up and they are going to respond by email. In addition to all of this, the online pharmacy has live chat support function which you can talk with them online real time. Make sure that whatever method you choose to contact them – you talk in English only and you contact them in their working hours.

Is RxShop.md a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxShop.md Coupon Codes

Those people ordering for more than 170 USD are going to get free shipping by this pharmacy. In addition to that, this online pharmacy claims to care about their returning customers and that’s why if you’re going to order, you are going to get 10% discount on your next orders. Sadly but that’s all as there are no coupon codes offered to their customers by this online pharmacy or anything else than free shipping and discount on next order. Coupon codes and discounts are very important when it comes to online pharmacy because it shows how much the pharmacy cares about their customers and this one specifically seems to only care only in half, if that’s alright to say.

RxShop.md Reviews

As I’m always mentioning, it is a very risky to purchase from any online pharmacy without analyzing what it has to offer and how much trust you can have in it. And you can determine how much trust you can have in an online pharmacy by analyzing what the customer reviews says about it and what the scam warning websites says about it. I’ve tried my best to find for as much customers feedback about rxshop.md, from customers who have actually used their services as this is very important. and by doing my research, luckily, I did have found some external websites that had some customer reviews about this online pharmacy but the problem is that the customer review wasn’t actually too good as the person said that rxshop.md is a fraudulent website and has got ripped off by them, recommending not to use. However, on the other side I have found a completely different review about rxshop.md from a person who said that has used this online vendor for 2 years and has never had any problems at all saying that all the negative reviews are written by their competitors. Another person said that had 32 orders and he has got them all with no problems! Due to the fact that the customer reviews are contrary to each other I had to put my trust in scam warning websites and since scamadviser.com is my favorite website to use I’ve seen that according to it, rxshop.md has a trust rate of 65% recommending to use care if you’re looking further to use it and that’s because *this site has been threat listed*.


Because of all factors that I have mentioned above this online pharmacy is not actually 100% trustable. This is the reason why, if there are people trying to order from rxshop.md I would recommend you all to order with big care or not to order at all. There are positive reviews but there are also negative reviews and that’s making it all more complicated. And since scamadviser.com suggests that it has 65% trust rate and recommends using care that’s what I recommend too or to be 100% on safe side – search for other vendor. In the end I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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