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Today I am going to review another online pharmacy which claims to be among the best/ leading online pharmacies but I’ve often come along pharmacies which do not keep their promises so, in order to rule out whether is this online pharmacy that does keep all their promises and it is worth using I will write this review. The pharmacy which I am talking about is named RX24H.org and by entering its front page I’ve realized that the website’s design is extremely familiar to me, although I’ve never visited this website. This means that the design was either copied or something in this matter and usually that’s not a good sign. But let’s check it further. Rx24h.org claims to have their drug prices that are less 70% compared to prices for same medications in your local pharmacy. This is very good because that’s what I’m searching for when I look for online pharmacies: saving money, but I try to stay away from getting scammed. Some important factors to mention here is the fact that this online pharmacy claims to have been CPA approved, top rated by healthpricer.com and what’s more important is their claim to be a CIPA and MIPA accredited online pharmacy (this is all according to the seals on the bottom on the website). As usual I am going to check whether is this true or not so I went on CIPA’s official website – cipa.com where I searched for rx24h.org where, unfortunately, I found out that this all was only a lie. Seemingly this is another lying online pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices for them at rx24h.org

Although there’s nowhere online on their website an exact number of medications found in their drugstore, I still can assume that the selection of medications is really wide. This is because according to the categories of medications (where the meds are categorized by health condition) there are a lot of different drugs. Therefore I assume they are having a very wide variety of drugs, with drugs for: anxiety, diabetes, pain relief, cholesterol, asthma and many other types of drugs. I’ve then been interested in searching medications treating erectile dysfunction drugs in order to check the prices so there are a lot of drugs in this category including, obviously, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they have both generic and brands. I have then found out that 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills would be 1.17 USD per pill and that’s 105 USD in total. Although that’s not the best prices that I have seen online, they are definitely among the best. This online pharmacy does not require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting such medications here.

Shipping and payment methods at rx24h.org

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries around the globe so everyone is able to order drugs here. Before ordering you need to decide which shipping method is more suitable for you as there are 2 methods: registered airmail which has a fee of 10 USD, a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks and doesn’t have online tracking. However, the second shipping option is more costly as it has a shipping fee of 20 USD, but it has a faster delivery time of up to 9 business days and plus to this, it does have online tracking. So if you do like it all and want to pay then you should know you’re able to do it only via VISA or Master Card credit cards. These are all the payment methods available.

Customer Support Team rx24h.org

It is important to have a good customer support for any online pharmacy and that’s because an online pharmacy is looking into getting as much customers as possible, however when there are a lot of people then obviously, some of them might be having questions to ask. So customer support needs to answer them all. Customers are able to ask their customers via the phone numbers listed on the website or contact form on their website. They claim that each customer is a VIP and I hope that this is true. Except for calling them or using the contact form, there are no other ways to talk with them.

RX24h.org Coupon Codes

I have been searching for coupon codes where I found that they do offer some coupon codes but it seems that these are some codes that only people who have ever ordered from them can receive. Anyway, ordering in bulk here is going to save you money, ordering more than 200 USD or 300 USD would save you money on shipping fees as airmail (above 200 USD) or EMS (above 300 USD) are offered for free here. One last thing that I can mention here is the fact that this online pharmacy offers free bonus pills.

Rx24h.org Reviews

There are testimonials on their website but since those testimonials are so familiar to me by reading them I realized that I’ve read them somewhere else too. This means that the testimonials are copied here so they are fake. I was searching for customer reviews on independent sources but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews about this online pharmacy so this greatly makes me doubt the fact that this online pharmacy has ever had any customers at all. I have then checked what does scamadviser.com recommends and I found 2 notes that aren’t good at all: the domain age is only 3 months old and the email addresses they are using are free. With this being said, I have big doubts that this online pharmacy is worth using.


There are no customer reviews to confirm the fact that this pharmacy is worth or it is not worth using, however there are few other things which leads to the conclusion that in the end – it is not worth using. The reasons are: website has been created only a while ago, they are using free email addresses and what’s a bigger problem – they are lying about accreditations. For all these reasons I would rate rx24h.org with 2 out of 5.

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