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While I have been searching for online pharmacies I have come along a vet online pharmacy and that’s very easily seen by pharmacy’s name: The full name of this pharmacy is Revival Animal Health with the motto: pet care from the heart. That’s what I could notice as soon as I have entered their main page. Other things that I have noticed as soon as I have entered the main page is a very user friendly design of the site, the information which is well arranged on the site and generally, the navigation on the site seem to be very easy as you can find anything that you need without problems. Also the site’s speed seem to be fast which is very good either. There also seems to be the option of creating an account on the site and logging to your account. The information on the site is suggesting that they are having a Learning Center and they are a Full Service Pharmacy which means that they are able to fill prescriptions etc. according to the information on the site, the pharmacy is offering the following: the knowledge you need, the shipping you rely on, and the customer care you deserve. This pharmacy seem to be offering some deals and discounts as you can check it all on the main page, but I am going to discuss about them in particular later. I found information suggesting that the pharmacy has been started to operate more than 25 years ago currently they have 2 locations, more than 60 employees and they are located in Orange City, Iowa, you can find their address on the site. That’s all very good to my opinion. According to the seals on the site, the website is protected by Startfield Technologies, they are .pharmacy verified, BBB accredited and approved by Selection of medications and prices

I was trying to check what kind of medications this pharmacy is selling and as it was expected, it seems they are not offering any medications for humans, however they seem to offer an extremely wide selection of medications, both prescription and OTC products, for a lot of different animals. There are products for dogs, cats, small animals, equine and others. You can search for products either by search box, by the categories (depending on the animals you need) or on the conditions your animal suffers from. There are dewormers, grooming, disinfectants, vaccines and many others. So lots of different prescription and OTC drugs for lots of different health conditions for different animals which is very good, as I can assume, for those who need such a pharmacy. I’m not an expert in pet products so I am not able to talk about prices, however I can give an example of price: a random product which is an arthritis medication for dogs named Doc Roy’s Aches Away costs 42 USD (1.70 lbs – 90 ct). not sure if that’s a good price. What I am sure about is that this online pharmacy is offering prescription drugs exclusively only if you present a prescription first. Shipping and payment methods

I have found information on their website suggesting that they are offering international shipping but either this means that they are offering world wide shipping to all countries I am not sure. the international shipping, however, has an extra fee and international shipping delivery times depends on where exactly you want to ship. Domestically shipped products have different shipping fees as it greatly depends on the weight of product, where you want it shipped and others. This pharmacy seem to accept payments via PayPal, COD and credit cards. Customer Support Service

This online pharmacy seem to be offering enough methods of getting in touch with them except for the fact that they do not have live chat function unfortunately. People are able to use the fax number, phone number, email, mailing address or maybe even paying the pharmacy a visit. You could also get in touch with the pharmacy (as much as I can assume) via their social media pages. Not sure if you get a live assist though.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I earlier mentioned that on the main page of this online pharmacy there are some deals and some special offers that seem to be offered by the pharmacy. like for example, they claim that everyone who order more than 99 USD from them they are going to get a discount of 10 USD. Plus to this, the pharmacy seem to have some discounts on some certain medications. Like for example there are some antibiotics which are on sale of 10% off. Other products get 10 USD off as well. the last thing that I have noticed being offered by the pharmacy is the fact that they offer free shipping on orders over 99 USD and under 10 lbs. Reviews

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy seem to follow all the required internet pharmacy standards as it is being approved by According to information on it is indeed a legit and authentic pharmacy which is amazing. Customer reviews, however, are still very and very important. I did found some of them and they are not very encouraging. On BBB there are 3 reviews 2 of which are negative. On site jabber there’s a negative reviews, on resellerratings it has a rate of 5.56 out of 9 reviews and a negative review on yelp with most reviews being positive on facebook only. According to those reviews there are different problems going around this pharmacy and many people got disappointed ordering here. that’s quite a bit of a problem.


I’m not going to recommend people ordering here because as much as it seems, there are a lot of problems going around this pharmacy and there are too many people complaining on too many things in order to recommend the pharmacy. It is legit and authentic pharmacy which is very good, but that’s not enough and therefore I rate with 3 out of 5!

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