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Another online pharmacy that I have managed to find is Rxoutreach.org and in fact, this is a non profit company which is based in USA, Missouri in St. Louis. By trying to find out more information about this company I’ve found that they are operating as a fully licensed mail order pharmacy all across the United States territory. According to the information on their website, their mission it is to provide affordable medications to everyone who needs them and their vision, as claimed, is a world where everyone can get the medications that they need. There’s a *by the numbers* information listed on the website where they suggests that they have more than 670 medication strength available, they have more than 70 Rx Outreach employees who are ready to help you. They have helped more than 210,000 patients since 2010 (I guess the year they started to operate) and more than $320 million have bene saved by their patients by using their services. Also there you can find the names of their CEO and Directors. The pharmacy claims to be very easy to use and they have cheapest prices for medications. The website supports Spanish language and you can create an account and login to this website. the website is accredited by bbb.org (Better Business Bureau), and other accreditations.

Selection of medications and prices on RxOutreach.org

This online pharmacy seems to provide a lot of types of medications and they seem to sell both generic and brand medications. and even though they are selling a lot of types like medications for heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers, asthma, viral infection, dermatology, osteoporosis and many other types of medications, they still do not seem to have medications for erectile dysfunction. For this reason I am not able to comment on the prices but I just can give you an example and say that medication like Alendronate tablet which is for osteoporosis (similar medications: Fosamax) in available strength of 70 mg (once a week dosage) the 90 day fee is 20 USD (limit 12) and 180 day fee is 40 USD (limit 24). All the medications that requires a prescription can be obtained only if the customers show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods on RxOutreach.org

According to the information that I could find on their website, all the medications are being sent via free shipping to everyone. Therefore I assume that they do not have other shipping options than standard and they do not have shipping outside USA. The payments are done by check, money order or also by credit/ debit card.

Customer support care Rxoutreach.org

For getting in touch with the pharmacy you are able to do via multiple methods, however none of them is, unfortunately, live chat function and since there is no live chat function I haven’t contacted them myself to ask some questions. But for those who want to ask questions then you can do it by the following methods: Phone Number (2 of them); ePrescribe Number; Fax Number, Email Inquiries, Physical Address, Mailing Address. If you decide to call them make sure you’re going to do it in their working hours that are listed on the website.

Is Rxoutreach.org a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Rxoutreach.org Coupon codes

Either due to the fact that they call themselves to be a non profit organization or maybe because of some other reasons, this online pharmacy doesn’t have any coupon codes policy or anything in this matter. You cannot get discounts or anything in this matter. They are making you save some money by claiming that all of the shipping is being offered for free.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews

I have tried to search for customer reviews on foreign/ independent websites to see what people would say about rxoutreach.org and I barely found any customer reviews. However, I did have found some customer reviews and they are not really encouraging at all. the reason I say that is because from 3 customer reviews that I found they are all negative. There’s a person who said that he has paid way too much for his medications because a $ 50 prescription then turned into a $ 200 prescription and plus this pharmacy tried to charge his credit card without authorization. Another customer review said that this org is unprofessional at best and most likely a scam. Another customer review said that he cannot reach them because of their automatic answering system. So the customer reviews aren’t good at all. however I got surprised seeing that all 3 scam warning websites like scamner.com, legitscript.com and scamadviser.com had trust in this online pharmacy. legitscript said that this is an legitimate online pharmacy, scamner said: high trust rating, this site looks safe to browse and buy and lastly, scam adviser suggests it has lots of visitors, 100% trust rate, the website is indeed from USA and domain age is nearly 14 years which is all good. so the website does seems to be safe to use, nevertheless there are customer reviews who were not happy / pleased with their services and that’s not a good thing at all.


This online pharmacy is offering medications at good prices as they mentioned but they do not seem to offer all types of medications (no ED medications) and plus they do not offer medications outside the USA. These are not very good things. Exactly as it is the fact that the only customer reviews I found were negative about this online pharmacy (although the website has a lot of visitors). And yet the prices are claimable pretty good exactly as it is the fact that this website seems to be safe to use (I guess the reason why there are lots of visitors) since they have even listed their physical address where you can visit them. And yet, the pharmacy is not perfect and for this reason I am going to be rating it with a rate of 3 on the scale from 1 to 5 because of all the reasons I have listed earlier.

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