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An online pharmacy that seems to be perfect for those who are trying to become bodybuilders is and that’s due to the fact, as much as we can see from its name, is an pharmacy oriented in selling STEroids and anabolic products. Later I would check if they are offering any other types of products as well. as for now I can say that, as soon as I have checked the website I noticed this is a website for bodybuilders indeed, where they encourage people to use steroids and anabolic products for having *extreme power* and *extreme gains*. Nevertheless, before I start reviewing this online pharmacy I have to warn everyone that steroids and anabolic products and be super dangerous to use and before doing this you have to talk with a licensed doctor and know all the risks of using it. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use such products for bodybuilding reasons, but there’s no doctor that would approve such products for these reasons and therefore I can easily assume this website and pharmacy has illegal activity. I checked their website where I found a user friendly designed site, with well arranged information and good options such as: people can register on their website, they can change the site’s language or change the currency. These are very useful options for foreign customers understanding other languages than English and using other currencies than US Dollars. The information on site suggests they have a great team with over 10 years experience in trade of steroids and other pharmaceutical products. The fact that I couldn’t find the exact address of the pharmacy was expected since, as I said, they are most likely having an illegal activity. They claim that this is your trusted anabolic steroids shop and by ordering here you get: your anabolic steroids shipped discreetly and the safest way possible; authentic high quality anabolic steroids only!; a safe environment for buying anabolic steroids and that’s because they never safe your personal data longer than needed and their server is fully crypted and safe! Selection of products and prices for them

I earlier promised that I am going to check what kind of products they are offering on their website, and besides the fact that you can browse for the needed products by manufacturers (and there’s a long list of manufacturers), you can also use the search function or to see their 6 different categories of products: injectable steroids; oral steroids; fat burner/ weight loss; HGH/ Peptides; PCT/ Post Cycle Therapy or lastly – Sexual Health/ Sexual Agents. I wouldn’t say that the selection of products is very wide. Checking the prices for products I am not going to be able to talk about any products other than those found in Sexual health and there I found Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra as well as generic Viagra. With this being said I can say here that the prices are really high compared to other online pharmacies. To give example – 25 tablets of 100 mg generic viagra would cost you 73 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s a very high price! I couldn’t find information on their website about prescription requirement and I’m pretty sure they do not require any kind of prescriptions. Shipping and payment methods

There’s a very useful page for me, when talking about shipping and payment methods *delivery*. With the help of the information there I found out that they are shipping their products world wide, they are offering 2 shipping methods: 1st class shipping that costs 15 USD (but no delivery time information) and international track and trace which costs 30 USD (but then again no information about delivery times). They just claim that they dispatch your order within 2 days! There are 2 payment possibilities on their website and they include: bank transfer and Bitcoin only, no credit cards or other forms of paying are available. Customer Support Service

To be honest, it wasn’t a shock for me seeing that this online pharmacy is not offering their customers enough methods to get in touch with the pharmacy. There are no phone numbers, no live chat function, obviously no address given or anything in this matter. Not even an email. The only way to talk with the representatives of this pharmacy is to use the contact form online.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

There’s a special page which displays all the methods available for their customers to save money while using the pharmacy’s services and buying their products. The page is called *specials* and there should be a *price drop* list of products but unfortunately the following message was displayed: *no price drop.* upon going on the checkout page they ask you if you have voucher code which you can apply, but there’s none anywhere. With this being said, I can assume the pharmacy doesn’t offer anything to their customers, unfortunately. Reviews

Checking the reviews and all the information on different scam warning sites I realized that this site is indeed having an illegal activity and plus to that – they are scammers. It is rogue internet pharmacy according to, a malware report has been detected for the site, the website is hosted on a compromised server, bad reviews are detected and therefore site has a very low trust and scam adviser says there’s a High Risk purchasing here. I also found customer reviews, some of them said that this is a good shop as they have got good products. Nevertheless, most reviews said they never got any products and no refund, people noticed they send steroids without a prescription and many called this pharmacy a scam.


This online pharmacy is not having a legal activity and therefore it has a very low trust rate and yet, there are reliable online pharmacy even though they might not have legal activity. doesn’t seem to be such a pharmacy as customer reviews confirmed the fact that they are scammers who only want to take your money and they don’t send you anything. Those who did got something said that the products are no good. A very few positive customer reviews isn’t enough to make me have trust in the pharmacy. deserves a rate of 1 star!

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