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While I was searching for online pharmacies to review I have realized that I’ve wrote reviews about some of the most famous US pharmacies but I’ve never wrote a review about Rite Aid which is an extremely big company as well so today that’s what I am going to do. For those who don’t know what Rite Aid – according to Wikipedia page, Rite Aid Corporation is a drugstore chain the United States and a Fortune 500 company. It is having its headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA but has a total number of locations: 4,621 as of June 2017. This big pharmaceutical company has been founded 55 years ago on September 12, 1962. Since this is a billion worth company with so many locations etc. it is obvious that you can find a lot of information about this pharmacy anywhere online with its history, income, partners and so on and so forth. It is obvious that you can also find this pharmacy on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the rest. I’ve entered their main page and as it was expected, the website is very well made with good features and design. The website offers their customers to sign up and to login. The main things that customers can do while on the riteaid.com website are: checking pharmacy services, pharmacy benefits, smoking cessation, chat with a pharmacist, learn more about their pharmacists, drug information, insurance and prescription savings, health information and affordable care act. You can also see their coupons, weekly ad, refill prescriptions and shop.

Selection of medications and prices on RiteAid.com

The selection of medications on this pharmacy, being such a huge pharmacy chain in USA, is obviously – extremely big. This pharmacy is selling absolutely all medications approved by FDA in USA so I’m quite sure that whatever your need is – Rite Aid should have them. While searching on *shop* on their website you can see different products, however none of them are prescription products. Like for example they are also having sexual health section on the website but there are only lubes, horny stimulation and things like that. For purchasing prescription medications you need to show prescriptions first. Since searching for Viagra on their website won’t give you the price but only information about this product I can’t say anything about viagra’s prices, however since this is a big pharmaceutical company usually they have such big prices that this is the reason why people start searching for online pharmacies.

Shipping and payment methods Rite Aid

This pharmacy doesn’t offer shipping outside the USA but US customers have 3 shipping options: standard with an estimated delivery time 3 to 5 days and it costs 5.50 USD but is offered for free if you have an order amount of 35 USD or more. The second option is expedited with estimated delivery time 1 to 3 days and it costs 11.75 USD and lastly there’s overnight – 24 hours estimated delivery time and it costs 18.75 USD. For overweighed packages additional shipping charges may apply. In regards to the payment methods, Rite Aid is accepting a lot of them: VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCPenney, American Express, plus to that they accept Western Union, ATM, Android Pay, Apple Pay as well as Samsung Pay. There are a lot of payment methods available as you can see.

Customer Support Service Rite Aid

This is a billion worth company with a lot of locations all across the US territory – such a big company can’t hide from their customers and getting in touch is extremely easy by lots of phone numbers listed on the website, you can also go to their stores in person if you have questions, mail address, emails and so on and so forth. But in addition to all of this there’s my favorite method of getting in touch with customer support service – live chat function is available on their website either. Or you can also do it by using social media pages. But lots of methods to get in touch is good, but what’s more important if their customer service is actually helpful or not.

Is Rite Aid a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Rite Aid Coupon Codes

As soon as you enter their main page you can notice that this online pharmacy is offering coupon codes but as much as I can see they are offering coupon codes for other products than prescriptions. So they do have coupon codes but not for the medications. Another offer they have is free shipping, as I said, for all orders above 35 USD. They are also having seasonal and promotional deals as well.

RiteAid.com Reviews

We all know that Ride Aid is an extremely big pharmacy and nearly all our answers can get answered if simply going to one of their stores and talking to their pharmacists. However, what’s way much more important is the customer reviews – how this big pharmaceutical company is treating their customers and the reviews would help me find out. By searching for them online I have found a lot of employee reviews with people suggesting how it is like to work for Rite Aid, however I am interested in reading the customer reviews and that’s what I checked more carefully. I found them on the usual reviewing sites like yelp, consumer affairs and my three cents websites. Now the bad news is that on each of those reviewing websites, the average according to all customer reviews is 2 out of 5, except for yelp which is 2.5 out of 5 which is quite the same. I’ve checked through the reviews but from its rate you can easily understand that most reviews are negative with many people complaining on different things like rude staff, unprofessionalism, ignorant pharmacists, big prices and many other things.


Rite Aid is a billion worth company and such a company doesn’t need to be checked to say with certitude that they are not scammers and they won’t try to steal your money, however they seem to be reach such *high levels* that they don’t see the customer needs anymore being ignorant with them and rude. Plus to that, this company is billion worth company because the prices for medications are so so high that people resort to online pharmacies. That’s exactly what I recommend to do since it saves you a lot of money and I recommend purchasing from Rite Aid only if don’t have anything else to do with your money. All in all Rite Aid gets a rate of 3 out of 5 from me.

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