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Rx2go.com is the online pharmacy which I am going to talk about today and will try to figure it out whether or not it is worth purchasing medications here. As soon as I have entered this website I saw a pretty user friendly design of the site where everything seems to be easily accessible and navigable through the site which is pretty important for me. I also saw they are offering to access their social media pages: Facebook and Twitter. Another important thing to mention here which I have noticed when entering their website is the claim that they are having on the largest online selections of medications. Few other claims why this pharmacy claims to be so good and worth using are: they are offering 24/7 customer support, low prices guaranteed via their price match policy, very strict quality control and they are offering the returning customers 10 % to 20% discount. On their about us page I expected to see where this pharmacy is located and for how much time they have been online. Unfortunately I failed to do so, however I saw another of their claim that their drugs are not only complying with FDA regulations but also to WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. The shipping, as much as they claim, is done by their main distribution center which is in Mumbai India.

Rx2Go.com selection of drugs and prices for them

It was claimed that they are having one of the largest selection of drugs online. For checking this out I clicked on *view all categories* and there I indeed found a lot of categories of medications. I am not sure what’s the number of drugs that you can find at this online pharmacy but it does seem to be big. There are medications for: allergy, asthma, blood pressure, cancer, migraines, stop smoking and many many others types of drugs. With this being said, indeed the selection of drugs seems to be wide. With this being said I was more interested in checking what the prices for medications here are and so I clicked on men’s health category. It seems they are not offering brand medications but I did found tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra) but no vardenafil (Levitra). So for getting sildenafil 50 mg 90 pills you would need to pay 1.2 USD per pill and although that’s not the absolutely lowest price I’ve ever seen, it is indeed pretty good. This online pharmacy claims to require a prescription if you are ordering those meds which requires one.

Shipping and payment methods at rx2go.com

They are offering world wide shipping via registered airmail but they are also offering Express (EMS) shipping as well and there’s a list of countries where they can offer EMS shipping. The registered airmail has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 21 business days while the Express (EMS) shipping has a delivery time of 7 to 21 days. Both of them do have a tracking number. The shipping rates greatly depend on: which shipping option you use and how many pills you are ordering. The shipping fee can greatly vary. There’s a *payment options* page on their website which I have accessed in order to find out more information about them. I have then saw they are accepting credit cards, Bitcoins and echeck but echeck it is only available for USA customers and for some unknown reasons they said that echeck is currently offline.

Rx2go.com Customer Support Service

As they claim, there are several ways to contact them are they include: toll free line phone number as well as toll free fax number. Plus to that, they are having local fax number (for international users). In addition to that, you can also use the email or they claim to talk to a live customer service agent via live chat. To be honest that’s very good when there are so many ways available to get in touch with the online pharmacy.

Is Rx2go.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Rx2go.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Rx2go.com Coupon Codes

Upon checking out there seems to be an space left for coupon code where you can apply it and get a discount but I am not sure where to get that coupon code. Except for the coupon codes, the shipping can be for free, both registered and airmail standard, this depends on how many pills you’re ordering. Also, by ordering more pills you’re getting more discounts. One more thing to mention is that the pharmacy claims to offer 15% extra pills on all re orders. And as I said in the beginning of my review, the pharmacy is offering 10% to 20% discount to returning customers either. All of these offers are really good to my opinion.

Rx2Go.com Reviews

Although the prices all along with the offers given by the pharmacy can be very tempting it is extremely important to check for the pharmacy’s reviews first, before ordering, that’s because I’ve often met online pharmacies with super tempting prices and offers just to make people order from them, but in the end they turned out to be scammers so you pay and receive nothing. That’s why I checked for reviews about this pharmacy. Sadly but I have found only one single customer review on Facebook. Good news is that the review was positive and the person said to have received what he has ordered. There’s a second person rating the pharmacy 5 out of 5 but haven’t wrote anything. With no more customer reviews anywhere online I have checked what scamadviser.com can recommend about this pharmacy. There I found out one alarming thing: the website is operating from a high risk country: Russian Federation. Everything else seems to be fine.


I am not able to recommend this pharmacy but I am also not able to recommend against it. All I can say is that shop at your own risk. There is one customer review which is not enough but the review is positive. And there are alarming notes on scamadviser.com but they are not among the worst. So ordering here is a risk you but unlike other pharmacies, it is not like 95% that you would lose your money. In the end I rate it with 4 out of 5.

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