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RxPads.com is another online pharmacy that I have found while doing the research for a reliable online pharmacy and that’s the pharmacy I am going to review now. As soon as I have entered the front page of this pharmacy I have seen the pharmacy claim of having *guaranteed lowest price prescription pads in the nation!* and that really sounds good. But I am not sure whether is this online pharmacy selling pads exclusively or they are having other health items as well. The website of this pharmacy seems to be quite good as everything seems to be quite easily understandable and seems to be easy to access. The customers of this pharmacy can create an account here and login to their accounts. After checking and lurking through the website for a while I have found the *about us* page and there I found that RxPads.com has serviced medical practices and organizations since 1999 and if that’s true, then to my opinion it is very good since it is a long running company. also there I found information suggesting that the company is family owned business with corporate headquarters in Portland, Maine. They claim that their unique approach to business is the key to their success in having long terms satisfied customers, which I truly hope it’s true. If people want to find out something more about the pharmacy then they can go on their FAQ page and see if their questions are answered there or to contact the customer support. With all of this being said, I went further checking what this pharmacy is offering.

RxPads.com Selection of items and prices

As much as it seems from its selection of items on the website, this company is, in fact, not a pharmacy, but it is a company that is only manufacturing Rx Pads indeed. People can choose among different types of pads as there are: horizontal prescription pads, vertical prescription pads, half sheet prescription pads, Washington secure, Florida secure and many other types. So this company is specialized in providing health care providers with standard and high security prescription pads! With this being said, regular people cannot get such items unless you are a medical professional. I, of course, cannot talk about the prices saying whether are those good or not so good prices, however I can give example of prices here so medical professionals should know better either are these good prices or not. Randomly taken, vertical prescription pads prices depend on: one part pads, two part pads and three part pads. For example, one part pads price per pad is between 7.19 USD and 2.75 USD depending on how many pads you wish to order (between 5 and 120 pads). For two part pads and three part pads the exact same thing applies, but the prices are obviously a bit higher (11.79 USD per pad if you buy three part pads and only 5 pads is the highest price). Again, all of this if talking about vertical prescription pads.

RxPads.com Shipping and payment details

This company is only working Monday – Friday and that’s why orders placed in these days will get shipped within 2 to 3 business days while orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or on a holiday will get processed on the next business days and most of these orders get there in 5 business days (as most personalized items). They do not have prescription pads for other countries than USA. Most products are shipped via UPS ground and the shipping rates depends on the total amount of the items ordered and the shipping destination. This company is accepting the following payment options: check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or you can make your payment in person at their facility in Portland, Maine.

RxPads.com Customer Support Service

If you want to talk with this company as you might be having some questions to ask then you can do it by the phone listed on their website (which is available Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time), via fax that’s available 24/7, via email or via mail at their exact address. One last method to talk with them is via live chat function but when I tried to talk with them with this method I was told* Sorry, no operators are available at the moment. Please try back later.*

RxPads.com Coupon Codes

This company doesn’t seem to offer coupon codes, discounts or anything in this matter. In short I have not been able to find anything which would save you money except for just one thing: lowest guarantee price where the company claims that they are going to take 5% off of the total purchase price (including shipping) of any comparable item they are offering if the other company would beat their price!

RxPads.com Reviews

I have encountered a big problem while I was searching for customer reviews about RxPads.com and that’s because I couldn’t find any customer reviews at all. That’s a big problem as this makes it hard to have trust in an company with no customer reviews. To my opinion, the company really needs to think of ways to make their customers write some reviews about this company, otherwise it is quite hard to have trust in this company. I have checked its legitimacy on scam warning websites such as scamadviser.com which said that the site has a high trust rating and it seems to be safe to use. Nevertheless, there are still no customer reviews and that’s quite a big problem to my opinion.


Even though the company seems to be reliable, I can’t say this with certitude as long as there are no customer reviews and that’s why it is quite hard to make a conclusion. In the end I guess that ordering anything here still might pose quite a risk and this is the reason why my rate for rxpads.com will be 3 out of 5.

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