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RxPharmacyStore.net is an online pharmacy which claims to be *your spot for quality health products* or at least that’s the quote wrote from their logo. The website of this online pharmacy seem to be pretty nice with user friendly interface and features which allows its users to change the currency and navigate through the site with ease. As soon as I entered the website I went on their about us page in order to find out more about the pharmacy / company itself, however instead of information about it, you can find a list there of reasons of why customers should choose their pharmacy and they are the following: secure online orders, connecting licensed doctors with patients, secured site, order status your privacy is their priority and lastly shipping and handling. I wasn’t able to find where this pharmacy is located or when they have started their business. I can assume they are USA based company because of their single phone number listed which is an USA phone number.

RXPharmacyStore.net selection of drugs and prices for those drugs

This is an online drugstore which seem to have quite a big selection of drugs as they are having medications which can treat a big number of health conditions (their drugs can be found by categories of health conditions, by first letter from A to Z and using the search box) and just to give an example of some of them: ADHD, Antibiotics, Anti Anxiety, Heart and Cholesterol, Pain relief, Sleeping Aid and many other medications treating many other health conditions. I’ve then checked the selection of drugs in their Men’s Sexual Health category to find out that they have a lot of drug treating this condition and they have generic drugs (such as generic Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra) as well as their brand names. Also there are a lot of other thing such as Viagra Gold, Cialis Super Active, Kamagra and many other products. The prices are moderate, I’ve seen same medications on other pharmaceutical websites having less prices than prices for same medications here. They are not really high, but not as low as somewhere else. Like for example Viagra generic and brand prices are: 0.97 US $ and 7.20 US $. These are the lowest prices that you can find per pill. Cialis generic is priced 1.69 US $ but Cialis brand wasn’t available (I guess out of stock) so no price listed. Levitra generic is priced 1.61 US $ per pill but price for brand Levitra wasn’t listed exactly as for Cialis (which again I guess it was out of stock).

Customer Support Service on Rx Pharmacy Store

As I said it a bit earlier, I guess they are located in USA and that’s the conclusion I’ve made by looking at their phone number which is an USA number +1 855 3069027. However this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy is actual an USA pharmacy. Everyone having questions and wishing to contact the pharmacy should call by this number or alternatively you can go on their contact us page and leave a message and then wait for a response back in your email (or you can also share your phone number so they might call you back). You can only contact them by the phone number or by filling the form and waiting for a response. No other way of getting in touch with them because there is no live chat function or anything in this matter.

Rx Pharmacy Store shipping options and payment methods

They offer free global shipping on majority of orders (not all orders are for free, but they claim that 99% of the items in their store are shipped for free and global shipping means that regardless of where you live, you should get your package. The signature upon delivery is required. They have both standard and EMS (express) shipping options. Delivery time for international standard airmail is 14 to 21 days while for EMS (express) shipping option that is not available in all countries you would need to wait anywhere between 7 to 17 business days. As it was said, standard airmail is for free but EMS shipping would cost 25 USD. You can add a shipping insurance as well (10% worth of your order sum). There are 2 payment methods: credit card (VISA and Master card only) and echeck. echeck payment method is having a 10% discount more off the total sum you’re ordering, however it is available only for US customers.

Is Rx Pharmacy Store a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Rx Pharmacy Store Coupon codes, discounts and bonuses

This store offers 99% of orders (at least that’s what they claim) a free shipping. Therefore you shouldn’t pay any extra more for the items that you’re buying from this online drugstore. In addition to that, the price per pill is getting lower the more pills you’re ordering. Upon checking out there’s also an empty field where is written *Have a discount code?* and you can apply that code. How to get that code is unknown and either is that a code that you get by ordering more or that’s just a coupon code I am not sure. It seems that there are no other things except these 3 facilities which can save you a couple of dollars.

RxPharmacyStore.net Customer Reviews

This website looked pretty promising to me until the moment I started to check online for customer reviews about this website to find out what do other people say about it who had actual experience with it. However seeing that it has absolutely no customer reviews on the whole internet I started to question either is there somebody at all who ever used this pharmacy? They didn’t have even testimonials. Honestly talking, even if they would have them I wouldn’t pay attention to them as I always think that testimonials are fake customer reviews, but this website don’t have even this. I thought about calling them and asking a couple of questions but I realized that even if I would be answered all my questions I still wouldn’t risk buying anything here because of the lack of customer reviews on independent websites. Wanted to see what would ScamAdviser.com recommend and when I saw a trust rate of 0% and especially that it is a site that most likely is from Russian Federation I was ready to share my conclusion.


Rxpharmacystore.net is an online drugstore that doesn’t have any customer reviews all over the internet, there is nobody to prove that we actually should have trust in this pharmacy and scamadviser.com suggests that this is a Russian Federation website and that’s a high risk country because a big flux of scam sites comes from such countries. In addition to that, not even the prices and deals are the best, even though they are fairly good. Since everything seem to be fairly good except for the fact that we cannot have trust in this pharmacy because of lack of customer reviews (which IMO is the most important fact) I am going to rate it with 2 out of 5 and recommend people to stay away.

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