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Today I’ve continued doing my research for a reliable online pharmacy which is offering quality medications at reasonable prices and by doing my research I’ve found an online pharmacy named rxpills101.com. I’ve entered it and I have realized that this design of website/ pharmacy is well familiar to me, nevertheless, I’ve never accessed this address and therefore it means that the website simply ha a similar design. Talking about the design of the website it is really well made with user friendly interface and good features and options like changing language into 4 different languages other than English if you need and changing currency on the website. something important to mention here is that the online pharmacy claims to have over 1,000,000 happy customers because they are offering quality, privacy and secure as well as low prices (best prices on the web) and lastly fast delivery (100% guarantee). Pharmacy offers world wide shipping of generic and brand medications and they, claimable, been doing it since 2001. They claim to have only FDA approve medications, they are VeriSign Secured and they are also verified by VISA. Some other seals on their website suggests that they are top rated pharmacy according to pharmacychecker.com and that they are both CIPA and MIPA accredited. To check it out if that’s true I’ve went on CIPA official website and checked for rxpills101.com but I got disappointed seeing that this online pharmacy does not appear in the CIPA member database. This means that it was a lie and a lying online pharmacy isn’t something that I’m actually searching for.

Selection of medications and prices for them on rxpills101.com

As I’ve said it earlier, the pharmacy claims that all medications are FDA approved but since they were lying I’m now skeptical about everything. What I can see is that they seem to have a big variety of medications in their drugstore since their drugs are categorized by health issues and there seems to be a big variety of health issues which their drugs can treat such as medications for: anxiety, hair loss, sleep aid, diabetes, depression, heart disease, weight loss and many many others. Among their ED treating medications you can see a lot of medications with both generic and brand Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. Simple example of price: generic Viagra 50 mg is available at a price of 0.94 USD per pill for purchasing a normal quantity of 90 pills. For purchasing bigger quantities – bigger discounts. An important note: the online pharmacy does NOT require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting any medications.

Shipping and payment methods on rxpills101.com

The online pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping to absolutely all countries in the world. They are offering 2 shipping options: registered airmail which costs 10 USD, can be used world wide, doesn’t have tracking and has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks. The second option is express mail which cannot be used world wide and it costs twice as much: 20 USD, however it has a delivery time of up to 2 weeks and it can be tracked online. Those who want can pay extra for delivery insurance which is 5 USD. The first delivery option (registered airmail) is offered for free for orders above 200 USD. Payment options lack a little bit in variety as you can only choose among VISA card or Master Card.

Customer Care Department on rxpills101.com

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via 2 phone numbers (one is US and the other is UK phone number) or via contact form which you need to fill up and get the response in the email. Other than these 2 methods there are none as there is no live chat function or anything in that matter.

Is RXPills101.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RXPills101.com Coupon Codes

The online pharmacy is offering free pills with every orders regardless of what or how much you buy. But they are offering only ED medication pills (Levitra or Viagra or Cialis) 4 generic pills. As I have also mentioned, the registered airmail is offered for free for orders above 200 USD and also orders above 200 USD get a discount of 10%. Purchasing in bulk also offers discounts but there are no coupon codes. One last thing I’ve noticed is that they are having a special offer: 10 pills of Viagra 100 mg and 10 pills of Cialis 100 mg (both generic) can be bought for a price of 46.16 USD.

RxPills101.com Reviews

There are testimonials on their website but I have a big skepticism in the fact that those are actual legit customer reviews and that they are not fake. Since I have a strong feeling that those are fake customer reviews (and that’s especially after I’ve seen this online pharmacy lying about its accreditations) I’ve tried to search for customer reviews on independent websites where the administrators of this website cannot change/ remove them. Regardless of how much or where I’ve searched I couldn’t find any. This online pharmacy had absolutely no customer reviews at all anywhere and that’s why I checked for scamadviser.com and then I realized why: the domain age of this online pharmacy is less than a year. One more thing is the fact that this online pharmacy seems to be run from a high risk involving country: Russia and as if all of this is not enough scamadviser.com suggested: *The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity*.


It is hard to have trust in an online pharmacy which is new in the business, it is hard to have trust in an online pharmacy without any customer reviews online, it is hard to have trust when it comes from a high risk involving country, it is hard to have trust when the owner tries to hide their identity and it is hard to have trust in an online pharmacy that lies about anything (like for example their accreditations) but this online pharmacy has it all which makes it impossible to have trust in this online pharmacy. Therefore I assume that they are scammers so I recommend you all to stay away from it giving it a rate of 1 out of 5.

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