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RX-Direct.com / RX Direct Reviews & CouponsAnother online pharmacy that is going to undergo my review is RX-Direct.com which, by analyzing the front page of this pharmacy for a little while, seems to be like a very good website and I hope that this is true. Rx-direct.com, according to their logo, suggests that they have been online since 1999 meaning that they are online for nearly 20 years and that’s very good because it is much easier to have trust in an old running online pharmacy. As soon as you enter this website you can see there are some reasons why this online pharmacy is claiming to be worth using their services: money back (100 % risk free online shipping), hot line (customer support 24/7), 100% secured (secured SSL transaction), Pay online (accept credit and debit cards). This online pharmacy doesn’t offer their customers to create an account and login to it meaning you can order without registering. The website itself is very well done with user friendly interface and easy to navigate. I have tried to find out more information about the pharmacy but there is not an *about us* page so I don’t know where this pharmacy is located and generally there’s no information about the pharmacy itself. Maybe if talking with customer support team might give us some ideas about this. What got my interest more is that on the bottom of their front page there are some seals suggesting the following: they are having only FDA approved medications, this pharmacy is IPABC approved, certified member of CIPA and CPA approved as well as USA quality 5 stars. To find out if this is true or not I went on cipa.com and I searched for rx-direct.com and CIPA’s official website suggested that this online pharmacy is not in the CIPA member database and this means that those seals are lies – my trust in this online pharmacy already decreased!

Selection of drugs and prices at rx-direct.com

The selection of medications at this online pharmacy seems to be quite good as there does seem to be a good number of medications that are categorized by health condition. There are some different health conditions that you can see their drugs being categorized as: pain relief, blood pressure, antibiotics, men’s health, weight loss and others. Even if there are not all sorts and types of medications, they still seem to offers lots of drugs and by checking their erectile dysfunction category of drugs I’ve found out they are offering lots of them including both brands and generic versions. This is all very good so I checked the prices: generic Levitra: 1.49 USD per pill, brand Levitra: 4.40 USD per pill, brand Cialis: 3.63 USD per pill, generic Cialis 1.21 USD per pill, generic Viagra: 0.94 USD per pill. It was a shock for me to see that they do not have brand Viagra. To be honest, I’ve seen much better prices than these, and yet, they are still much better compared to the prices at local pharmacies. This online pharmacy doesn’t require any prescription for ordering any medications.

Shipping and payment methods Rx-Direct.com

This pharmacy claims to offer shipping world wide to all countries and customers can choose among 2 shipping options: registered mail which has a delivery time of 15 to 30 business days and while my checkout cart was 118 USD they claimed that it is offered for free while the second shipping option is EMS (express delivery) has a delivery time of 7 to 10 business days and it costs 30 USD. Usually registered doesn’t have tracking while EMS does have tracking. Delivery insurance was adding 10 USD more. In terms of payment methods there are only credit cards VISA and Master Card and that’s it. No other payment methods available.

Customer Support Service Rx-Direct.com

People who have questions might get in touch with this pharmacy by using their toll free phone number or by writing them on their contact page by filling up the contact form. There are no other methods getting in touch with this pharmacy like online live chat support or anything in this matter, unfortunately. Since there’s no online live chat function I never contacted them myself.

Is Rx-Direct.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Rx-Direct.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Rx-Direct.com Coupon Codes

When I checked what kind of special offers this pharmacy has I realized why my registered mail was offered for free, they claim that all registered mail orders are offered for free. And that’s very good. in addition to that, they claim to offer 15% discount for orders that are above 350 USD and that’s very good either. In addition to that, upon checking out you’re able to apply a coupon code which would give you extra discounts and this is all very good in my opinion.

Rx-Direct.com Customer Reviews

It is extremely important to check customer reviews when analyzing an online pharmacy because customer reviews are written by people who had actual experience with the pharmacy and the best way to find out what the pharmacy has to offer and how good their services are it is to order from them. Since I’ve never ordered myself from them customer reviews would help but unfortunately they didn’t helped me at all and the reason is because I couldn’t find any customer reviews at all. They do have testimonials on their own website and it was not a surprise to see they are very good, however I don’t have trust in them. Because of no customer reviews I checked scamadviser.com which suggested that a malware report has been detected for this website and it has been listed ROGUE by legitscript.com. All of this discourages me even more to purchase anything from this pharmacy.


As I said, there are some points which discourages me to spend my hard earned money here and that’s due to the risk that I might lose them or to get something else other than what I ordered. Malware report, rogue internet pharmacy and the worst – absolute lack of customer reviews with *so-so* prices makes me stay away from rx-direct.com and rate it with 3 out of 5.

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