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Rxpharmacy-online365.com is the online pharmacy I will be reviewing today and this is an online pharmacy which claims to be an *express pharmacy * and most importantly: No. 1 Online WorldWide Store! If they are the best online pharmacy in the world then they should be having some amazing deals, prices and extremely good quality of medications so I hope that this is true as I would like to find such an online pharmacy. They claim to delivery medications world wide, that’s the first thing I noticed by entering their website as they claim to delivery to your city (and according to my IP address they mentioned the city where I live). The website itself seems to be really well made, user friendly interface, and everything can be easily accessible. The website supports different languages and different currencies for people who need it. The online pharmacy claims to be the best due to the following reasons: insurance delivery; 17 years world wide supplier; 100% satisfaction guarantee; high quality meds; 24/7/365 customer support service and lastly; secure ordering. Hopefully it is true. According to the *about us* page they have been in business for 15 years (so this info is either out of date or they made some mistakes) and they claim to offer brand and generic meds all of them being FDA approved. The pharmacy also claims to be CPA and pharmacychecker.com approved.

Selection of medications and prices for them at RxPharmacy-Online365.com

People can search for their needed drugs by using the search function available on the website in case you know the exact drug’s name, however there are also *categories* of medications and there are drugs which can treat: erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes medications, antibiotics, meds for general health, pain relief, hair loss and many many other drugs which can treat many other health conditions. With this being said, I can assume that the selection of medications on this website is really high since there are so many drugs which can treat so many conditions. In each of these categories there are like 10 – 20 different drugs so that’s quite a lot. According to the information on the FAQ page of this online pharmacy, customers do not need prescriptions to order medications here. In order to check the prices I have checked the ED medications where I found a lot of different drugs including the most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Just to give example of price I can say that generic Viagra 50 mg 90 pills would cost you 105.68 USD and that would be 1.17 USD per pill. Although this is a fairly good price for these type and quantity of medication, I did have seen some better prices.

Shipping and payment methods at RxPharmacy-online365.com

According to the information that I could find on their website, they are offering shipping to any address in the world so this means that regardless of where you live – you could order from this pharmacy. There are 2 shipping methods and the prices for each of them greatly depend on how much you order from the website. The first method is EMS (express mail service) with 7 to 12 business days (with maximum 25 business days) and it usually has online tracking while the second option is international registered mail with a delivery timeframe of 14 to 21 days (and maximum 35 business days) and usually doesn’t have tracking. EMS shipping fee is 30 USD for orders under 300 USD, it is 15 USD for orders between 300 and 400 USD and it is free for orders above 400 USD. International registered mail shipping fee is 20 USD for orders under 300 USD and it is free for orders above 300 USD. According to the information I could find here they are accepting debit and credit cards (VISA and mater card) and bitcoin.

Customer Support Service RxPharmacy-Online365.com

To get in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via few different methods and it includes: via email (there are 2 email addresses for different needs) and via contact form which is pretty much the same as emails. But except for emails and contact form there is also a toll free phone number which you need to dial in their working hours if you want to get a response.

Is RxPharmacy-Online365.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is RxPharmacy-Online365.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxPharmacy-Online365.com Coupon codes

This pharmacy claims to be offering seasonal coupon codes but I couldn’t find any at the moment. What I did found is discount code which is offered to people who refill and they are getting 5 % discount. They claim that seasonal discount is offering 5 % and 15% off the regular price. In addition to these discounts, they, as I said, can offer free shipping methods, they are also offering free bonus pills (the more pills ordered the more free pills) and savings by ordering in bulk as well. That’s all fairly good to my opinion.

RxPharmacy-Online365.com Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about rxpharmacy-online365.com I have found customer reviews about an online pharmacy with a similar name where instead of 365 it is 24, so since I am not very sure if it’s the same pharmacy, I have only been focused on the domain address with 365 at the end. The bad news is that I was not able to find any customer reviews for this pharmacy. This is obviously quite a big problem and for this reason I have decided to check what scamadviser.com can say. There I found the reason why there are no customer reviews: the website is less than 2 months old. Plus to that, the website is operated from a high risk country: Ukraine and there’s a high number of suspicious website on the server.


With no customer reviews it is very hard to have trust in the pharmacy’s authenticity and in the fact that it is actually a pharmacy that we should have trust in. plus to that, the pharmacy claims to be around for more than 15 years and yet, the domain age is less than 2 months. In combination with no customer reviews, I won’t have trust in this pharmacy and therefore I rate rxpharmacy-online365.com with 2 out of 5.

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