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Ridgeway.pharmacy is the online pharmacy that I have found while I was doing my pharmacies research for finding reliable pharmacies to recommend to my readers for saving money while getting reliable medications. As much as you most likely already noticed, this pharmacy has a strange domain address name, but that’s not so important as long as the pharmacy is reliable which I truly hope to be so. Ridgeway Pharmacy, LLC claims that you may now order all your prescriptions online and receive the same great service you have come to expect from their prompt phone and fax mail order system already in place. The pharmacy claims that in order to begin people would need to firstly create an account there. Although the domain address name is strange, the website is very good, it is user friendly which is important so you can easily access the pages that you need with no extra unwanted information or cheaply looking site. That’s very good to my opinion and so, I have went further checking for more information about the pharmacy on about page. There I found out information about the company’s history suggesting that the pharmacy has been started by 2 people (Jim Cloud and Kyp Curtis) back in 1998 in Stevensville, Montana. They claim to be a mail order services pharmacy and they have DEA certificate. They are currently located in Victor, MT, USA. They also shared information suggesting they are shipping to all 50 states and some other. But what’s more important is they claim that Entrepreneur Magazines is naming Ridgeway Pharmacy one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US and plus to that, they claim to be a VIPPS accredited pharmacy.

Ridgeway.pharmacy Selection of medications and prices for them

As much as I have noticed from my experience of writing pharmacies reviews, usually, VIPPS accredited pharmacies do not offer a list of medications and it is obvious that no prices are listed either when there are no medications listed. For ordering medications here, people need to either set up a new prescription, refill an existing prescription or to transfer a prescription. In the end, the only method to order here is to show them your prescription and according to it, they would send you the according medications. However, I still can assume that the selection of medications should be very high since they are a VIPPS accredited pharmacy. but the sad news is the fact that usually, VIPPS accredited pharmacies are having prices quite the same as they are in your local pharmacies (maybe, sometimes, slightly cheaper) but still those are some very high/ expensive prices. nevertheless, these are only my assumptions, mostly as you would like to contact customer support to check if this is true or not.

Ridgeway.pharmacy shipping and payment details

According to the information that I was able to find on their website, the pharmacy is accredited/ licensed to sell medications to customers in all 50 US states, however they are NOT licensed to sell medications abroad USA and for this reason, if you’re a customer living anywhere else than US, you should start searching for another place to buy medications. The pharmacy claims that the medications would be delivered to people within 3 to 5 business days in most cases as soon as the prescription would be processed. They also have the overnight delivery UPS but this is for an additional shipping charge. Not sure if they are offering online tracking and there’s no information about what’s the expedited shipping fee but they claimed that standard shipping is free for members. As in terms of payment methods, the pharmacy claimed that you may select automatic billing by credit card or may pay by check or money order upon receipt of your orders.

Ridgeway.pharmacy customer support service

To get in touch with this online pharmacy if you’re having some questions to ask or some feedback to give you can do it at their mail address, as I said, located in Victor, MT, USA. But for a faster way to get an response you can use their local phone number, toll free phone number or fax number. Except for these, there are no other ways to get in touch with the pharmacy.

Is Ridgeway.pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Ridgeway.pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Ridgeway.pharmacy Coupon codes

I have already mentioned this a bit earlier – the pharmacy claims to offer free shipping to all customers via standard shipping regardless of how much you buy. But the problem is the fact that except for free shipping, I was not able to find absolutely anything else here. I was not able to find any discounts being offered, any coupon codes, free / bonus pills or anything. I’m searching for online pharmacies for saving money while purchasing medications and if I do not save anything, what’s the point ordering from them?

Ridgeway.pharmacy Reviews

The reviews are essential to check before ordering because this way we can get a much better idea about what to expect after ordering from this pharmacy. That’s why I started searching for customer reviews and it seems I did found a few of them (I also found some employee reviews either for those interested), however the pharmacy doesn’t seem to be very popular at all and that’s because there are very few reviews. On yelp 3 reviews, facebook 2 reviews etc. although these reviews are positive, there’s also a negative review as well as the person said that he had a frustrating experience and as he explained this is because * The phone technicians are rude, they have no commitment to prioritize your order, and it sometimes takes days or weeks to get reorders of critical medications.* all other reviews seems to be positive and according to scam warning websites etc. the pharmacy seems to be reliable and safe to use.


Although this pharmacy seems to be very reliable and all legitimate that will most likely not scam people (at least so far, nobody got scammed) I will still rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 and even with the fact that most customer reviews are positive. That’s because there’s still a very frustrated person and the prices here should be not much cheaper compared to local pharmacies and they do not offer bonuses or anything in this matter.

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