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RiteDrugStore.com is an online pharmacy that claims to be devoted to treat chronically ill patients and also to provide the privacy minded effective lifestyle meds for all people living all over the globe. They claim that this online pharmacy has been formed back in 2003 which means that they have 14 years of experience of dealing with customer needs and to me that means that the online pharmacy should be popular and there should be experts in satisfying customer needs. Rite Drug Store claimed to have the most affordable prices for both prescription and non prescription drugs and they also claim that there are several internet as well as local pharmacies that are located in different parts of the world who are partners with this online pharmacy in order to source medications and therefore the shipping should be fast and they promise to be all safe and discreet. The promises by this online pharmacy are all good and I went further finding out how true all of this is. I’ve analyzed the website itself and it seems to be without any flaws, the speed is fine, it seem to be quite easy to understand and to use it. it doesn’t support any other languages than English but it does support 3 other currencies than USD.

Rite Drug Store drug selection

Typically, I’ve started to search for what kind of drugs do they sell and from their ‘bestsellers’ list I’ve made my conclusion that they are mostly focused on the ED medications because their bestsellers are brand Cialis and brand Viagra. But on their categories list you can find drugs for any given human health condition. Diabetes, Diuretics, Allergy, ED, Anti Fungal, Pain relief, hair loss, weight loss and many, many other health conditions are categorized meaning that they are having a wide variety of drugs, at least as much as it seems. There’s no ‘exact’ number of drugs shown but it seems to be quite enough. I’ve used their search box for terms: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They had all of them in a lot of types: brands, generic, professional, packs, super active and so on and so forth. the drug selection seem to be a lot and without any problems meaning that most of the drugs (most popular) you can find in this online pharmacy’s drugstore.

Rite Drug Store Drug prices

I’m going to share the prices, as typically for me, only for the drugs that I’ve just mentioned earlier since I am not familiar with prices for other drugs of other types. So the prices goes as: lowest price for Cialis (generic) per pill: 1.07 USD and lowest price for Cialis (brand by Lilly) per pill: 3.91 USD; lowest price for Levitra (generic) per pill: 0.99 USD and lowest price for Levitra (brand by Bayer) per pill: 4.07 USD; lowest price for Viagra (generic) per pill: 0.36 USD and lowest price for Viagra (brand by Pfizer) per pill: 3.96 USD. However pay attention that these are discounted prices and the online pharmacies give these medications and these prices per pill only if you purchase in large quantities. Nevertheless I must mention that these are one of the lowest prices that I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of online pharmacies. The prices are very and very good and in case the quality is indeed good then shopping here indeed can save you a lot of money.

Rite Drug Store Customer support service

I’ve always been thinking that a good online customer should care about each of their customers and caring about each customer means talking with them and actually listening to their needs. And when it comes to actually listening to their needs this means that the customer should have the option to somehow get in touch with the customer support. RiteDrugStore.com does seem to care about their customers and that’s because they are having multiple methods if getting in touch with them and first is, as all online pharmacies: by writing to their email but they are also having 2 phone numbers listed on the website (one is US toll free number and the other one is UK number) and my absolutely favorite way of talking with customer support: online chat. Given all these methods of getting in touch with them it should be very and very easy to talk with these people and especially because they claimed to work 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

Rite Drug Store Shipping details

The online pharmacy claims to ship world wide to most of the countries meaning that nearly everyone can order from here. there are 2 shipping options: trackable courier service which has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days and it takes maximum 14 days to delivery. Of course it has tracking number. there’s also the regular airmail service which takes from 14 to 21 days to arrive, it doesn’t have a tracking number and it takes maximum 30 days. In case the parcel doesn’t come in this period of time then they guarantee a completely free of charge reshipment or a refund of money. shipping fees are different, depending on the country, on the products ordered and on the shipping option (regular airmail – 10 USD and EMS – 30 USD). Regular airmail is free for all orders above 200 USD.

Rite Drug Store Payment options

This online pharmacy also seems to have a big variety of payment methods as well. you can pay via credit cards (quite a big number of credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, American Express as well as Diners Club) and with E CHECK (but E CHECK is only for USA customers). There is no bitcoin payment method though which I will miss, but that’s still fine.

Rite Drug Store Prescription requirements

RiteDrugStore.com doesn’t require any of their customers to show any valid prescription for any of the drugs that you can purchase on their drugstore. Everything you can find here is available to absolutely anyone in any quantities without the pharmacy asking any questions. However they still recommend their customers to talk with their doctor before ordering any medications.

Is Rite Drug Store legit or scam?

Rite Drug Store Bonuses and special offers, coupon codes

They have a number of bonuses. They are giving 10 % discount on all next orders meaning that starting with your second order and further all medications you will get here will be 10% discounted. Plus to that, as I said earlier, all orders that are above the sum of $ 200 are having a free airmail service. In addition to that they are offering discounts for larger quantities of pills purchased here. They also offer bonus gifts, free pills of Viagra, ED trial pack, Levitra or Cialis depending on how much pills you purchase. And they also do have coupon codes that I managed to find online. So, besides all these bonuses, you can add a discount coupon which would give you extra discount. This is all very good but then there’s the most important: is it legit or scam? The only way I can answer this is by searching for customer reviews since I never had an experience myself with this pharmacy.

Rite Drug Store Reviews

Everything with this online drugstore seem to be near to perfect up until this moment and I was just about to think and write here that this is an nearly perfect online drugstore, however it is not. There is a complete lack of customer reviews and an online pharmacy with a complete lack of customer reviews isn’t a good sign for sure. I wasn’t able to find a single customer review (except for one which I am not sure how reliable it is, but it is not a ‘positive’ review at all) on the entire Google and so I searched for what do scam analyzing websites say about ritedrugstore.com. scamadviser had a pretty low trust in it of only 53% and scamanalyze.com has an even lower trust. But there are other reviewing sites which seem to say of this website good things.


So I think that RiteDrugStore.com deserves 4 out of 5. It has a lack of customer reviews which is its biggest problem but a complete lack of customer reviews is a big problem overall. All of this means that this online pharmacy might help you with getting your needed medications, however I still suggest you to be careful when purchasing here.

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