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Another Canadian online pharmacy that I will be reviewing today is RxCanada4less.com and it is obvious I said this is a Canadian pharmacy from its name, but also, as soon as you enter the front page of this pharmacy you can see their claim being located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They claim to be a *real Canadian Pharmacy* and the rxcanada4less.com is only their domain address but the pharmacy name is: Marks Marine Pharmacy. On *about us* there is information about the Owner of this pharmacy as well as about the CEO of this pharmacy: Robert and Jordan. Also on that page I have found out information suggesting that they are well known, located inside Main and Marine Medical Clinic, they are shipping medicine for more than 15 years now, they are dispensing medication worldwide and plus to that, they are having over 30,000 different brand and generic medications available. On the front page of this online pharmacy there is a long list of claims of why they are the *best Canadian Pharmacy Online* so you could read those reasons some of them including: 100% satisfaction and price match guarantee, all information is strictly confidential, licensed pharmacy (and they have shared the pharmacy’s license number), calling them is not a call center but you would actually talk with health professionals and others. They also claim to sell insulin so you could save up to 80% on it.

Selection of medications and prices for them at RxCanada4less.com

As I have mentioned this a little bit earlier, the pharmacy claims to have in their drugstore over 30,000 generic and brand medications and I am not sure if that’s true, but if that’s indeed so then it is obvious their selection of medications is extremely wide since among 30,000 medications you can find nearly everything that you need, I can assume. They also seem to offer medications for pets, OTC meds, vitamins and herbals as well. They made it sure that everyone sees – nobody is going to be able to receive prescription medications here without showing a valid prescription first. As in terms for the prices I have searched for ED drugs (most famous only such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) and I did have found these products in generic and brand forms. Simply to give example of prices I can say that the lowest price I found for Viagra generic is 60 USD for 88 tablets of 100 mg. but I can assume that there’s something wrong because same product, from same country, in same quantity but instead of 100 mg it is in tablets of 25 mg would cost 180 USD. There’s something wrong, as much as I can notice.

Shipping and payment methods at RxCanada4less.com

Another thing that I have mentioned earlier (among the pharmacy’s claims) is the fact that they are offering world wide shipping to everyone around the globe so if that’s true it is very good. There are 2 shipping options as much as I can see: regular air mail which has a delivery time frame (as they claim) of 2 to 3 weeks and it costs 15 USD. Usually this option doesn’t have online tracking. But there is the second option which usually does have online tracking and has a faster delivery timeframe of 1 to 2 weeks. However this shipping option it is a little bit more expensive – 20 USD. There are several payment methods which this pharmacy is accepting and they include: Visa, American Express, Discover, Cheques, Money Orders. That’s very good when an online pharmacy is accepting different payment options to my opinion.

Customer Support Service RxCanada4less.com

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done by several different methods. Except for the fact that you can use the mailing address, you can also use some other methods to get in touch with them which would give you a response much faster and that’s, for example the fax number or the email address to write them. However the fastest way to get in touch with them and to get a response is by calling at the phone numbers listed on their website. Make sure you call them in the business hours otherwise you won’t get a response.

Is RxCanada4less.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is RxCanada4less.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

RxCanada4less.com Coupon Codes

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything which could save money here as there are no coupon codes, no discount codes or anything in this matter. I can only mention here their claim that you could save up to 80% by purchasing insulin from this pharmacy but except for that I was not able to find anything, and I mean – anything. There are no coupon codes, free shipping, free pills or anything in this matter. That’s really disappointing to be honest.

RxCanada4less.com Reviews

By searching through the reviews about this online pharmacy I did have found a number of them on different reviewing websites such as yelp and few other websites. The good news is that most of the reviewers seemed to be happy with the services of this online pharmacy. There are negative reviews on each of these sites (on yelp, pharmacy checker etc.) but it is still easily noticeable that most of the reviews are positive so that’s really good. However, according to legitscript.com – rxcanada4less.com has not met all the criteria for being considered a legitimate internet pharmacy. Plus to that, scamadviser.com does not have trust in this online pharmacy either and it is not among the CIPA member database meaning that there’s something wrong and maybe even illegal. As much as we can see, there are good things but there are also alarming things going around this online pharmacy.


I cannot recommend readers to order medications here despite the more positive reviews than negative ones. And in the end, there ARE negative reviewers, the pharmacy has a high chance of not being legal and plus to that, the prices here are not among the best prices you can find on other online pharmacies and it is not having any offers or coupon codes. In the end, I think that RxCanada4less.com deserves 3 out of 5.

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